W – Two Worlds Episode 9: Face/Off

Clockwatcher: The episode begins with a recap of what’s happened. The toon has been retconned but life hasn’t. In the real world, its confirmed that the murderer killed the two cyclists on the bridge as well as the lady at the station. We are taken back to the plane bathroom where we witness the killer strangling Yeon Joo’s father, demanding to be given a face.

Tessieroo: I’m in shock that this fictional killer actually murdered 3 people in the real world. Did this drama turn into a horror/murder mystery full of violence and we weren’t notified?

Clockwatcher: For real. While the flight to New Zealand took close to fifteen years, the flight back to Seoul lasts about a second and he’s already back home.

Tessieroo: LMAO! Who knew that New Zealand was on another planet? I felt sorry for Dad, getting accosted in an airplane bathroom. Poor guy, that’s just not right.

Clockwatcher: Meanwhile, Soo Bong isn’t able to convince Yeon Joo’s mother to drive off and she finds her exhausted daughter in the car. She carries her home. And soon after, her ex-husband shows up. He reads the webtoon and learns of the flash drive Chul had asked his daughter to give to him. He retrieves it and finds a letter from Chul, asking him to end it all by giving him a happy ending. It’s not for his benefit, but for Yeon Joo, whose life is now in danger.

Tessieroo: I loved Soo Bong trying to hide behind a light pole, his screaming gives me life. And I loved Mom too, she’s all: “I don’t understand what is happening!” Neither do we, Mom.

Clockwatcher:  Yeah. “Your daughter disappeared from the car so run away!” makes no sense. Yeon Joo may have written herself out of the toon but it’s impossible to completely scrub herself out of Chul’s consciousness and whenever he subconsciously thinks of her, she’s dragged into the webtoon. It keeps happening – a week for her, two months for him  – till he’s discharged from the hospital. In the original, he picked her up from the bus stop on the day he was discharged. In this version, she’s dragged in as he’s walking out. She bumps into him after she takes off her wedding band to prepare for surgery and chases after it as it rolls away. Then he leaves with Do Yoon. He’s seemingly unaffected but it’s difficult for her and she sobs at their last meeting. It’s crazy because while he doesn’t know her, she vividly remembers him and these brief meetings constantly remind her that they can never be together.

Tessieroo: Chul subconsciously pulling Yeon Joo into the webtoon was so sad to me.

Clockwatcher: It’s quite sad because on one hand, he doesn’t remember but on the other hand, she knows that she’s still in his subconscious because he keeps “calling” her. But only she knows it.

On a lighter note, I love how her prof wondered if he was the reason she was crying. LOL.

Tessieroo: I loved that Professor Park knows she’s not really married since she doesn’t have a boyfriend AND will remain single forever – as a cat lady. He’s ruthless when it comes to Yeon Joo.

Clockwatcher: I love their relationship. Haha. It’s okay because she doesn’t take it personally. I would probably hate him if his words cut deep. Then we get the flashbacks you love so much. The romance is over and W is back to being the badass webtoon it used to be with Chul catching bad guys that elude the cops.

Tessieroo: Anytime hottie Do Yoon is on the screen, I’m happy. 😀 Which reminds me…you’re supposed to be reminding me how old Lee Tae Hwan is every time I bring him up. You’ve been slacking off on that.

Clockwatcher: Well, that’s because I’d also be reminding myself that he’s a ’95-er which just won’t do, given that I’m lusting after him myself. By the way, back off my man.

Meanwhile, a frightened Soo Bong returns to work. He’s been freaking out, visiting churches and temples, getting amulets for protection. lol. He can gather the other assistants but the good writer thinks they can handle it on their own. He’s already planned out the end. He figures that the only way to end the madness is for Chul to find the killer.

Tessieroo: Is it just me or did Soo Bong look better with a bit of scruff? LOL

Clockwatcher: Dear, you’re on your own with this Soo Bong lusting.

Tessieroo: He makes me laugh therefore I love him. *hee* This is what Dad should have done a long time ago but then we wouldn’t have a story.

Clockwatcher: I still can’t believe he had Chul chasing after a phantom killer. He thinks back to Chul’s letter and downloads the “W” files he’d given him. He needs to create an identity that’s not already in the files, make it believable, give the killer a face and end the webtoon happily so that everyone can move on with their lives.

Tessieroo: Me thinks no matter what he does, his daughter isn’t going to be happy. And even though Soo Bong points out there might be “flaws”, Dad remains determined to end this.

Clockwatcher: Well, Yeon Joo will only be happy in Chul’s arms while Appa can’t risk any more strangulations from a fictional killer so he’s gotta get rid of him. He gives the killer his own face. He figures it would make sense because Chul would remember seeing him on the rooftop. So he writes a scene where a camera captures the killer’s image and the picture is released on the “W” show. Now, everyone knows what Chul’s killer looks like.

Tessieroo: It did make sense to me but I was again thinking Dad should have done this a long time ago. The part where they struggled over the knife on the rooftop wasn’t in the webtoon though, was it? I don’t remember Chul ever discussing that part with any of the characters of the webtoon.

Clockwatcher: I think the only person Chul discussed it with was Yeon Joo’s dad. And I don’t think it was in the toon, otherwise, everyone would have known that there were two killers that day.

Next is a scene with my favorite character. Professor Fanboy bursts into Yeon Joo’s office because W is back! He’s ecstatic that the awful Yeon Joo (lol) has now left and the story is back to being great. Yes, Chul will find the killer, marry So Hee and all would be right with the world again. haha. He even thinks it’s brilliant that the killer looks like Oh Sung Moo.

Tessieroo: He’s hilarious, comparing Sung Moo to Alfred Hitchcock. Seriously? NOT. His animosity towards Yeon Joo is funny though.

Clockwatcher: Yeon Joo calls Soo Bong to get the deets. He tells her how everything will go down in the next three episodes. The killer will be caught shortly after the broadcast. His name is Han Sang Hoon –  an old shooting teammate of Chul’s father’s. All the evidence would be found at his house so there’d be no doubt that he’s guilty. He would reveal to Chul that he’d run into his arrogant father the night before the murders. He’d been so pissed off that he went to kill him. The rest of his family were simply collateral damage. Things had worked out for him when the prosecutor pinned the crimes on Chul but he hadn’t expected him to relentlessly search for him for 10 years. He’d gotten sick of it which was why he stabbed him on the rooftop.

Tessieroo: See how easy that was, to write a plot that makes sense to everyone?

Clockwatcher: But that wouldn’t be the end of it. That confession would essentially ruin the good prosecutor’s career and he’d be asked to step down. This would so infuriate him that he’d get someone to kill Han then plant a fake suicide letter stating that Chul had paid him to lie and take the rap for his crime. Damn, this man is so pathetic.

Tessieroo: I was really happy the EVIL prosecutor was brought down, I’ve never completely understood his motive for trying to pin the murders of Chul’s family on Chul – was it simply to further his political career? EVIL man.

Clockwatcher:  The writer didn’t really give him a good motive. He’s a plot device to make our protagonist a hero. His is paint-by-numbers writing without depth, it seems. But the hitman would expose him and Prosecutor Han would go down too. It’s a perfect happy ending because both villains would be taken out – the killer will be killed and in poetic justice, the prosecutor will be jailed like he unfairly jailed Chul.

Tessieroo: This is my kind of story, all the EVIL people end up dead or in jail. I’m happy.

Clockwatcher: Yup. And no evil people are redeemed at the end. All that’s left is the love line. It’s not a sappy story so there won’t be wedding bells however, there’ll be a hint that in time, those crazy kids will work themselves out and end up together. Aww. I bet you love this. haha.

Tessieroo: You should have heard me screaming for a white truck of doom to take out So Hee as she was crossing the street. Why is there never a white truck of doom when you really want one?

Clockwatcher: I half-expected the killer to show up in a truck and mow them down. Haha. Anyway, it’s a happy ending for everyone but Yeon Joo who laments that while forgotten in the webtoon, very few people in her world know what she’s been through. Such is life, girl. Quit the whining. She regrets never taking a photo with Chul and reveals that she’d cut out memorable scenes from the toon and pasted them on her wall. Is it me or is this really pathetic? lol

Tessieroo: See? He should have pushed her whiny butt off the roof. No, I agree – it’s pathetic.

Clockwatcher: She goes back to work but is still in a funk. She picks up the latest copy of W and asks Chul if he’s okay. Seok Bum shows up and tries to get her to come out for dinner but she wants to be alone in her depression. Then suddenly, there’s an announcement. “All hands on deck!” “All hands on deck!” There’s an emergency. There’s been a mass shooting and all doctors are needed. She rushes over and we see that she’s now in the webtoon hospital.

Tessieroo: She was pulled in again! It’s obvious that since Chul is at the hospital, he’s thinking about her. Awwwww.

Clockwatcher: It is cute. She learns that there was a mass shooting at W’s broadcast station and the unknown killer is still at large. So far, there are 8 dead and 15 injured although they expect to find more bodies.

Tessieroo: She knows for sure when she sees So Hee and hottie Do Yoon rushing by with one of the victims. It was Chul’s father-figure friend, Hyun Suk, who was also shot in the abdomen.

Clockwatcher: She’s surprised because for starters, why is she back in the toon? And secondly, this isn’t part of the plot. There’s chaos in the hospital and just as she tries to make sense of it, someone grabs her hand. It’s Chul!

Tessieroo:  I gotta admit, this part pulled all my attention. This wasn’t part of the storyline Soo Bong told her they were going to write so I was just as confused.

Clockwatcher: Yup, it’s deviated again. He drags her to a bleeding female employee. But instead of getting to work, she stares at him in amazement. It’s only after he yells at her that she regains her senses and treats the wounded lady.

Tessieroo: I would have yelled at her too.

Clockwatcher: She’s gotta get her act together! Saving lives comes before drowning in romantic feelings. He spots the ring she’s now wearing on her neck then remembers their last meeting. He apologizes for yelling at her and confesses that the news report wasn’t entirely truthful.

Tessieroo: That hopeful look on her face when he said her remembered her made me want to slap her. COME ON! I thought she wanted a happy ending for Chul but it appears she’s more obsessed with her own feelings. Am I being too harsh on her?

Clockwatcher: You’re not. It’s human but she’s selfishly obsessed with herself. She didn’t really take solace in knowing all the drama will soon be put to rest but instead, was lamenting her lost love. Meanwhile, back in the real world, Soo Bong shows up at his boss’s place to find him faceless! As in, Oh Sung Moo’s voice has been replaced with the killer’s robotic one and his face taken away! He begs him for help but Soo Bong faints from shock. Poor kid.

Tessieroo: THE HORROR OF THIS MOMENT! Scared the beejesus outta me, I woulda been right there on the floor with Soo Bong, screaming.

Clockwatcher: I didn’t expect this and would have run the hell away. Then we find out what really went down. Killer Han showed up at the broadcast station and shot everyone on set. Then he looked into the camera like the crazy psycho that he is and told Chul that he came to reveal himself like he’s been unable to do for ten years. “Catch me if you can, you mofo” is his message in a nutshell. He promises to see him soon then shoots the camera.

Tessieroo: Insane, the fictional murderer has taken Dad’s face. Who saw that coming? Anyone?

Clockwatcher: Not me. Who would think that the murderer could steal a face? The news also exposes him as the mass murderer and we see him disappear “without context” like he always does. Basically, Oh Sung Moo created a monster that could appear or disappear without any restrictions. I’m now scared this fool will randomly show up next to me!

Tessieroo: If you’re waiting for me to say I’ll protect you, forget it. Not happening. There is a reason I don’t watch horror flicks, it’s because I’m a chicken. I guarantee I would be the first person killed in one of those so I would be of no help to you. *kekeke*

Clockwatcher: And I would definitely not get killed in those scary movies because I’m not curious. Nope, I’m not going to investigate that noise coming from behind the door. I will simply do what I always do and run the hell away.

What did you think of this episode? Better than the last?

Tessieroo: Much better! I do wish we would have less of Yeon Joo moping around and feeling sorry for herself but I’ll go with it for now. I initially thought she realized the severity of the situation when her Dad was shot but she only seems focused on her own heartbreak and not the possible danger everyone could be in. Even with 3 people killed in the real world, she was all boo-hoo and poor me because the man I love doesn’t remember me. The writer really grabbed my attention at the end though.

Clockwatcher: I agree. She saves the best stuff for the last 10 minutes but I’m okay with it. I thought it was brilliant that she made Oh Sung Moo the killer because the actor gets to flex his acting muscles. He’s been the killer from the start so why not make him the killer in the end? Except it’s not him. And as we try to understand the rules, it seems that one emerging is that there are no doppelgangers. There’s only one Yeon Joo or Chul hence, you can’t find their doppelgangers in the other’s world. So it kind of makes sense that Sung Moo’s voice and face can only exist at one time and since both the killer and Sung Moo coexist as seen in the plane bathroom scene, making him in his own image meant giving his face away. I don’t know if this even makes sense. LOL

Tessieroo: No, I agree there won’t be any cross-over characters that are exactly the same in both worlds. I did think the only time Yeon Joo was pulled in was when Chul was thinking about her but now I’m even questioning that! Chul was able to physically pull both Yeon Joo and Dad into the toon when he was stabbed…does that mean he’s the only one who can pull people in? And it also makes sense that since Dad didn’t really create any “rules” for the killer, he can come/go without restrictions. It also appears the killer can change things up when he doesn’t like the direction the story is going?

Clockwatcher: So far, the killer hasn’t been able to pull anyone in or out although he or something else can change the course of the story. He couldn’t get back into the toon but he could contact Chul by magic phone. He left the toon via the portal and was the only other character (so far) who didn’t get stuck in time when Chul learned he was fictional. So like Chul, he’s a main character that has some level of autonomy. But he still needed Sung Moo to give him a face and write him back into the toon. Right now, it appears that Chul, Yeon Joo, Sung Moo and Killer can control certain parts of the story but no single person can control all of it. I just want to know if the killer continued the story. It appeared to happen right after he killed those cyclists. Is there yet another entity that keeps the story going so that he can be stopped? Or does the story keep going because the killer himself isn’t done? I can’t wait to find out.


  • martha says:

    Soo Bong does look better with scruff… not that I am, in anyway, interested in him or anything. He’s so darn funny shrieking and screaming. It lightened briefly the rather heavy episode.

  • asdf says:

    Soo bong and Professor Park for the win for giving me happy moments in this episode. Yeon joo and Dad for the loss since Yeon Joo is a whiny butt and Dad lost his face. YJ really aggravated me ep 8 with her crying for a sequel and complaining she couldn’t leave her house. Really? I think your commentary hit the nail on the head about her. She’s obsessed with herself and she never understood the gravity of what was happening, even after Dad got shot and 3 people died (I’m not even her world, and I was sorry to hear the Killer killed people).

    On the hand, I do understand Chul/ Lee Jong Suk is beautiful and charismatic as hell, so yea I’d swoon and cry a bit too. But I’ve been hung up since episode 7 on how they quickly got together. I understand her being a fangirl, but I didn’t see it with Chul, an attraction yes, but make-out with her like she’s your soulmate and then marry her? That went too fast in a show that’s been inconsistent with it’s speed, and even bordering on the extremes lately (Damn you flashbacks. I don’t need you, I’ve been paying plenty of attention so no thanks on the recap.) Anyways this show hasn’t been as smart as it once was and I’m just confused on what happened. I think you’re right, unpredictably has become a double edged sword in this world.

  • bmore says:

    WTH!! What happened to the rules??? Usually when stuff happens, you can kinda put together reasons. But too many unexplained things are happening…it’s like the walls between the 2 dimensions have broken down, so everything is sorta falling apart. My head imploded on this one..what was left of it. But, I don’t care. This show is so different, so innovative, I’m just in it for the ride and don’t feel like I want to criticize it. I’ll wait until it’s over and see if they tie up the plot/rules…even so, not sure I’ll care. It’s just too much fun.

    • anonymouse says:

      Haha, I feel exactly the same way. Although I can kind of piece together what happened. (The whole “there can only be one of one face” thing meant that when Seung Moo gave the killer his face, he literally GAVE the killer his face. KC pulling YJ in whenever he thinks of her subconsciously I totally bought, and I’m tentatively thinking that the Killer’s self-awareness either was there from the beginning because he had no face/character, OR started whenever he met Seung Moo, where he and Seung Moo had a conversation that ended in SM promising to give him a face — which means that KC’s assumption that the webtoon would go back to normal post-rooftop scene was inherently flawed, because the Killer was self-aware much earlier than KC was.)

      But at the same time, whether or not I can follow it kind of doesn’t matter as much to me as the ride it’s giving.

      Although, the pacing of the past few episodes has gotten a little weird to me. Especially with the flashbacks. It makes me wonder if they’ve cut scenes, or moved some scenes around, in order to try to fit the new broadcast schedule. Maybe so Episode 9 would end on more of a cliffhanger than it was originally going to?

      I wonder if they have to contractually play out that full “even if it’s a lie” song every time they use it or something, because that seems to be where all the padding goes. XD Maybe they lost an editor? Re-arranged some of the scenes in post? I wish we could see the original episode scripts, just to see whether this is a writing thing or an editing thing.

      • bmore says:

        Ha…you are obsessive like me. It’s the why’s and the wherefore’s I want to know and am so afraid we will never get a real explanation for. I especially love it when you can find interviews with the writer or director explaining their thoughts. I’m grateful for those who share their thoughts and ideas in comments sections, as they explain or crystallize, or hypothesize ideas I may or may not have fully formed or have not even thought of!

        I LOVE it when a drama shows the writer and director are actually thinking! I love the metaphors throughout this show also. The ‘story has gotten away from me’, ‘it’s taken on a life of its own’, ‘I’ve lost control of my characters and I don’t know where they are going’….all these are things I’ve heard writers say and this drama graphically shows these thoughts visually. It’s mind blowing and thrilling to see someone attempt such an innovative concept for a drama. So I am forgiving for any mistakes that MAY HAVE BEEN made (remains to be seen where this writer takes us) already and for those that may occur in the future. Giddyap! Yippee Kay yay!!!

  • Adal says:

    Yeah , I agree Soo Bong in scruff is kinda hot. I hope he never shaves it off. Lol.

  • shae says:

    OMG. I was thinking the same thing about needing a truck of doom.

  • Teleri says:

    I am soooo loving this drama! It’s smart, slick, written on several levels, and entirely unpredictable 😀 I adore the characters as well! I am an anime geek & SF fan, not to mention very appreciative of surrealism – so this stuff is RIGHT up my alley!

  • SOSsy says:

    I’ve given up trying to figure out what’s happening. Every new episode just erases every conclusion I drew from the previous episode. Methinks the drama is bordering on crazy. I agree with @ASDF – I never felt the lurve from Kang Chul and they got together way too fast. He was still dealing with his identity crisis and a crazy killer after him, how could he possibly muster up anything for a romantic relationship?
    I’m still going to tune in though cos craziness and all, I still want to find out what’s going on. I seriously doubt writer’s going to be able to explain everything logically but who cares? I’ve sat through worse

  • mary_of_bethany says:

    Dear tessieroo, i read with surprise at your sharings and the others, regarding YeonJoo and her…(what you distainly called ‘mopping’) and some amongst you mentioned that you could like to slap her out of her overly staring at Chul. ouch! its hurts, badly. okay, i actually hesitate whether to reply.
    i am stunt to discover that outside my comfortable world where i used to yak for the past few weeks at my usual S. Forum sites, where all the kindreds are liked minded. i didnt know there are people out there that think alike Crazy Dogs and spare no sympathies towards, am amazed.
    okay, first. regarding the immediate issue of her distracted during cause of “saving life”, you must understand, she in her own world, before she has fallen in love with Chul, she is infact a quick thinking surgeon that apply anymatter she can set her hands on to save life, eg. a little pen from the waitor’s coat pocket. if not because of her disbelief that first why she should be teleport to this place after a good 2 months? shouldn’t Chul don’t dream anymore and finding herself running in Code Black in her own hospital and end up in Chu’s, its not something too common that she needs a little time to recover, less even when she got bump into Chul, while still thinkig Chul might be one of the casualties. that shock needs time to process, so no slapping needed.
    secondly, her mopping around. Different people lost their love, having seen their loved one “fallen off a building” to their death right in front of her, will needs times if not years to recover. i count this girl been selfish, and humble, and sensible enough, with a strong sense of self control. taht she is able in midst of all her agonies, contained herself, and kept everything a secret, while going on as usual not even taking a break to tour to relax and heal. understand her that she was in the midst of a marital bliss, giving all Options to chose, even the Option 4 which we are dying to witness on screen. and suddenly, everything is rip off her, and to see her loved one forget her. To visualized that Chul in his own world living well is one thing, and try to move on her sincerely did. But to be cruelly teleport back not on her own will, and witnessed herself how much he can stare thru her as if she is complete stranger is TOTALLY ANOTHER MATTER. if i were her, i may break down and be destroyed much more. yet she has to collect herself, continue to at nothing happened before the always clueless mom, and the colleagues that ever ignorantly rub salt upon her open wounds. and she has to act numb to the constant referrence of herself been “stupid, silly, nonsense, crazy, disasters…. etc.” i count it too as a virtues that she doesnt reliate, but just understand them as fan-girling boys, and she does not take offence, even when Crazy dog is ever so rude and blunt into predicting that she will aged as old maid. try saying the same words that Crazy dog said to your own older but single sister, immediately you find yourself CLAPPED real hard, or try talking down to your colleague the same way Crazy dog slight YJ, you find yourself a instant enemy at work for life.
    yeon joo deserved much more credits , than what was given her, at some sites. i should just leave quietly, but this site i used to love a great deal in the past while lurking. i guess, i should just speak up for her, because she is so worth-it!
    excuse me, if i sound blunt and rude in my defense of her.

    • omiki says:

      I agree with you that it is perfectly reasonable and human to mourn and grief for a period of time after you have lost something. And it’s particularly hard if people around you do not know what you have gone through.

  • shl says:

    I’m a little surprised at your strong reaction to Yeon-joo’s heartbreak. Granted, she’s got to get on with life and so on, but, it’s hard, yunno, especially as she keeps getting drawn in, willy-nilly, when she doesn’t expect it.

    I also find it funny, because, when Queen In-hyun’s Man was broadcast, I complained about the heroine spending the last episodes moping around and crying, and was roundly castigated by everyone else for it. (In my defence, I meant this as a comment on the writing – the heroine had been plenty spunky at the start, and I was hoping that she’d have greater agency at the end. But, no, she was reduced to the sobbing damsel in distress). She’s mourning the loss of her one true love, she can’t help herself, you’re a terrible monster for suggesting that she shouldn’t cry – those were some of the comments I received.

    Anyway, here I am ‘defending’ Yeon-joo’s right to cry. BUT! Come the ending, if she’s still crying and not teaming up with Kang Chul to set things right, them I *will* be upset at the writer.

    • mary of bethany says:

      dear Shl, and all. after watching crazy dog and his rant, and witnessed the impact on a silent listener who has the grace to have self control and not bite back at every insult, i learned a lot thru Crazy Dog’s rant , mainly never am i going to be like him, enjoy all freedom to say anything negative bout anyone or any issue very vehemently, not being senstive to what other feelings.
      i dare not, and will not allow myself to ask, has any of you having your heart broken before, and how long did you take to get over…. oh, did i faintly hear some reply, “not very long, double of days”… while i will not do what mindless Crazy dog did, to spilt insult and iresponsible rants. i must say, the speed of recovery does not decide a person’s will or maturity in facing problems. it only show your heart has not been ruin that thoroughly to heal that fast. and YJ has just only mourn secretly for ONE EP ONLY. she did move on, work as usual. on her own bought mag and paste scene on her window plane, but give her the credits that she live life as usual not taken to lock herself in room weep for weeks, or fast and gotten ill, or went for a trip to relax, or gotten drunk and pour to someone… she has display great strength in self control, so that she will not worries the loved ones beside. so much so, that none noticed her heart shredding, save S.B. the most unlikely one. thus, i plea, Give Her The Credits She So Deserved!
      there might be some Yeon Joo out there, reading this thread, watch the movie, having their hearts jsut broken, but bearing silent… carrying on their life… and yet having to listen to colleague or friends on and off telling them their loved one is now with another girl.
      give all these silent lurkers of recap sites some thoughts, if they are also going thru some period of mourning over lost loves.
      what so wrong, to bump into your loved one, and suddenly lost it. She didnt even weep infront of him, she jsut stared. she even told him, “i don’t even know why am i here.” she didnt take the chance to hint anything cheesy to him. how can anyone say that she should know that whatever they just did by erasing all past is for the goods of everyone else. what did she said when Chul revealed the ugly truth to her at the rooftop, with every little time for her to sink it in, and decide whether do she want to obey? she did not hesitate and agreed, she didnt rebel, immeidately she say not any extra words to cause Chul more stress, she just simply say, “I do” (means i do understand.) and “i promised you”. she didnt demand a last hug or a last kiss.
      that calls for a very strong character, that knows when to surrender her rights, when to sacrifce .
      our YeonJoo will not mop around, be wasted in buckets till the end of the ep16, if she was really written so… i will come back here and rant against her myself with you gals.
      what did she said, when SB reveal the intended last scene of Chul and Barbie-secretary? she just didnt’ object, she only say nobody there remember her, nobody here knows what she went thru. and she intend to keep it this way. she may not even voices if there was suppose to be a wedding at the end, i trust my girl. anyway, to have Chul marry SH, is what everyone wants right, not to have Chul fallen so ardently in love and all the lovey dovey scenes repeated with SH right. all people want is jsut “marry SH’. then, given that to them. my girl is so willing to give that to them. and suffer alone.
      again, give her the credits where she deserved!

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