Random Musings: Moonlight Drawn by Clouds Week 1

Sageuk is a hard genre to swallow. But here I am, chewing it and savouring every minute! All it took was one smile from Park Bo Gum and I’m all in!

We are used to see a stern Crown Prince, who hates the fact he was borne in a position he wouldn’t even dream of having. Crown Prince Hyomyeong (Park Bo Gum), is no different. He has a strong desire to carve his own path. He does not easily conform to tradition but makes his own ideas fly like a paper plane as freely as he could.

Park Bo Gum brought a different kind of freshness as the Crown Prince. He even mixed it with depth that created a magical connection that simply pulls the heartstrings into an emotional riot. Park Bo Gum surprised me as Taek (Reply 1988), and he never failed to bring out layers of awesomeness as the Crown Prince now. I’m glad that his talent was utilized here! This man is brilliant! He can portray different types of love for his father, to his sister, his subordinates and to Sam Nom, needless to say the fiery bromance! You can really see the difference in his eyes. I’m gonna go cry now..

Prince Yeong is layered — grumpy, naughty, stubborn, hot-headed Prince! But who can blame him for his attitude? He holds the future highest position in the land. He needs to protect himself from pretentious leech — those who lives only for power, while keeping his heart intact and away from dirty politics. It is a tough life to be on the throne, even if he’s not sitting on it yet. He thought nobody would even dare see beyond his facade, not until Ra On came. He finally found sincerity.

On the other hand, Kim Yoo Jung, who grew up as a sageuk actress, is beyond adorable. Hong Sam Nom already has my heart, as a writer would be drawn to a fellow writer. The “How to get a woman in 10 days” is classic! It made me yearn for Cha Tae Hyun to stay forever! Show, why just a cameo?? Could he return, please?


That aside, Yoo Jung’s charms is best when she’s hurting. The scene where Sam Nom fed her Father with medicine while he scold her to leave pierced my heart, even with just few seconds. Since her character is “rich in heart”, no doubt she will just continue to shower us with so much love, we’ll be soaked in it. We’ll even sing together with her in the rain, or cry if need be. Prince Yeong will never be bored with her around. Surely he’ll do his best to make sure she’ll never step out of the palace. Ever.

So far, I’m loving the interaction between Sam Nom and The Prince. As much as I would love for them to discover their real identity the soonest, I prefer their dynamics now. Honestly, even the Prince enjoys that he is not being treated like royalty when Sam Nom is around. That misidentification makes him comfortable, she can freely talk to him void of honorific. This is what real friendships are build of! And I have a hunch he knows that there’s more to Sam Nom than what is seen on the surface. I’m not just talking about her gender. He is intrigued and attracted already. Well, I guess finding a new puppy to play around with inside the palace is also a plus. The Prince is not content with having Chief Kim any longer. Three is never a crowd. Or should I make that four??

I can definitely tell that Kim Yoon Sung (Jin Young) already knows Sam Nom is a woman. He is the typical playboy-ish, aka the-guy-who-won’t-get-the-girl, in this story. But what really made me curious is the broken friendship he now have with the Prince. What is the reason behind it? It is not his fault he’s the Grandson of the Prime Minster whose main mission in life is to manipulate the King and control the Palace in his own way. Maybe Yoon Sung was deemed to be The King chosen to replace Lee Yeong? I have so many questions, and I know this is a good sign to stay and watch. As far as I can see, Yoon Sung is hurt that the one person he considers a friend sees him as an enemy. Sad.

Anyway, I’m so glad I’m not on a second lead train here. Coz I’m having enough trouble on my own. I mean, who to choose — The Grumpy Prince or The Pretty Prince? I’m more in love with the former. I will do anything just to hear the Crown Prince get pissed more, and even beg for mercy. His face is golden whenever it erupts into a frenzy! Sometimes, he needs to feel what it is like to be down, you know. He is way up there, how would he understand his people??

I have to admit that the palace politics is one reason why I steer clear of watching Korean historical dramas. Though it is still part of the overall aesthetics of Moonlight Drawn by Clouds (Love in Moonlight), I am more captivated by the zany characters that helps create a lighter ambiance while I’m watching. Besides, Sam Nom is the reason I’d be seeing The Prince in a happy vibe. The love line is beginning to look like it is going to be one of the greats..

See you again, very SOON!




  • omiki says:

    Very enjoyable drama. Both leads are adorable. Even the 2 eunuchs in training are adorable. Hope they keep up the fun aspects. Looking forward to the romance, too.

  • Mochakat9 says:

    You mean the two eighteen (🤔) year old eunuchs? Lol!

  • Elena says:

    Park Bo Gum smiles are a force of nature, indeed! They can change your mood and lighten your day, haha!!
    I find myself every time watching him and marveling at how can someone be so good as an actor and so handsome at the same time 😀 I wish the best to him and Yoo Jung, they are doing a great job and deserve success.

  • Anne says:

    I rarely take part in the comment section, but for this drama I will make an exception. I would like get a few things of my chest first. I wish I had a group of girls I could watch Korean dramas with, and be able talke about them endlessly. I consider you all my Korean drama friends with whom I can share my squeals, anger, and excitement with, even though we are not in the same room.
    Ok, now moving onto the drama. My dear friend I could not agree with you more about our crown prince. His ability change his attitude and moods is awesome. The scene where accepts the interim position from his father is fantastic! I think I replayed that scene ten times. Bogum’s ability to change facial features is great. The simple act of raising his eyebrow, turns him into a shrewd prince. There is so much I want to say. He shares a personal relationship with all, even the antagonists; And as a result every scene is worth watching. I usually skip the political parts too, but this time I’m watching because, I am curious to find out how our prince will turn a situation to his advantage. Finally, his interaction with Sam nom, is so pure. It is an unadulterated relationship. In some ways I also don’t want them to lose that, once he finds out she is a girl. For now, my ever long comment comes to an end. Thanks couch-kimchi for these entertaining posts. Keep them coming!
    Till next Monday……..

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