“Let’s Fight, Ghost” English-subbed Episode 13 Preview + Thoughts on Week 6

Has In Rang always been this hilarious? Haha. It’s like his crush on Hyun Ji turned him into this insane person. It’s really cute.

So our dear Hyun Ji recovered her memories in the same episode she woke up. I kind of wish they’d paced it better and made a bigger mystery out of it but I suppose it’s because there really isn’t much to it. Basically, evil psycho spirit vet killed her because…? I’m honestly not too clear on this. Something about her being at the temple when Bong Pal’s father was there and him thinking that she might have the tool that could kill him? I honestly start spacing out in his scenes because he’s too blood thirsty and they are so vague. But I’m glad that we now know what’s he’s searching for. However, unless only a shaman can use it, why’s he not worried that the person who has it will vanquish him with it? As in, why search for him when he can get killed? For example, I’m pretty sure Bong Pal’s dad knew who he was.

We saw Bong Pal lose his mind after his ghost left him. Who else burst out laughing in the scene where poor Chun Sang was tasked with taking care of these two bozos? LOL. Who would have thought that there’d come a time he’d be the only sane person in the room?

Anyway, I love that the evil spirit’s plan to kill Hyun Ji failed so colossally that instead, he woke her up. And now, she’ll slowly recover her memories (both life and ghost-life) and the Bong Pal/Hyun Ji ship will sail forever. I’m assuming that she will finally take her college exams and probably attend Bong Pal’s college. I just wonder if Sundae Club will continue especially as she can still see ghosts. It might be a dangerous job but it sure is lucrative.

Am I the only person wondering why that monk hasn’t warned Bong Pal to stay away from the pyscho prof? Does it make sense that he’d tell his girlfriend ghost to disappear but not tell him that an evil spirit is lurking around him? He doesn’t even need to provide details.

Given that Bong Pal and Hyun Ji are so cute together, I’m looking forward to the reboot of their romance and can’t wait till the final battle, which I am sure would be the exorcism of the evil, psycho ghost in the professor.

Is it just me or have they forgotten Bong Pal’s sunbae crush? I thought she’d figure heavily in the prof’s story line but it’s like they don’t know what to do with her (her awkward scene with Chun Sang was hilarious, though). I hope they pull her back into the mystery and she helps the cops solve their case.

Cameo time! It’s a nice treat for Oh Hae Young Again fans to see Seo Hyun Jin in this drama but I hear it’s because she worked with the director in Let’s Eat 2. Psycho prof is using animal therapy to get close to Hyun Ji while her mom is wary of Bong Pal. I would be too especially as it’s not like he used to visit her while she was in a coma.

At this point, I am done with all the killing so I hope the monk and cop are alive at the end of this drama.

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  • MC says:

    Clockwatcher, thanks for the review!! I was looking forward to your review last week and no such luck, so I’m so happy you reviewed this week’s. It’s always so entertaining to read. Thanks!!!

    • MC says:

      Forgot to ask, will you be posting a review about last week’s episodes?

      • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

        Hi, MC! Thanks for your comments. Unfortunately, I won’t be reviewing last week’s episodes. I skipped it because I felt I didn’t have anything new to say. My thoughts were very similar to the previous week’s. Sorry about that and I’m glad you’ve been enjoying them.

  • i0l4b says:

    LOL I was one of those who burst out laughing in the scene where Chun Sang had to take care of the drank Bong Pal and In Rang. And yes, I never thought that crazy Chun Sang could be sane too when needed. And In Rang, the sane one now became the crazy. one. Hahahah! What a reversal!

    My guess is that Bong Pal’s father passed “the thing” to Hyun Ji when she was at the temple. I remember the temple monk told monk Myung Chul that there were lots of students who were about to take the college entrance test at the temple during the time Bong Pal’s father was seen running away from the evil professor. Maybe he had a chance encounter with Hyun Ji and passed the thing to her with a thought of getting it back in the future. He remember her through her name plate. He traced her whereabouts thus he’;s aware of her car accident as well as her condition and the hospital where she’s in. That explain why the hospital is in the contact list of Bong Pal’s father.

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