W – Two Worlds Episode 8: It’s Time For A Reboot

Tessieroo: We’re back with Chul in his bedroom as he listens to creepy robot-man threaten to put a bullet in Yeon Joo’s head, just like he did to Chul’s family members. He remembers Sung Moo telling him there was no killer, it was a writers setup to get the story moving. Yeon Joo wakes up, she can see on his face that something is wrong.

Clockwatcher: How convenient. She wakes up immediately after the call ends. Haha.

Tessieroo: He asks her how the words in the webtoon changed from “The end” to “To be continued”? She doesn’t know, she guessed it was because there must be some reason the webtoon can’t end yet but she didn’t know what that reason was. A maid comes in to tell them the dresses are ready. He’s certainly jumpy, he was ready to shoot that maid.

Clockwatcher: Yeah, I would be too. He can’t go through that trauma again.

Tessieroo: Yeon Joo is shown several dresses, she needs to pick one for a state dinner party they were invited to at the Blue House. Chul explains he knows she kind of wanted to choose the Cinderella concept too so he looked for party invitations where she could wear a fancy, party dress. He further explains that he personally likes dresses that show a lot of skin. ROFL

Clockwatcher: After all this build up, their first night together had better be the bomb… and not bomb. (I apologize for this lame joke. lol).

Tessieroo: Apology accepted because I 100% agree. *heh* Hottie Yoon Do calls Chul to let him know they can’t trace the phone number because it doesn’t exist. Umm, why are they showing us a flashback of something we just saw? UGH

Clockwatcher: This is what happens when they don’t have enough material to fill 60 minutes.

Tessieroo: Chul sits at his desk and writes a new journal entry, it’s the 353rd report he’s written on the “W Project” since it began. He’s working from a new hypothesis: the killer does exist. However, he believes the killer is physically unsubstantial with neither face or identification. He feels no guilt, sadness or pleasure because he has no personality – he was created only to traumatize Chul. He can appear at any time, without context. Umm, yea – if you’re a bad writer.

Clockwatcher: Haha. Yep. The perfect description of a plot device.

Tessieroo: Yeon Joo picks out a lacy, pink dress and practices dancing while giggling to herself. I loved that the guards were laughing too. She goes to show off the dress to Chul but from his reaction, she thinks he doesn’t like the dress.

Clockwatcher: Why doesn’t he just tell her that her life is in danger?

Tessieroo: He blurts out for her to go home, can’t she go back? She again explains she can’t just leave whenever she wishes. Suddenly a bullet is shot through the glass – right into Yeon Joo’s head!

Clockwatcher: Well, this is way too early for our female lead to die so there’s nothing to see here. lol

Tessieroo: Chul was just imagining this? Good LORD, I thought it was all over for a minute there! He hugs her. That wasn’t nice, writer-nim.

Clockwatcher: Girl, I can’t believe you fell for that!

Tessieroo: I dunno what I was thinking but I was seriously angry there for a second! They arrive at the state dinner in a long white limo, stepping out to walk the red carpet. Inside, they begin dancing until Yeon Joo slips on her heels… and falls out of bed. Wait, so this was all a dream too? Pffftttttt.

Clockwatcher: More padding to fill 60 minutes. I think it’s way too early in the series for unnecessary filler.

Tessieroo: Yeon Joo doesn’t like all the guards around watching her sleep but Chul explains they never know when the killer will show up.

Clockwatcher: So he told her! I would much rather have seen this scene instead of the state dinner dream.

Tessieroo: Agree again, that whole bit was completely unnecessary! She suddenly remembers she can’t die in the webtoon, she’s invincible here, no matter what the killer said. Chul doesn’t agree because there are always variables in the world. There’s nothing else they can do until they find the killer. Hmmm, I wonder if this is a way to start the “W Project” up again?

Clockwatcher: Chul’s father figure would be happy. Yeon Joo hates being stuck indoors and whines about it.

Tessieroo: Wait, is she seriously complaining about having to live like this because she just got out of prison? The irony. It’s funny because Chul has been “living” this way his whole life. She wants to do all the things he promised, like go grocery shopping. *poutyface* Is she for real?

Clockwatcher: To be fair, this was the only life Chul led. As they say, ignorance is bliss. It’s not like he didn’t get to go outside because he was scared of being shot. I don’t blame her for feeling this way especially as she believes she’s invincible in Toonland. Anyway, he tries to cheer her up by cooking for her.

Tessieroo: The only thing Chul knows how to make is ramen. LMAO, of course. It seems like he’s never been in this kitchen before, I guess webtoon characters don’t eat.

Clockwatcher: They eat but have tons of staff who cater to their every need. It must be nice.

Tessieroo: Yeon Joo steps up to cook while Chul questions why Sung Moo would try to kill his own daughter. Does he still think her Dad is the one “writing” the story? Yeon Joo does’t think there is any way her Dad drew this but isn’t sure who else it could be. She suddenly cuts her finger.

Clockwatcher: Ouch! Guess who’s not invincible after all.

Tessieroo: Chul tells the bodyguards to call for the nurse. LMAO, over a tiny cut? They both slowly realize she is bleeding, in his world. Why is she bleeding? Ruh, oh.

Clockwatcher: Girl…

Tessieroo: This means she can die if she gets shot. Yeon Joo looks around and sees the “To be continued” letters show up, she suddenly vanishes. Well, crud – no noodles for you.

Clockwatcher: Screw noodles. I would also rather run the hell out if it becomes apparent that I could be killed by a fictional murderer.

Tessieroo: A robot-voiced, black-hooded, creepy fictional murderer at that. She finds herself back in her childhood bedroom. Another flashback of something we just saw? This doesn’t bode well for the future of this drama to me. She reads through the webtoon, wondering how the killer knows about her?

Clockwatcher: Uhm, lemme guess: from the news? If he’s in the webtoon, it’s from the news. If he’s in the real world, it’s from the webtoon. Yeon Joo, why is this even a question?

Tessieroo: Chul paces, remembering how Sung Moo did NOT bleed when he stabbed him nor did Yeon Joo bleed when he shot her. He wonders what has changed.

Clockwatcher: Plot

Tessieroo: LMAO! I love while I’m tearing out my hair – you are all calm & cool. He suddenly gets a phone call from a drunken So Hee. BLECH, I can’t with this woman.

Clockwatcher: I see you’re still hating on my girl. You try spending a decade being someone’s destined love, only for him to ditch you for his key.

Tessieroo: Yea, but she gets drunk and calls to ask about his wife? Besides, if they’ve been “friends” since childhood and he hasn’t kissed her or proposed even once – it’s not gonna happen. She’s obviously never seen a drama.

Clockwatcher: Haha. As she drunkenly cries to him about her downgrade from heroine, she freaks out because she’s disappearing! Chul jumps in his car and rushes over to her. During the drive, he manages to figure out that the killer is now in the real world.

Tessieroo: The killer went through the same portal Chul did at the police station or he thinks he did.  

Clockwatcher: Meanwhile, Yeon Joo receives a call from an unknown number – it’s the killer.

Tessieroo: Wait, robot-voiced, black-hooded, creepy fictional murderers have cell phones? I’m calling foul.

Clockwatcher: And the same phone can be used in both worlds. She wakes Soo Bong up, grabs her dad’s laptop and gets the confused man to drive off. She doesn’t explain much and just tells him to drive as far away as he can and not pick up any calls from unknown numbers. Then the killer (who’d already searched her house) shows up in front of them!

Tessieroo: I loved her yelling at Soo Bong…and he’s still wearing my favorite pink outfit. Poor guy has no clue what is going on.

Clockwatcher: They back away but since he can appear without context, there’s no running away from him. Then he points his gun at Yeon Joo’s head and shoots!

Tessieroo: This is probably supposed to be all tension filled and serious but I was dying at Soo Bong’s screams. 

Clockwatcher: And just like that, she’s back in the webtoon, sitting next to Chul who’s looking for her, still on his way to So Hee’s place.

Tessieroo: So are we supposed to think she also can just “vanish” if she’s in danger in the webtoon? I’m so confused. *poutyface*

Clockwatcher: Hell, if I knew! Maybe it comes with becoming a heroine of the toon. Meanwhile, her father, who’s on the longest flight in the world to New Zealand gets a visit from the killer!

Tessieroo: LOL, the plane is going to New Zealand via Russia, that’s why it’s taking so long. This is reminding me of the movie “Jumper”, this killer showing up all over the place.

Clockwatcher: Chul and Yeon Joo both arrive at So Hee’s place. She’s still disappearing. Chul tells her that nothing is wrong and she’s just drunk and it’s only after he reassures her that he will always need her in his life that she’s back in her full form. I guess this means she gets to stay.

Tessieroo: Pfftttt, no one ever listens to me when it comes to the 2nd lead.

Clockwatcher: So Hee falls asleep and as Yeon Joo treats her injuries, they talk about how she was merely a plot device and once her purpose was served, she was no longer needed. I feel like this drama is a critique of the average fictional work.

Yeon Joo is depressed because her entry into the webtoon created this situation and she muses that this wasn’t the sequel she expected. Meanwhile, Chul makes a decision.

Tessieroo: I love how Yeon Joo is almost like…pouting again that her sequel isn’t working out the way she wants.

Clockwatcher: When they get home, Chul ties her shoelaces – it’s on their list of romantic things to do. Then he takes her to the rooftop – the very place they first met. We all know what’s coming, right?

Tessieroo: He’s gonna shove her pouty-butt off the roof? No? *kekeke*

Clockwatcher: That would be epic! But unfortunately for us, he’s not the villain. He’s the hero which means it’s Sacrifice Time! He tells her to undo everything that’s happened between them. *sniff*. When she gets back, she has to pull a Dallas and retcon everything as a dream. He needs to wake up from surviving the injuries on the rooftop with no memory of what happened between them which means he can’t even remember the dream. :(. Sucks.

Tessieroo: Does he seriously expect her to forget those kisses? Sorry big guy, that ain’t happening. But Yeon Joo agrees.

Clockwatcher: It’s crazy because it’s canon – in the toon – that everything happened but he asked that the memory be erased. What are the readers thinking? What a crazily meta story.

Tessieroo: I’m going to have such a headache after this episode.

Clockwatcher: He tells her to read the webtoon when she misses him then jumps off the rooftop. How many times can one man commit suicide?

Tessieroo: I’ll admit I was surprised this scene wasn’t at the Han River bridge again.

Clockwatcher: LOLChul wakes up and it’s similar to the beginning of the show. So Hee and Do Yoon are there and notice the tears on his face – it must have been a sad dream.

Tessieroo: Then we see Yeon Joo sitting inside her car, drawing this scene out just like Chul asked and making it all a dream. Did she draw the tears too? She cries.

Clockwatcher: I’m sure she didn’t and it’s probably a sign that he will eventually remember it.


Tessieroo: I’m not even sure what I’m supposed to think about this episode! I’ll admit it didn’t move or excite me as much as the earlier ones but I can’t quite put my finger on what was “off” in this one. Maybe the variables changing so Yeon Joo can now be injured in the webtoon happened too fast for me? I also didn’t like all the dream sequences or the killer jumping all over the place. I didn’t feel much connection and it didn’t hold my attention. What about you?

Clockwatcher: I think the lack of any real rules might make it hard to fully connect with the story. It’s hard to invest in something that’s constantly changing. So perhaps its refreshing unpredictability is a double-edged sword


  • ilchul says:

    1st thing!! thank you so much for episode 8’s thoughts/recap and I’m waiting for your thoughts about episode 9!! 😀
    I really loved the episode and I cried my eyes out because of it!! I want my OTP back together!! :'(
    I think that the flashback are more to help those who started the drama in late episodes to stay in the plot and don’t miss what’s happening and to make things clearer giving a clear explanation to what’s going on and how we reached certain point in the plot!! that’s how I see it!! 🙂
    I think that it’s understandible for the rules to change as a result of the changes in both worlds being affected by the interactions of the peoples from each world and their tangible affect on each other’s world and lives!! Kang Cheol, Yeon Joo, Seong Moo and the creepy hooded man each one of them had an inmpact on the W and real world and on each other’s lives which is shattering the barrier between the two worlds little by little, so the already setted rules will change the more interaction and effect they’ll made on each otheer’s lives and worlds!!! it started with Kang Cheol’s awarness and forcing his free will to take controle over his story/life, fallowed by dragging Yeon Joo and her father to his world who made their impact in his life and thus his world, then him entering the real world leaving an impact on it, then the hooded man created another crack by entring the real world as well and making his damaging impact on it…all these events are changing the course of these character’s lives and affecting both world as a result!!… Yeon Joo’s marriage to Kang Cheol gave her a title in his world, taking over Soo Hee’s role as the manhwa’s female main lead and by concequence it gave her the traits of the characters in the manhwa turning her uninvincible like everyone else in the manhwa world!! and making Soo Hee starting to disappear since she had no porpose for the story to remain as a character in there!! (the scene if her disappearance was scary and sad)!! and we can see through all these changes the start of the merging betweeen the two worlds!!
    I really would love from Kang Cheol to stop jumping off from high buildings/briges because that’s really devastating for me, I know he needed to do that to make sure Yeon Joo will be safe a soon as possible and the hooded man damages will be put to a stop and he wasn’t going to die by still I couldn’t handle watching him falling off the the high building!! :'(
    the tears in Kang Cheol’s eyes were the signe of him still remembering Yeon Joo unconciously!! I know that he will remember her!! he’s the same man who follows his instincts and needs explanations and context to everything happening around him and I’m sure Yeon Joo will pick his interest again and he’ll fall for her again!! 😀 I just want that to happen soon!! I want to see my OTP happy!!
    I really loved the Cinderella party concept though I wanted it to be real but I can hold on to their happy moments fantasy or not to go through this sadness!!

    I’m really sorry for the long comment and for my bad english!! 🙂
    thank you again!! 😀

  • asdf says:

    You literally said all my thoughts while watching this show, especially about the need for back-to-back dreams and the fact we missed on Chul telling Yeon Joo about the killer. The eff is this padding for? You’re losing momentum show. But anywho, on average the episode was good. Just confused on why the writer dropped the ball suddenly on plot flow? I don’t think they edited it for the sake of the Olympics, did they?

    W is driving me cray in more ways than one.

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