“The Good Wife” Episode 15 Preview + Thoughts On Week 7

Hye Gyeong was asked to make a choice and she chose herself. She told Joong Won that she could find reasons to break up with him – her job, her husband, her kids – but none about herself. So choosing him meant choosing herself.

While typical, this mess is pretty interesting. I don’t doubt that Tae Joon wants to keep his family together out of love but Kim Gyeong is also crucial to his career progression. He needs her to achieve his political goals. On the other side of the spectrum, being with Hye Gyeong comes at a cost to Joong Won. As his sister pointed out, he’s become Tae Joon’s target and that aside, such a scandal would reflect badly on the firm and negatively affects others uninvolved in their romance. So while Joong Won’s reasons might be more noble, both men are being selfish.

I like that we’re seeing a more aggressive Hye Gyeong and she even impressed that annoying lawyer enough for him to offer her a job. She’s really maturing as a woman and a lawyer but the only problem is that adapting a 7-year drama into a 16-episode series means things are a little rushed. I think that the Korean writer has done a good job with this adaptation but limited to only 16 episodes with a lot of screen time devoted to episodic cases requires a bit of sacrifice.

For example, Hye Gyeong is jumping straight from a 15-year marriage into a serious relationship. A woman like her needs to take some time for herself and her kids before jumping into the arms of another man but there isn’t enough time for that. Thus, while what we have is the very definition of a rebound relationship, I can also buy what they are selling, that it is, in fact, interrupted love.

I enjoyed this week’s episodes about Seo Yeon. I kept wondering if her friend was hanging out with her to get her mom involved in her brother’s case but it was completely innocent.

Isn’t Kim Dan Hye Gyeong’s daddy long legs? We’ve only got two episodes left but I hope they manage to squeeze in a reconciliation. Something I think we might not see is Joon Ho jumping ship. I feel like he’s slowly realizing that he’s not a good fit with the prosecution but I don’t know if there’s enough time for that story line to be fully explored.

Anyway, the firm is in jeopardy. Will Tae Joon get something on Joong Won?

Credit: tvN

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