W – Two Worlds Episode 11: The Story Within A Story Within A Story

Tessieroo: So I might be the only one but I’m SO happy that after she kissed him, Yeon Joo sees the “To be continued” words appear and is transported back to her own world. And it’s not that I don’t love this OTP, it’s more because I think she needs to be aware of the horrible thing that’s happened to Appa plus try to figure out a way to fix things. Is it odd that I’m worried about Appa?

Clockwatcher: Of course not! The dude has no face and is under a webtoon psycho’s spell.

Tessieroo: She finds herself in the on-call room alone and quickly moves to pack up some medical supplies for Chul’s injuries. She then heads over to Appa’s house, calling for Soo Bong but he’s not there. She does find Sung Moo in his office, sitting in his chair facing the window. She approaches but when she sees his face, she screams in horror and runs out – dropping the medical supplies.

Clockwatcher:  I would have fainted in her shoes.

Tessieroo: She runs outside to call Soo Bong, who is at that moment at the hospital looking for her. (LOL) She tells him where she is and asks what the hell happened to Appa? Soo Bong says his face disappeared. He explains when he woke up after fainting, he saw Sung Moo sitting and drawing like a maniac at his drawing tablet. Yeon Joo tells him Chul was shot and might die. See, this is the part I’m not getting – doesn’t she seem more concerned about the cartoon character being shot than she does what’s happened to her Dad? Am I crazy? Soo Bong screams that SHE might die and Sung Moo is not himself, she needs to get away from that place.

Clockwatcher: Don’t you realize that her cartoon lover is the most important person in both worlds?

Tessieroo: Pfffttt, I’m probably old-fashioned but my Appa is the most important person in my world. I loved the way all of Yeon Joo’s co-workers gathered around Soo Bong like he’s a crazy man. *hee* He hugs Seok Beom and cries that he’s terrified. I’m right there with ya, buddy.

Yeon Joo makes her way back inside and tries to quietly grab the drawing tablet when the killer grabs her wrists!

Clockwatcher: Did she really think it would be that easy? They get into a fight but we don’t really see much. All we hear are their screams.

Tessieroo: In Chul’s world, the police are searching his apartment and make So Hee open his safe. What the hell is with that cop shoving her around?

Clockwatcher: Yes, so uncool. I can’t imagine how all his friends must feel now. The cops are certainly feeling foolish for trusting Chul for so long.

Tessieroo: They tell Hottie Do Yoon that they need to cooperate but are distracted when a notice comes in that Chul’s car was spotted. They head out to search the area, ending up at the very hotel where Chul is. Noooooo!

Clockwatcher: They also find the gun he hides under his pillow. I wonder if it’ll magically match the bullet found in Mr. Son.

Tessieroo: As they head down the hallway to search rooms, Chul hears them coming and reaches for his gun. But the door to the room he’s in suddenly disappears. Okay, that was amazing – I did not see that coming. AND the camera inside the elevator also vanishes. Yeon Joo is at the drawing tablet, quickly erasing and changing things while Appa is locked outside trying to get in.

Clockwatcher: I suppose he was easy to overpower, given he has no eyes but I wonder how he’s able to breathe without his nose or mouth? Okay, lemme stop thinking about these pointless things.

Tessieroo: He also doesn’t seem to hear anyone in the REAL world. She changes the color of Chul’s car and the license plate number and then proceeds to draw in all of the medical supplies, along with a note to Chul on what to do with them. BRILLIANT! But wait…how did she overcome the killer? I should also just stop asking all these silly questions and go with the fantasy.

Clockwatcher: It is brilliant. However, not to harp on this, but I think it’s really funny that her priority is not her father who’s now faceless and banging on the door but the fictional character in the toon.

Tessieroo: Suddenly, the screen glows brightly and she hears the killer asking if she’s Yeon Joo, when did she get out? OMO, did he know she was inside the webtoon? WUT? My mind is blown. He reaches through the screen and grabs her by the throat, choking her. Barely able to hang on, she finally reaches for the power button on the drawing tablet and shuts it down. The killer is thrown out but at the same time, Sung Moo collapses. So they are “tied” together somehow, body and soul?

Clockwatcher: Yes. But I think it’s more like Sung Moo is under his full control. So for now, he’s nothing without the killer.

Tessieroo: Soo Bong arrives at the studio with Seok Beom and finds Yeon Joo in her Dad’s office. She locked Appa in a bedroom, saying she had no choice. Awwww, I’m more worried for Appa than anyone. *sniff* But this is intriguing…how is the killer going to take over now that he doesn’t have Appa to draw for him? I hope it doesn’t mean he’s going to threaten Yeon Joo somehow.

Clockwatcher: Maybe he’s going to try to find a way out of the toon. While in the toon, I think he can only control his own actions but if he wants to control other characters, he needs outside help.

Tessieroo: She and Soo Bong discuss making everything a dream in the webtoon again but they should go back even farther, like back before Chul’s family was killed. Ahh, that would mean the killer doesn’t exist? I don’t think that will work since the killer’s character was already created but that’s just me. Yeon Joo doesn’t know how since she can’t turn the drawing tablet back on. As they’re discussing this, Seok Beom walks in and Yeon Joo vanishes. *gasp* Who pulled her in this time?

Clockwatcher: I guess the webtoon continues even when the computer isn’t on. But whose storyline is it now? The “universe” or whatever entity that took over from Sung Moo initially?

Tessieroo: I also need to keep reminding myself there are no rules. (LOL) Poor Soo Bong is losing his mind but I laughed right along with the guys in this scene.

Clockwatcher: I think we’re witnessing the “acceptance” phase now. Instead of being shocked, why not just laugh at the fact that, of course, this crazy shit continues?

Tessieroo: Yeon Joo finds herself inside EVIL Prosecutor Han’s office and listens as he discusses her. What the…WUT? He knows who she is and has photos of her! She manages to crawl out but he does see her. He wonders why she was there. Outside, Yeon Joo figures out that Chul might not have pulled her in last time, maybe it was the killer? I seriously thought the killer was unable to pull her in but he must have figured out a way. Or was it the Prosecutor this time? UGH!

Clockwatcher: It could be that the congressman/prosecutor is a main character now. She did appear at the same time he called her name.

Tessieroo: Suddenly, time fast-forwards in the toon world and a whole month passes by.

Clockwatcher: Which she discovers by entering the same convenience store twice. And both times, she asks about Kang Chul and is told he’s a fugitive. However, the second time, the clerk freaks her out by repeating the rumor that he might be dead.

Tessieroo: Yeon Joo goes to the hotel but the door is still missing. In desperation, she heads to Chul’s apartment and talks to Hottie Do Yoon. He’s wary of her at first but ends up giving her a slip of paper with Chul’s location written on it and begs her to convince Chul to turn himself in. Wait, so Hottie Do Yoon knows where Chul is but hasn’t told So Hee? Because she still thinks he’s dead! Interesting. And awwww at the look on Yeon Joo’s face when she’s told Chul is alive and has been looking for her.

Clockwatcher: He must be under strict instructions from Chul not to tell So Hee. It’s not like she can’t be trusted but she probably can’t be trusted! Haha. Maybe he thinks that even if she doesn’t report him, she’ll somehow give it away by acting differently. Meanwhile, Chul’s been looking for Yeon Joo so it’s okay to tell her where he is. Regardless, I love that Do Yoon is so loyal.

Tessieroo:  She heads to the location and waits until Chul pulls up. LOL, his disguise is a baseball cap?

Clockwatcher: He attempts to have a conversation with her once she gets in his car but she’s doesn’t say anything till he asks her to because it’s been a while since he’s talked to someone.

Tessieroo: She thought he was dead, he admits the thorough instructions she wrote out on how to remove the bullet and fix himself up basically saved his life.  YES, she saved his life yet again. *hee* Dude, you are soooo gonna owe this woman. You might have to do more than 10 romantic things.

Clockwatcher: The flashback also reveals that he still has that drowning dream. Although I’m not sure if it is from the first or second suicide.

Tessieroo: We see Chul listening to the voice-recording that implies he shot his family and throwing his phone down in anger. When he’s ready to leave the room, the door magically appears. SO BIZARRE. Who is the one who drew the door back into place?

Clockwatcher: I guess the thing that keeps the webtoon going when nobody is drawing. But at this point, Chul must know that something is definitely up. Not only do bullets randomly kill people; guns magically appear in his hand and doors disappear. And when he steps out, his car key unlocks a car he doesn’t recognize.

Tessieroo: Yes, there’s no way this guy doesn’t notice all the very strange things happening.

Clockwatcher: Chul goes into hiding but the weirdness gets worse because his arm stars to disappear. I guess he’s now becoming a supporting character but what’s the damn webtoon going to be? A bromance about the congressman and the killer?

Tessieroo: LMAO, yes – it will be a villain bromance where they compete to see who can do the most horrible things.

Clockwatcher: We get back to the present and Chul hides his disappearing arm from Yeon Joo. He figures that she wasn’t able to keep her promise to resolve his issue. Then he tells her that while she was away, he wondered why she was so sure he was innocent. Is it because she’s somehow related to the killer, like for example, his daughter? He gives her a pointed look like he knows who she is. But how could he? Does he remember? He asks if her husband is back and suggests that they get some food. He’ll feed her and give her a place to stay. Wow, he’s suddenly so generous. I wonder why. LOL

Tessieroo: He’s acting weird.

Clockwatcher: Even though he’s like #1 on the most wanted list, he takes her shopping in an open air market with only a baseball cap as a disguise. He picks out a $5 dress  – which is all he can afford – and tells her to pay to avoid being seen but somehow, he’s able to buy ice cream on his own. LOL

Tessieroo: That made no sense to me either but I’ve temporarily given up asking questions.

Clockwatcher: Yeon Joo is confused by his behavior. Why is a wanted fugitive idling his life away eating ice cream with her instead of figuring out a way out his mess? He explains that he’s been unable to come up with a solution in the past month especially as all roads lead to him spending the rest of his life in prison so he’s resigned to a fate of unhappiness. In fact, at that moment, he seems more interested in noting that shopping and ice cream make two. Huh?

Tessieroo: He remembers!

Clockwatcher: They go grocery shopping together then he takes her to his place and prepares to cook for her. Apparently, one month on the run forces a man to learn to cook from YouTube. Then to himself, he confirms that they did four things and his task for the day is almost complete. Ding! Ding! Ding!

Tessieroo: Yah, don’t knock those cooking videos on YouTube. I learned how to make spicy rice cakes that way. *Hmmpppffff*

Clockwatcher: I love YouTube. The hair tutorials have been a godsend to me. She asks him what he’s talking about and instead of lying like I expected, he comes clean – he wanted to complete her husband’s mission. Say what?  No, he doesn’t remember her but instead, read volume 34 of W. SAY WHAT!?!?!?!?

Tessieroo: The look on Yeon Joo’s face is pure horror. She must be terrified that he’ll try to kill himself again if he finds out he’s a toon character.

Clockwatcher: Basically, she’d entered “W” with a copy of “W.” This is way too meta. It was when she got pulled into the hospital right after the psycho’s massacre. She’d left it at the hospital and a doctor had given it to Do Yoon who then gave it to Kang Chul because both their names were in it.  Chul has read it cover to cover several times and asks if he’s her husband.

Tessieroo: WOW, that happened unexpectedly.

Clockwatcher: Well, the resemblance is striking. Haha. So this time, learning he’s a cartoon character didn’t end the world. I suppose because so many weird things had already happened that it wasn’t so far-fetched?

Tessieroo: Are we literally right back where we were? Another reboot?

Clockwatcher: It’s like the Spider-Man franchise. Maybe third time’s a charm. “W” in “W” is mind-blowing but I think a little convenient. Or maybe I’m desensitized to the twists because we get one every episode. LOL. But it was a neat, smart way for Chul to learn about their past without reversing the dream.

Tessieroo: True and I don’t think Chul is gonna be all suicidal this time. I have no clue where this goes now but I believe your idea that the killer will come back into the real world and maybe kidnap Appa, forcing him to do his bidding again. Things are most likely going to get much worse for Appa, Yeon Joo and Chul.

Clockwatcher: Yup, it should get worse with stakes raised even higher before they all get their happy endings. What do you want from the next episode? I would like to see Yeon Joo care more that her dad no longer has a face but I feel she’ll still be all about her Kang Chul boo. I think this is a losing battle so perhaps I should just let it go. Of course, resolving the webtoon madness also resolves the real life one but I feel real life should at least be as strong a motivator.

Tessieroo: I 100% agree, I’m all about saving Appa and shutting down the toon even if it pisses off all the readers. It’s ridiculous! People are dying in the real world and her Appa now has no face. Realistically she should care more about that. However, since this is all fantasy and there appears to be no rules, I truly have no clue how they’re going to resolve the issue this time around, the killer has become much more aggressive, motivated and daring. I’ll be over here in the corner, sucking my thumb until next week.

Clockwatcher: I hope Yeon Joo and Chul put their heads together and come up with a plan to eliminate the “face lifter” (gosh, this joke is lame). Till next week!


  • Nonnie says:

    These reviews are always entertaining to read, but sometimes you guys ask questions that are actually answered within the episode you’re asking questions about. 🙂

    – The killer didn’t grab Yeon Joo when she tried to sneak in and grab the tablet, Appa did. Offscreen, we hear her struggle with Appa, and then the next scene we see she’s managed to lock him out of the room. She didn’t overpower the killer, she overpowered Appa.

    – Yeon Joo painted over the door from the hallway, but she didn’t erase it inside the room. The door existed in the room the whole time, so when Chul turned the knob to leave, the door opened, because the door exists in the room. When he stepped into the hallway and let go of the door, the door was painted over again, because it doesn’t exist in the hallway. …If that makes sense. It made sense in my head. 😉

    – I thought he bought the ice cream from a vending machine? I don’t know if they have these in Korea, actually. But in Japan you can buy ice cream from a vending machine, and they come in a cone wrapped up in paper like the kind Chul unwrapped for YeonJoo. So I just assumed that’s where he got it from, but I might be wrong.

    – With Dad vs. Chul: Yeon Joo’s proven to be an action-oriented heroine, so her first thought upon learning Dad was faceless was probably “what actionable steps can I take right now?” Dad has no face, doesn’t seem to have a soul, and at the time was actively attacking her. There wasn’t really anything she could’ve done for him at that moment.

    But she COULD save Chul’s life. And since he’s the hero character to the killer’s villain, a legit genius, and seems to have some special fourth-wall-breaking powers the killer doesn’t quite seem to have the same grasp on, he’s her best bet to helping Dad. So saving Chul and fixing Dad aren’t mutually exclusive goals.

    (Also, you seem to be really hung up on Chul being a fictional character, but the whole premise of the show is that Chul is — somehow — as real a person as Yeon Joo is. That’s why we meet him first at the very beginning, before we meet Yeon Joo, before we even find out he’s a manwha character. His world and the characters within it can directly affect and create dire consquences within Yeon Joo’s “real” world. I’d say that makes the manwha world more than fiction. So her plan being “step 1. save the man I love from dying in the next half hour” and “step 2. figure out what the fuck to do about my Dad who’s suddenly a soulless, faceless automaton following a psycho killer’s every whim for reasons I can’t even begin to comprehend” seem like pretty good prioritizing to me?)

    As soon as she turns off the tablet and Dad stops hitting the wall like a zombie, she runs to take care of him — but really the only thing she can do is lay him gently on her bed, lock the door, and try to puzzle out what is even going on with him. Maybe it’s just an interpretation thing. 🙂 It didn’t feel like she was putting Chul over Dad to me. It just felt like she was taking action where she could.

    • Yix says:

      Nice explanation! I kinda saw it that way too – that she was only doing what she could and knew to do.

      Must’ve been hard trying to grapple with everything. I for one would’ve lost my marbles if I had a faceless dad and had to deal with my love being a wanted man who’s badly shot 😂

      Also I realise now that it makes a lot more sense and better watching experience to watch as it was intended (eg 9-10) because it’s like the left and right pages of a book.

      Too bad I have no patience and can’t wait for the next episode to be out….. haha.

      • Nonnie says:

        I was thinking the same thing — I wish they didn’t have to air these out of order, because it’s so clear that 9 and 10 go together. I love that phrase: “It’s like the left and right pages of a book” –so clever, it really is!

        • Yix says:

          I wonder why they didn’t just run the special ep on wed and then continue back on schedule… now it’s all messed up! So glad you feel the same way 😊

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      Nonnie, sometimes, we’re just asking questions to each other and by the way, I did note that she overpowered Appa (no eyes, nose or mouth) but reading it, I see where the confusion stems from. Our bad.

      As for the door, it magically appeared on the outside then disappeared after he walked through it. That’s what we’re talking about. This isn’t a criticism of the drama, by the way.

      As for the ice cream the main point was us laughing that he’s a famous fugitive going shopping in public. I don’t know if the ice cream was from a vending machine or not but they also sell them in stores over here.

      Anyway, it’s not that I’m hung up on the fact he’s a fictional character but it seems like this fictional world is more important to her than her real life which I don’t quite like.

      If people weren’t getting killed, faces not being stolen in reality, then I wouldn’t be criticizing her. I’m not even saying that there was something she could have done and I think the sequence of her editing those scenes was really cool and I’m not wishing it were different but I personally found it a bit hilarious that her poor dad was faceless and she could hear him banging on the door while she was scribbling in a webtoon.

      I know that he’s real to her and she wanted to save his life but that scene made me laugh.

      Just yesterday, I hoped that seeing her father would be a huge wake up call and it would get very real, so to speak but it was like, nope, same stuff. It was almost as if once she got Dad locked in the room, it was all about Chul and only Chul. I don’t even think she thought of him again. Like, once she saw that Chul was alive, perhaps it should have at least looked like she was now hoping to figure out what the hell happened to her dad and how to fix it.

      I’m not expecting her to be a superwoman and I understand she’s a woman in love, this is a love story and all of that great stuff. It’s funny because we snark about noble idiocy but I suppose what I would like to see more from her is what we saw from Chul. When his world began to collapse, his friends were disappearing and all that, he realized it bigger than he was and bigger than his love. I guess I would like to see a little bit of that from Yeon Joo. Ultimately, she and her man will most likely be together (and it’ll be interesting to see how that happens) so I would like to see her a little less focused on Chul and giving him a happy ending. We’ve passed that stage now – the killer is snatching faces and strangling people from the toon. That’s why my wish for the next episode is her teaming up with Chul (and Soo Bong and whomever else) to try to figure out how to right both worlds again (and yes, I know that Chul needed to be saved first for this to even happen).

      And Yix, Yeon Joo is undoubtedly a strong woman for even surviving this madness. I personally would have fainted if I saw my dad with no face. And I certainly wouldn’t have had the ability to draw a single thing and carry on with any plans.

      • Nonnie says:

        Thank you for replying! Ah, I see. Sometimes reading the snark on the review is hilarious, and sometimes I can’t tell if you’re snarking or seriously wondering what just happened, so it gets confusing for me. XD

        Hmm… I see where you’re coming from with Yeon Joo, but I guess I don’t have the same problem with her focus on Chul this episode because I really don’t know what she can do about Dad without Chul’s genius dimension-hopping help. The one thing I was impatient about was why she didn’t just burst his reality bubble as soon as she met up with him again, but I suppose emotionally it made sense that she’s still trying to make it so that Chul’s sacrifice wasn’t in vain.

        He was sacrificing more when he made the choice to do the reset (letting go of his hard-earned free will to run the hamster wheel again), but she also agreed to draw it for him with no arguments. So it was her sacrifice, too: they BOTH decided that the problem with the killer was bigger than their romance. It’s just that now she’s the only one left to deal with the emotional fallout of realizing their sacrifice only made things worse, not better, and all the pain she’s gone through trying to get over him was for nothing. So I guess to me, she already had her wake-up call way back when the killer shot at her in the real world. *shrug* But that’s just my opinion, and you’re certainly free to keep yours! 🙂

        I really do appreciate these recaps, by the way. They’re very fun to read, and (when I understand the snark) very funny. Maybe you guys are too smart for me… it’s hard to read sarcasm just through text sometimes. 🙂

      • Yix says:

        Clockwatcher, thanks for replying. It’s nice to understand your PoV.

        And thanks for giving a space where we can comment and chat. It’s nice!

  • Shirin says:

    I haver similar thoughts to Nonnie on everything but for me Yeon Joo is behaving exactly as a doctor would–especially since she works the ER. She prioritized things in the most efficient manner. Chul was dying and Appa has no face. She has no idea how to deal with Appa’s face but she can save Chul while she’s figuring it out.

    Once she handles that she nearly has a breakdown when she sees her faceless father collapsed on the floor. But she has no idea how to help him because if she turns on the computer the Villain might kill her and then all hope will be lost for everyone.

    When she finally gets a chance to strategize with Soo Bong, so they can figure out a way to fix this meta-mess and save Appa (which is likely why she considered taking the manwha back to a time before the Villain existed) she suddenly gets sucked back into W.

    Once there she’s scared to death but she can’t tell anyone what happened. We can see that she’s completely freaked out and worried though and not just about Chul. Yes, she wants to make sure Chul is alive but she also knows he’s her best hope of defeating the Villain. The problem is she can’t tell Chul what happened to her dad or ask him for help because the boy has a propensity for stepping off bridges–which would just lead to more problems for her. Not to mention that she has a real fear that if Chul dies the Villain will take over permanently and then poor Appa is gonna be a flombie (faceless zombie) forever.

    Yeon Joo doesn’t have time to faint. That poor woman is the guardian/caretaker for both worlds. But the Toon is the key to everything since that’s were the Villain and all their problems originate (at least until they figure out who or what the universal power is). In the meantime, to paraphrase a pop culture standard: Save the CEO, save the world.

    I have to admit, the ice cream and the hiding in plain sight moments did bug me too, though. I kept going, “He’s the most famous man in the world!” “Look at that jawline, there’s no way nobody recognizes him!”

    But I also have to admit to being overjoyed that Yeon Joo isn’t a Hwang Jung-eum style character (who freaks out and flails around and breaks down all the time). I find Yeon Joo really refreshing because she’s smart and takes action.

    All in all, I’m excited to see how she saves Chul, Flombie Daddy, and both worlds. Thank you guys for making this so much fun to discuss!

  • ilchul says:

    thank you so much for your reviews!! you made me laugh even at scenes that made me sad, cry or horrified watching them!! LOL
    I really was amazed and proud of Yeon Joo and how she practicly saved the day, the scenes where she areased any clues or roads that can lead to Kang Cheol was AWESOME!!! poor girl she didn’t have time even to take a breath and I felt really sorry for her to see her father’s state!! she’s really strong that she’s still standing on her feet and trying to figure out a way to protect her love and help her father!!
    I think that Kang Cheol being able to get out of the room was because the door still exists from the inside but ereased from the outside so it’s more “you can get out but can’t get in” kind of situation!!
    about the drowing dream Kang Cheol had, it was his memory from his 2nd attempt of suicide: he was dreaming/remembering himself drowning while he was wearing a black suit not a blue sweater!! so he is starting to gain his areeased memories in the form of dreams like he did have dreams about his 1st attempt of suicide (Seong Moo trying to kill him actually)!! I really want him to remember everything!!
    when I was watching Kang Cheol’s behaviour toward Yeon Joo when she went back to his world, I was left on the edge of my seet!! he was suspecious in a way that I couldn’t really tell what’s behind all his words and gestures!! and I was looking the same way Yeon Joo was looking at him and wondering with her what is he doing and why is he acting in more ease than he should!! and worst he didn’t sceme concerned that he was disapearing which is devastating for me and left my head spinning!! “why is he fine with it and why isn’t he freaking out at the idea?!!” it felt as if he remembered but then it felt as if he didn’t since he wouldn’t react that way if he rememberd (as my simple mind told me) but I was wrong and the bomb droped on me and Yeon Joo!! HE SAW THE MANHWA!!!! AHHHHHHH!!! I never expected that!! at 1st I thought it would be useful for Yeon Joo to convince him and make him remember his erased memories to be able to fight back the villains (again my simple mind talking) but then I forgot about it only to have it thrown at my and Yeon Joo’s face!! I believe it was a brilliant and better way for him to know the truth by himself but still it’s breaking me, realising that all his actions where actually a reaction to his knowledge of the truth and that he was just waiting for her to confirm his realisation and pay her for saving his life again!! and they left me hanging whith the last scene of his asking her if he is her husband who saddenly disappeared!! how can I wait till next wednesday?!! I just hope he will fight back to gain controle over his life and not only to reach his sad ending after pulling down the two villans in his and Yeon Joo’s life!!
    another thing, I was supper happy when Yeon Joo puting off the screen locked up the psycho culprit from having any effect on the real world (though it was supper sad that the father droped like a puppet), I was screaming “HE HAVE LIMITATIONS!!! YEAHHHHH!!” crazy me!! LOL I think that it mean that he can only teleport in W world but no longer into the real world, which is only in Kang Cheol’s power/ability and my wishful thinking is hoping that he can no longer teleport in W world as well since it can be a power given to him by Seong Moo who became a puppet under his controle but now that he is locked away from the screen he (the psycho killer) can no longer have any help or additionel powers!! please, please I need it to be true!! I hate that he have more powers and abilities than Kang Cheol!! I hate that he have any powers AT ALL!!
    till next week!! thank you again!! 😀

  • jun says:

    So,how can YJ help her dad if she prioritize him over chul?i’m asking a serious question here.bring him to a hospital?wouldn’t that freak out people seeing as he have no face?what help can YJ give her father?give him food or something?he have no mouth.while chul though,is dying in the other world.he’s just a manhwa but she cared about him.it’s like you love God altho we really dont know if he exist, we still love him anyway even if we only read about him in the bible.
    Well,anyway if YJ can solve the problem in the manhwa world together with the help of KC by defeating the villain who stole her father’s face,that way she can help her father and take back his face or w/e.

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