W – Two Worlds Episode 10: When The Villains Take Over Your Webtoon

Clockwatcher: The episode takes us to what happened before Yeon Joo’s dad gets his face stolen. While Soo Bong is off buying food, he tears up the picture of the monster that reminded him that he needed to kill Chul. He thinks it’s finally over, which is exactly when the killer’s face takes form and he suddenly speaks to him – in his own voice- through the webtoon. Sorry dude, but there are still six more episodes.

Tessieroo: Why does this show (and many others) assume we need a recap of everything that’s happened so far? LOL, it just started and I’m already annoyed that we’re spending 10 minutes seeing stuff we’ve already seen. I get that it’s for viewers just tuning in but really? This killer is truly evil.

Clockwatcher: I suppose it’s because there are some additional details but I feel you. And yes, the face thief is absolutely diabolical and we learn that they’d met on the rooftop when they’d both stabbed Chul. The killer loves his new face and thinks it’s appropriate because after all, they share the same soul as they both want to kill Chul.

Tessieroo: I mean, seriously, at this point, wouldn’t you run screaming from the house? We’re shown flashbacks of Sung Moo stabbing Chul on the roof but the part we didn’t see is the killer grabbing him as he ran off, this is when the killer realized they had the same goal and he’s not happy that things were changed.

Clockwatcher: He’s pissed that he and Chul conspired to kill him for following his orders as he reaches out of the toon to grab Sung Moo. Then he tells him he’s his bitch now. Basically, faceless Sung Moo will be following his orders from now on. He makes him arm him with a gun and many bullets.

Tessieroo: See this is that “curiosity” thing you were talking about last week, he should never have approached the drawing tablet. LOL And the killer is all bossy now, ordering up gun & bullets like ordering a Big Mac at a McDonald’s driver-thru. I was surprised Sung Moo did as he was told but I suppose he wants his face back at some point.

Clockwatcher: I think he has no choice but to follow his orders. As in, he can’t disobey him even if he tried. Of course, I say this and expect to be proven wrong in the next episode. Anyway, I suppose this means that the killer hasn’t been in control of the story since he still needs Sung Moo to draw everything. But how does he know everything? How does he have independent thought? And why did it happen? Who was controlling the story all the other times Sung Moo didn’t draw? As I asked last week, is there a currently unknown entity involved in this madness? Or will this go unexplained?

Tessieroo: We know the killer got caught up on the webtoon by breaking in to the real world and reading, sorta like Chul did. And they also never really showed us how the killer got back in the webtoon. But how he knows about the happy ending Sung Moo was planning, I have no idea. Unless he’s now sharing thoughts with Sung Moo? And you’re right, we’ve been given no clues about who was controlling the story all those other times when Sung Moo suddenly saw his drawings disappear and a new drawing take place.

Clockwatcher: I think he was able to get back into the toon because Sung Moo drew him in and gave him his face. We then see Chul rush into the studio, devastated at all the bloodshed. He holds a press conference where it’s made clear that the mass murderer is the same man who killed his parents. This puts the congressman in a pickle because it’s revealed that he convicted the wrong man and if he’d caught the right person, the broadcast studio massacre would have been avoided.

Tessieroo: So that part of the story is tracking with Sung Moo’s plans. Weird. It feels as if this episode is made up of things we’ve already seen with just snippets of new information. And I’m beyond annoyed that EVIL Prosecutor Han is still around. *sigh*

Clockwatcher: Seems the dude will be sticking around till the end. Meanwhile, Yeon Joo is stuck in the hospital, feeling helpless so she goes to the rooftop to enjoy some soju. I think having soju in those juice boxes is very dangerous.

Tessieroo: Who knew there was such a thing.

Clockwatcher: Chul joins her on the rooftop – it’s been a tough day for him too. I have to say that I agree with comments that their romance happened too quickly. I understand that it’s because there’s so much going on that it had to be sped up but it means that I’m not as invested as I normally would.

Tessieroo: I agree which is why I thought she was too mopey last week. She didn’t spend enough time with him to be that heartbroken! He wonders why she’s up here, can a doctor drink on duty? She’s not on duty. Well, yea – since she’s doesn’t exist in this world, I’m fairly sure you won’t find her name on the work schedule.

Clockwatcher: She shares her soju with him and he asks her why she keeps staring at him. She explains that it’s because he looks like her husband. He receives a phone call and leaves. She goes to sleep expecting to wake up in reality but she doesn’t. It really sucks now because she has no home and has to make do with sleeping in someone else’s room at the hospital which becomes increasingly difficult. It seems she can no longer stay fed by stealing side dishes from the hospital cafeteria so when she sees So Hee at the hospital, she gets an idea.

Tessieroo: Yeon Joo breaks in to So Hee’s apartment to steal clean clothing, food and money. I’m really confused on the food thing but I’ll let it go. The cafeteria food isn’t real or doesn’t fill her up but the noodles are? The things that I keep obsessing over in this drama are so silly.

Clockwatcher: I think she was no longer able to get food from the cafeteria for some reason. But I have a question: if you binge on webtoon burgers, would you gain real weight?

Tessieroo: Of course, she gets busted by Chul and since he’s suspicious of everyone, he threatens to call the cops. She’s okay with going to jail since she’ll get to eat & sleep. Is she going to end up in toon jail every time she gets pulled in from now on? LOL if that’s the killers plan. She tearfully explains to Chul she’s starving. *blinks* I realize she can’t tell him the truth but the look on Chul’s face mirrors my own at her ramblings. She begs to be allowed to eat the ramen before they head to the police station.

Clockwatcher: He’s pretty intrigued and amused by her so he complies. And just like that, he crosses off a fifth thing off their romantic list when he cooks for her. I’m no So Hee/Chul shipper but he looks very at home at her apartment.

Tessieroo: Right? I thought so too!

Clockwatcher: When he applies ointment to the busted lip she got when he stopped her from escaping, she loses it. She yells that he needs to stop being nice to her because it’s upsetting. Despite everything she went through during her week of homelessness, she did her best to stay away from him. Yes, she’s married but she’s got no one. Can someone please tell her that they didn’t actually get married? Their marriage is even more fictional than the webtoon she’s in!

Tessieroo: I got a ton of shit last week when I asked why she was moping over this guy so you’re on your own here.

Clockwatcher: Haha but it’s true. It’s “love” and all that great stuff but she’s way too attached given that she knows it’s fictional to the point that she literally drew scenes in the webtoon! That alone should have been a wake up call. He wants to know why a married woman is alone and she yells that her husband didn’t die or divorce her – he just left. After only doing four things. And never even told her that he loved her. Aww. They are already planting seeds for his first “I love you.” When she starts talking about how all she wanted was a happy ending for him, she can’t go home etc etc, it’s clear that he thinks she’s nuts. He even wonders if he’s too dumb to understand what she’s saying. LOL

Tessieroo: They really need to explain or show how and why she fell for this guy that quickly because I’m not invested in this romance either. It’s also why I was hoping we would see flashbacks of her creating Chul as a kid and falling in love with him way back then but whatever.The killer phones EVIL Prosecutor Han and talks him into the two of them working together to take out Chul. He will make Prosecutor Han the President so they both don’t end up playing second fiddle to Chul’s happy ending.

Clockwatcher: The cops finally arrive but instead of handing her over, Chul takes her home because while the woman clearly needs help, it might not be the sort the cops will provide. He gets a call from his father-figure, Hyun Suk, who had surgery and is now recovering so they make a stop at the hospital. Chul shows up all smiles to see his mentor but things quickly go south.

Tessieroo: Hyun Suk informs Chul he received an email with a voice-recording which turns out to be Chul fighting with his father 10 years ago, along with gunshot sounds. Hyun Suk is now wondering if Chul is innocent, did he kill his family? The killer is forcing Sung Moo to write a new story.

Clockwatcher: He is devastated because he’d never once doubted Chul’s innocence. Chul has no memory of such a thing because it never happened and immediately states that it’s been fabricated but the older man doesn’t think it’s possible because his parents have been dead for so long. He recognizes their voices on the clip. Hyun Suk suddenly gets shot in the chest and a gun appears in Chul’s hand. The cops rush in, Chul points the gun at them and runs away. The killer has made Chul his parents’ murderer.

Tessieroo: Welp, that was easy. Chul is shot by police but manages to escape, jumps in the car and drives off with Yeon Joo still in the backseat. But he’s injured so Yeon Joo takes over driving and checks them into a hotel room. With stuff she buys at a pharmacy, she fixes Chul up as best she can.

Clockwatcher: While all this is going on, the incident has already been reported on the news so Chul is officially a fugitive. It’s like Christmas came early for Congressman Han because he’s now been vindicated – there’s now evidence that Chul killed his family. The villains are officially running thangs.

Tessieroo: Did you just say “thangs”? I need a drink, I wonder if my local Quick Trip sells juice-boxed soju.

Clockwatcher: Haha. Just don’t gulp it down like water. Her behavior makes it clear that there’s something Chul is missing about her and he continually asks who she is. For her part, she tells him that she needs to leave and that she’s someone who wants him to have a happy ending. In fact, he needs to so that their breakup isn’t rendered pointless. Then she kisses him softly, hoping this will work a second time and kick her out of the webtoon. And it does.

Tessieroo: She needs to get back to her world and find out what the hell is going on. How is she going to react to Dad’s face being gone?

Clockwatcher: Hopefully it would be enough to make her realize that there’s more at stake here than her romance and Chul’s happy ending. I’ll save my comments for the next recap but why I do suddenly feel like this story is getting away from our beloved writer, Song Jae Jung, much like W did for Oh Sung Moo?

Tessieroo: It did feel a bit all over the place, I really believe the writer needs to ground the romance because I am not feeling it.

Clockwatcher: And maybe stop adding new rules in every episode.


  • Tanisha Smith says:

    Perhaps if you watched more carefully you’d be less confused on little details. Yes,the recaps are excessively long, but episode 10s recap at least included additional scenes that we didnt see and adds context. As for the speed with which they “fell in love”. My interpretation was less love and more infatuation Kang Chul has been established as Yeon Joo’s ideal man, it makes sense that she would be quick to attach. On the other hand, I never felt Kang Chul had the same depth of feeling. As such her angst this episode really resounded – he romanced and fed her fantasy and she fell hard, but he never said he loved her. As for her hunger upon breaking into Second lead female’s apartment, apparently you didnt see the part where she had been subsisting on side dishes (which looked meagre and insufficient for 4 days worth of food) . As for rules constantly changing perhaps if you outlined what rules you felt were being arbitrarily changed each episode, I could have a cleared understanding of where this grouse originates.

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      Thanks Tanisha for your comment but if you notice, many of your points were mentioned such as the fact that additional details were included in the recaps and that she was eating side dishes.

    • tessieroo says:

      Thank you for pointing out the side dish thing! You’re 100% correct, I didn’t notice that at all. 😀

  • Teleri says:

    This girl has been fantasizing about our boy forever – she created this character to be her ideal! Of COURSE she’s in love w/him! That’s not hard at all to believe 😀 I have a couple characters myself like that – OMG if they suddenly materialized I’d just be gaga about it…
    And HIS feelings have been very well drawn – he’s not been shown to be in love with her. Intrigued by her, drawn to her, feeling the need to help her – then of course when he finds out about being a webtoon character she’s basically his lifeline – he calls her his ‘key’ and that’s pretty accurate. That marriage was fake – however sweet he was being to her. SHE’S the one who got overwhelmed by it, for perfectly understandable reasons.
    Obviously it’s in the drama that she’s loved/obsessed over this character since she drew him as a child, so why act as if it all happened quickly? It didn’t.
    I totally love the way the rules keep changing, BTW – gives a feeling of being in the same mindset as the characters. I’m totally fascinated about where this may take me!

  • Alice says:

    I don’t understand why you don’t ship these two. Lol.
    Yeon Joo is a fan of the webtoon from the time it was created by her Dad. She knows every character in the webtoon. It’s not too hard to understand that she has a certain attachment to Kang Chul’s character. This is even before realizing that she was the initial creator of his character based on her ideal guy. That’s 10 years of fangirling! So when she met him in the comic world, everything she knew about him based on the stories over the years, she felt a connection straight away.
    Well, this is just my understanding on why she fell for him quickly (which isn’t really quickly because subconciously she liked him for 10 years). 🙂

  • tessieroo says:

    Wait…who on earth said we don’t ship these two? That’s absolutely false, I’ve even stated I wanted So Hee hit by a white-truck-of-doom! (kidding of course but you get it) I just think with people in the REAL world dying and her father’s face suddenly gone, she might be more worried about those things but I’m thinking realistically and this is fantasy. We both love this OTP.

    • Alice says:

      All good. I’m glad we’re on the same ship! 🙂🙂🙂
      By the way, I love your (and Clockwatcher’s) reviews. Thanks for sharing your time and thoughts with us readers.

      • tessieroo says:

        Thanks, we’re having a blast with this one! *hugs* We’re happy people are liking this drama as much as we are, even if we go overboard on the snarky comments. 😀 It’s all in good fun!

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