Entertaining English-Subbed “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo” Long Preview

This drama can be summarized in one line: So many men, so little time. It’s the ultimate fangirl’s fantasy.

For starters, I didn’t know Reply 1994‘s Sam Cheon Po (Kim Sung Kyun) was in it. It was nice to see him.

I wasn’t planning to watch it because I have far too many dramas on my plate but I really like it. There appears to be a bit of humor along with time travel, which are two things I enjoy.

Unfortunately for me, this trailer makes me root for the cool 8th prince, Wang Wook (Kim Ha Neul) but it looks like she’s going to end up with the tortured 4th prince, Wang So (Lee Jun Ki). How do you start a drama knowing you’re on the losing team? 🙁 On the plus side, I sense good chemistry between Hae Soo and Wang So so perhaps I’d feel differently when I actually watch the drama.

There also appears to be a mystery because she needs to figure out which of the princes would be murdering his brothers. That’s going to be difficult especially as historical accounts aren’t always accurate. It should be fun.

Scarlet Heart: Ryeo premieres on SBS on August 29th.

Credit: DramaFever


  • paloma says:

    Why am I getting Empress Ki vibes from this??? Like oh man my heart is in it for Kang Ha Neul already but something tells me her chemistry with Lee Jun Ki is gonna be no joke and I’m gonna end up tornnnn TT-TT lol

  • Elena says:

    I’m also in Kang Ha Neul’s team, knowing that is not gonna happen. It is a pity because I sense good chemistry between them (plus he is SO hot lately). I even read comments here and there about how comfortable Ha Neul looked around IU in the press conference and that he might have a crush on her, hehe!
    Not sure about Jun Ki since he is not a personal favorite, although I get that the “dangerous boy” thing can be very appealing. I doubt I’m going to watch the whole thing if not invested in the OTP, but I will check it because of IU; who knows, maybe I get hooked. 🙂

  • Goguma says:

    I watched this because So wangjanim (Lee Joon gi), but then IU’s role is beyond my expectation, now I’m excited to see what may come for Wang so and hae soo (yes I’m lee jun ki’s team), I hope he has more scene hhhh….

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