Lee Kwang Soo & Nara For F/W 2016 Buckaroo

Lee Kwang Soo and Nara (Hello Venus) have been chosen to show the F/W 2016 collection for brand Buckaroo. We think this is a perfect pairing – they’re both super tall and skinny and they do indeed steal the spotlight together. Check it out!

Source  |  Korea Star Daily


  • Evren says:

    I know they call him Giraffe and he is goofy doofy in Running Man etc, but i find him really attractive and sexy. I really think men who can be funny are very attractive.

  • paloma says:

    Oh my goodness what a striking pair of models these 2 make!! 😍 Especially in the pic with him behind her! And I think my heart raced a bit with the picture of him laying down hehe

    I agree with Evren; even though his goofy and silly personality is something we all love about him, don’t mind him showing off his sexy-appeal, don’t mind it at all ;P

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