“Let’s Fight Ghost” Final Thoughts + NG Clips

I won’t pretend that this was the most thought-provoking, well-written drama out there but it was very entertaining and I leave the drama feeling satisfied.

I really enjoyed Episode 15 as it was full of action and suspense. Who knew that they could make the boring evil vet story interesting? The journey might not have been the best but the destination made up for it.

While the ritual tool clinched it, I’m glad that the monk, Bong Pal and Hyun Ji were able to do considerable damage without it. So it’s almost like these three were a strong force even without that tool.  We also learned that Bong Pal inherited some of his ability from his mother.

After all that action, the final episode left us with a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Hyun Ji and Bong Pal had their happy ending. This was hardly shocking but the preview for the finale made me expect the usual crappy Kdrama ending where couples break up and act like phones haven’t been invented. Here, they acted like normal people. Yes, her mom was a problem and Hyun Ji had to study for her exams but they made a promise to reunite and kept in touch. Thank you, Writer, for making them behave like real people who love each other.

Speaking of which, am I the only one who wanted to slap the mom when she got mad at Bong Pal? I fully understand her being skeptical of someone who suddenly showed up but if I recall, she invited the killer into her home! She was very welcoming to the man who almost killed her daughter while trying to keep her away from the one who protected her so yeah, not cool, Mom. But I suppose they needed some conflict.

In Rang and Chun Sang are practically a couple and I feel bad for any women they date because they’ll have to play second fiddle in their lives. It’s not easy to marry a man who already has a spouse. LOL

Seo Yeon remained the afterthought that she always was. It’s a shame her only role was to make Hyun Ji jealous.

The ending I am really not satisfied with is the professor’s. While it’s not fair for him to die, it’s also unfair for him to spend the rest of his life paying for someone else’s sin. They tried to justify it by claiming he brought it upon himself for having murderous thoughts but that’s hardly a crime and is in fact, very human. What’s so terrible about wishing to kill the abusive father who is making both you and your mom’s lives miserable? He wouldn’t have been able to push that man off the balcony without that evil spirit so let’s not equate his desperate thoughts to murderous actions. However, I’m glad that he and his mom can now build a relationship.

That aside, it was a good ending. I love that Bong Pal and the monk now live together. He’s correct – that’s the only family he has… well, till he and Hyun Ji get married in four years. LOL. And next time, if they want us to be surprised at Hyun Ji getting into his university, they shouldn’t spoil it in the preview. Haha.

A cute couple, a cute bromance and a lovely story that ends with Sundae Soup continuing to do what they do best. It ended just like it should.

Thank you tvN, the cast and the crew for this sweet ride.

Here are the NGs:

Credit: tvN


  • Drama_Panda says:

    Midway into ep 16 now and can’t stop smiling.
    Thoroughly entertaining.
    InRang and Chun Sang are indeed practically married. Lol
    Enjoyed this drama so much and the romance was so cute. Taec found his perfect role

  • MC says:


    AGREED, thank you writers for making them a real long distance couple with contact OMGAH!
    Though it didn’t bother me, what are your thoughts on Hyunji not recovering her ghost memories (a little oxymoron there but anyway)?

    • MC says:

      I am clearly unable to type on my phone with typos….sigh…

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      Hahaha. I completely forgot about the necklace. I suppose there was no later scene of her wearing it, huh?

      I think it it’s a good thing she doesn’t remember being a ghost because it’s too weird and will probably traumatize her. What matters is that some of those feelings are embedded in her subconscious and she and Bong Pal have a normal relationship.

      What was funny was her running into her Unni. That’s obviously illogical because she’s dead but it was nice fanservice.

      Haha… don’t worry about types.

      • MC says:

        Yeah, no more necklace after the beginning….lol…not so important I suppose. And I guess they couldn’t go all MAsters Sun (necklace was important there)….lol
        Yes! I loved the last episode fanservice….not even gonna lie….lol I usually throw all logic out for dramas…it just wouldn’t be as fun otherwise. I LOVED that Kyung Ja was surrounded by men LOL!!
        I agree with you on her memories actually. I found it even more endearing that she fell so hard for BP even without it. 🙂 I was just wondering what you thought cause ppl (netz and a couple of my friends) seem bothered by it.
        Totally agree with you about the previews: spoilers- monk not dead and Hyunji got into the school…..totally took away any suspense I think they were going for LOL!

        • MC says:

          PS- Forgot to mention- totally agree with you on the mom…from how normal and real they wrote human Hyunji (being a boss ass b*tch)….i expected them to have her thank BP and realize that she ducked up and trusted a psycho….sigh…they went with regular crazy drama mom who takes necklaces and doesn’t give it to their daughters LOL, BOOOOO!!!

  • MC says:

    Keeps going….sorry cw

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