“Jealousy Incarnate” Episode 3 Preview + Thoughts on Week One

I have to admit to not paying much attention to this drama’s promos till last week so I can’t say that I’d built up much anticipation to it.

What did I think of it?

Well, for starters, there are a lot of characters. While this might seem daunting at first, it might turn out to be a good thing because we’ll need several threads to fill up a 24-episode romcom. Things could get real draggy real fast if the drama were only focused on the main couple.

So far, we’ve got a few triangles.

There’s the main one between our lead Pyo Na Ri and best friends Lee Hwa Shin and Go Jung Won. Jung Won is sweet and kind, and the first fan Na Ri is aware of while Hwa Shin is rude and abrasive.

Pyo Na Ri is our lead. A weather forecaster by default because she didn’t make it through the anchor interview. She’s raising her younger brother and will do anything for extra cash. As a result, she’s a doormat at work and I can’t wait till she tells everyone there to kick rocks.

Jung Won is that adorable, daddy long legs type second lead that almost never gets the girl. It’s a shame because I actually wouldn’t mind him with her but she’d probably be bored. He appears to be the CEO of a clothing company.

Hwa Shin is her long-time crush who tells her that they can never be because he’s not attracted to easy girls. The minute he said that, I thought: “She’s going to give you the biggest challenge of your life!” I hope she doesn’t disappoint. I think that he’s always liked her but he’s been power tripping because he’s got the upper hand. Or maybe he didn’t recognize his feelings due to his power trip. I’m not sure what it is but I think it’s pretty obvious that he kind of liked her, even before he watched the weather forecast. For example, we have that scene where he tells off the viewer who’d called to complain about the incorrect weather forecast. What he didn’t know is that the call was from Jung Won (via his assistant) because Na Ri had told him that she’d longed for one like it. He’s a reporter at her station and apparently made a killing in Chinese stocks.

The second love triangle is between Hwa Shin/his brother and his two ex-sisters-in-law.

I say love triangle although it seems more like a battle between reporter Sung Sook and anchor Ja Young, who were both once married to Hwa Shin’s hyung. These two could easily be best friends if they set their differences aside because they actually think alike and care about the same people. The craziest part is that after the divorce, Sung Sook’s daughter lived with her father and now calls her “Ahjumma” while calling her stepmother “Umma.”

There’s also drama between Hwa Shin and these two ladies because he exposed his brother’s company’s fraudulent practices. They blame him for his downfall but I’m pretty sure his fraud was his downfall. Ja Young goes further and blames him for her divorce but Sweetie, I’m pretty sure you could have stayed with your husband if you wanted. You probably chose your career over him – which is fine – but it still isn’t his fault. Hwa Shin hated Sung Sook from the start but was a big supporter of his relationship with Ja Young.

The third love triangle involves Hwa Shin’s niece Ppal Gang and her two classmates, one of which is Na Ri’s brother. We don’t really know much about them although I suspect that the love story here will be about Ppal Gang and Chi Yul (Na Ri’s brother).

Other than introducing the characters, the drama begins at the end of Hwa Shin’s three-year stint in Thailand. It appears that he had to leave following his brother’s scandal. He returns home looking for Ppal Gang but no one seems to know where she is. She’s currently living with her dad who became a drunk from the scandal.

The funny thing is Na Ri is the only one who knows of her whereabouts as they are neighbors but I don’t think she’s aware of her ties to her coworkers.

Anyway, I quite liked these two episodes. They were pretty funny and managed to make male breast cancer entertaining. Na Ri touched his chest and noticed the lumps. She kept touching it and it would have bordered on molestation if it weren’t for medical reasons.

I have to say that right now, I’m not going to continue watching this for the plot… or should I say the plot about her career. The newbie weather forecaster sabotaged her and she ended up doing her job in booty shorts reeking of alcohol. She got fired but will most likely be rehired because I expect that segment to be a hit with the audience. Her station is auditioning for new anchors and she’ll most likely apply. It’s not that I have no interest in this but the draw is the relationship between Hwa Shin and Na Ri. I’m a big fan of reluctant romance with tons of bickering, sarcasm and witty banter. Plus it’s going to be fun watching him get tortured by his feelings. Haha. That’s why I’m continuing with this drama. It’s all about the OTP.

Next week promises more OTP cuteness. Na Ri will get disillusioned when she sees Jung Won talking to another weather forecaster because she thought he liked only her. Don’t worry, Na Ri, you were right the first time.

Hwa Shin will try out for the anchor position and it looks like he might really have breast cancer if that’s him asking the doctor to make his new breasts just like the original. Poor thing.

Credit: SBS

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