“The Good Wife” Episode 13 Preview + Thoughts On Week 6

Wow at that last scene. And it’s been interesting to read the varied reactions to Hye Gyeong’s decision to sleep with Joong Won.

I think a lot of people generally wish for a couple to reunite. Especially when the uncovered sins aren’t recent. I see some people still wishing for Hye Gyeong to give her husband another chance because his infidelity took place in the past and also as if her forgiving him for the scandal means she’s forgiven him for all his previous indiscretions. It’s almost in line with what she said in Episode 11 that she’s considered a “good” person only if she forgives him. After all, he’s sincere, right?

But it shows just how much pressure this woman is under, doesn’t it? Two decades ago, her husband asked her to take the rap for his crime to protect his career. And now, he tells her that she needs to stick by him so that he can become the good prosecutor he’s promised to be. His mother pretty much tells her that she’s being ridiculous for leaving now and has the guts to tell a woman who’s raised her children for 15 years that she has no rights to them. She’s expected to let go of her anger and disappointment to protect her family. And that’s the biggest problem. She’s expect to lose herself and suppress her own desires and feelings to be a “good” wife and a “good” mom.

But what about being a happy person? What about doing something for herself?

The revelation of his past with Kim Dan was the straw that broke the camel’s back because she begged him to be honest with her and he never did. How many more skeletons is he hiding? Of course, the fact that she already has another man lined up taints her choice but such is life.

This isn’t to suggest that I support cheating in relationships. Actually, I absolutely abhor it but while Hye Gyeong isn’t legally divorced, she’s separated from her husband. So there’s no deception here. She’s made it clear that she’s done with him. This isn’t comparable to Tae Joon sleeping with someone then coming home and kissing his wife good night. I don’t think this makes her a hypocrite.

So perhaps I understand her. She’s finally living for herself. Unexpectedly getting back into the workforce was the first step. Now she’s following her heart. I don’t even know if she’s in love with Joong Won but what she knows is that she wants him now.

Tae Joon isn’t taking this lying down and is now targeting Joong Won. They really don’t want us rooting for this man, do they? I disliked the other prosecutor because of his witch hunt and now Tae Joon is doing the same thing.

I understand and feel bad for Kim Dan because she’s lost her friendship with Hye Gyeong but I love that she’s staying behind to protect Joong Won. She may not be a perfect person but she understands loyalty.

Myung Hee has a new suitor. He’s pretty bold, isn’t he? Is he really a process server or is it just his hobby and he owns a conglomerate on the side? Just saying….

Next week promises more drama plus the return of Joon Ho. As he’s now a prosecutor (congrats on the new job!), will he exact revenge on Joong Won as directed by Tae Joon or will he warn him? I know that guy can hold a grudge but let’s see if he surprises us.  And what will Hye Gyeong to get her husband to lay off her boyfriend?

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  • i0l4b says:

    Thanks Clock:) Been waiting to read your thoughts on the recent development on the last episode. Am glad to know that we share the same views.

  • jusash says:

    Thirsty for reviews/thoughts on this drama … glad I found your comments.

    Resonates. Let the poor woman live for herself, and celebrate instead of judging. Thanks for putting it so eloquently! Would give you 3 thumbs up if I could.

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