“Let’s Fight Ghost” Episode 15 Preview + Week 7 Thoughts

We got two fun episodes this week but something was missing: the ghosts! This week’s episodes focused more on exposing the mystery behind the evil ghost, hence, focused on Hyun Ji’s memory recovery, Bong Pal’s past and their connection with the serial killing ghost. This meant that vanquishing took a back seat and as a result, we didn’t get our usual episodic stories. A lot of the fun from this drama has been the hilarity that ensued when In Rang/Chun Sang/unsuspecting random comes across one of the ghosts and the screams and shrieks that follow. Maybe it’s because I don’t find these ghosts scary but their reactions were always hilarious. Plus I quite enjoyed the mini storylines we got in every episode.

Anyway, something fun we did get was human Hyun Ji falling for Bong Pal in a different way. Their text messages were cute but what really got me rewinding was the scene she dragged him away from Seo Yeon. This girl is no joke. LOL. Bong Pal stayed away because her mom asked him to which made Hyun Ji miss him like crazy and get mad when he ignored her and she saw him with another girl. She’s like, “So what if I don’t remember and rebuff you? If you say you’re my boyfriend, be my boyfriend!” It was cute.

She also learned this week that she can see ghosts. What I liked was that Bong Pal had the monk as support when he discovered his abilities and now Hyun Ji can lean on Bong Pal because he’s someone who shares the experience.

That aside, Hyun Ji is so pretty! It’s nice to see her wearing different clothes. If she remembered her ghost times, she’d probably change into a new outfit every hour.

Random comment but was Hyun Ji’s mom flirting with the evil professor? I doubt it was supposed to come across that way but she was acting like a single woman hitting on a handsome man. Or is it just me?

Mr. Monk, how stupid can you be? This is one of those cases where you see the writer’s pen at work a.k.a. contrived situations. The only logical thing to do when you know someone is extremely dangerous is to alert everyone around them. Once he got confirmation that the professor was indeed the evil ghost, he should have gotten everyone away from him – he’s a murderer for goodness sake! His statement that telling Hyun Ji might endanger her is beyond stupid because she’s already in grave danger hanging around him. But they needed her to be unaware so that he could lure her into his practice and drug her. SMH.

Same for Bong Pal. He had to hear it first from the cop before the stupid ass monk explained it all. Why didn’t he keep hiding it for his “safety?” That guy loves Bong Pal – no doubt – but he needs to get his ass kicked for his stupidity!

It was a sad episode for Bong Pal and even though we already knew his dad was dead, how brutal for him that he’d missed making up with his father out of his own stubbornness? His dad had reached out to him several times but he refused to communicate with him and now he’s dead. How awful he must feel.

I’m sick of the evil vet so I need him dead ASAP! He claims that he’s now one with his host body so while there’s a part of me that wishes for the original soul to be freed of him (as he’s also a victim), I wouldn’t mind if both body and spirit die, if the original soul is already gone. Once vanquished, how would the cops be able to separate host from spirit? Should he be imprisoned? Being locked up in a mental institution doesn’t seem right either. I wonder how it will be resolved.

I’m sure we’ll get a happy ending so all I want after the evil spirit is gone is for the Sundae Soup club to pick up where they left off, and continue to exorcise evil ghosts.

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  • MC says:

    Yay! Thanks CW, ALWAYS a fun read.

    I, too, loved Hyun Ji and the reversed wrist grab! Omo, that scene and subsequent scenes with Bong Pal took me by surprised! It’s definitely my favorite scene and I think for a lot of other people as YT clip has like 120k views.
    I think we really don’t get enough of girls sticking up for themselves in terms of going after what (who) they want in kdramaland. Always too much sulking and sad faces.
    I give credit to Kim So Hyun, who played that scene with nuance.
    Anyway, this drama has taken me by surprise (in a very addictingly good way).

    Until next time! Hopefully, the writers end this strongly.

  • MC says:

    Typo *…Bong Pal took me by surprise!*

  • i0l4b says:

    “Mr. Monk, how stupid you can be?” Spot on! I wish to knock his head against the wall to put some senses. Not only he didn’t inform Bong Pal but he didn’t warn Hyun Ji too. What’s the point of asking people close to Bong Pal to watch over him when he cannot tell to the person concerned.

    • MC says:

      Ya! That was super annoying!!! All he had to say was…BP tell HJ to stay away from crazy… Or tell her himself when he was asking her about him. Sigh, epic fail. It really made zero sense. I suppose we have to let it play out or the writers felt there would be no more drama(?)

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