Doctors Finale Thoughts: Finally Learning To Let Go And Just Love

I was initially annoyed that SBS only showed one episode of Doctors last week but then realized how much fun it is to marathon episodes you’ve missed. (LOL) I enjoyed watching all 4 episodes at once, back-to-back! Here are my own personal thoughts about the ending.

It was nice to finally see what truly happened during Grandma’s surgery, I’d been waiting for that scene for a very long time. It was obviously medical malpractice since Dr. Jin Jr. was so willing to pay off Hye Jung’s family. But to finally see it for myself was satisfying so I’m thankful the writer didn’t leave it to the viewers discretion. I wanted closure and wanted to know for sure that Hye Jung was heading in the right direction by pursuing all legal options, even if there essentially were none because of the statute of limitations. I will also openly admit I wanted her to wipe that smirky smile off of Dr. Jin Jr’s face. (LOL) Okay, that makes me vindictive.

Lovely moments between our beloved Kang Soo and his adorable brother made me cry, I honestly didn’t know if this kid was going to make it through surgery! And although the show didn’t spend too much time on it, I was SO relieved when it was over and he was fine.

And you know how, in almost every Kdrama, there is a mid-breakup scene with the OTP? We didn’t really have to suffer through any of that nonsense, which was wonderful! Yes, Hye Jung and Hong had a tiny spat over how she was dealing with Grandma’s surgery but they didn’t fully break up! See, there IS a way for couples to disagree without having to throw in a huge break up or nobel idiocy. Thank you, writer-nim!

The flashback scenes shown of Hong’s uncle selling his parents house were heartbreaking and I believe were supposed to parallel how Hye Jung had been treated by EVIL stepmom. Both of these people were dumped on by adults and both chose to handle it by ignoring the person who dumped on them in the future – Hong tried to ignore his uncle while Hye Jung tried to ignore her family. These two lovely people had many things in common, without ever talking about it.

Dr. Jin Jr. recording his conversation with Hye Jung didn’t surprise anyone nor did Hong’s reaction to learning about it. Of course Hong would automatically do whatever it takes to protect her, even if it meant giving up doing surgeries for a bit. It’s always annoying when couples don’t TALK to each other but in this case, since Hong was already searching for a way to bring this guy down, things turned out okay. I literally yelled and danced when Hong found the USB drive his father had left behind, with all the details of the Jin family slush funds. WOOT!

I also loved the way this show dealt with the jealous, 2nd lead female. There was no outright lying or dirty, evil tricks done by Seo Woo, can we have a silent moment of thanks for that too? It was heart-warming the way Hye Jung was finally able to reach Seo Woo’s heart-strings and remind her of how close they once were, how much she appreciated and trusted Seo Woo. Which made Seo Woo stealing the pen-recorder from her own father all the more satisfying. Yes, I also teared up during the scenes of forgiveness between Seo Woo and Hye Jung but then I’m a huge softy when it comes to female friendships.

It did feel as if Seo Woo’s relationship with both Yoon Do and Young Kook were a bit rushed but since I’ve been screaming about Seo Woo being obsessed with men this whole drama, it was also nice to see her end up being just friends Yoon Do. It IS possible to have male friends who are only friends and it was nice to see Seo Woo realize this. It doesn’t always have to be about love or sex, you can just be friends! I would like to know it what world a hug is considered “doing a bad thing” though. I like Seo Woo much better with Young Kook, he seems to adore everything about her.

And so we come to the part that annoyed the hell outta me – Dr. Jin Jr. suddenly being ill. Was this only to force forgiveness for all his behavior? Yes, that’s the only reason. Did it work? I would say so but it’s not my favorite way of dealing with the bad guys in dramas. Instead of learning how to treat other people as human beings, not being arrogant jerks and dumping on others – the bad guy is suddenly almost forced into trusting or extending an olive branch and everyone bends over backwards because the jerk might die. UGH! I wanted both male Jin doctors in jail. *sigh*

And, of course, the exact same thing happens with Hye Jung’s own father. Would it be too much to ask to give her time to decide if she wants a relationship with him? Nope, we gotta force it by making him sick too. UGH! I did love Hye Jung for telling her father that she didn’t have one single good memory of him and that although she might get married soon, she would not be contacting him. THAT was satisfying.

It was also extremely annoying to listen to Dr. Jin Jr. whine and cry that he might die in surgery AND his father trying to comfort him. Did either of these jerks, especially Dr. Jin Sr., feel that way when it was Director Hong who died? Nope, they were actually happy. What I did love about the whole ending was that it showed both Hong and Hye Jung were better people and able to rise above the BS, without dishing it back. But the idea that Dr. Jin Jr. suddenly has a tumor with only Hong and Hye Jung able to save him was so predictable and absurd that it made me almost angry. Why did the writer chose such a boring, predictable ending for the bad guys? No idea but I’m gonna guess it was all about healing.

All that being said, did I cry when Dr. Jin Jr. finally thanked Hye Jung? Yes, I did! (LMAO) And did I giggle with the white flowers and Hong’s proposal? Yes, I did. Okay, so I’m a huge hypocrite and should be shot. *heh* All in all, a happy ending. My final thoughts are with that kiss. Yep, that kiss at the end of episode 18 literally took my breath away and I’ve replayed it over so many times, it’s silly. (LOL) This might not have been my favorite Park Shin Hye drama but it was most definitely my favorite character she’s done. I loved Hye Jung and hope to see more strong, independent, career-minded women who also have warm hearts. I think we can all do with a bit more kind women in our lives, it’s become my mission to do away with and move on from “mean girls”.


  • Well done, writer for making a second female believably turning around! I’m really going to miss this drama because it was relaxing to watch for some reason because of the absence of so many drama troupes. I especially loved the fact that we saw just how much Hye Jung and Hong were alike! I’m also glad that they didn’t do the ‘all is forgiven’ for everyone. Though I would have preferred less time spent on Dr Jin Jr in the last 2 ep, the rest of the episodes made up for my annoyance…slightly. Just don’t make many dramas like this…..I need another like this one to watch on Mon-Tue now!

  • coco says:

    I enjoyed the Final thought of the writer… I feel like going back to all episodes & re-watch them all over again.

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