First Teaser For Upcoming KBS Drama “On the Way to the Airport”

Is it just me or is this title unusually long? And not really a title? On the Way to the Airport marks the return of veteran actress Kim Ha Neul to the small screen. Her last drama was 2012’s Gentleman’s Dignity. Her male costar is our dimpled cutie Lee Sang Yoon who was last seen in 2015’s Twenty Again.

Here’s the synopsis from AsianWiki:

Choi Soo-A (Kim Ha-Neul) works as an assistant purser at an airline. She has been working there for 12 years. Her husband is a pilot and they have a 12-years-old daughter. Choi Soo-A thinks she is content with her life, but she meets Seo Do-Woo (Lee Sang-Yoon). Her life changes. Seo Do-Woo works as a part-time instructor in architecture. He has a bright and warm heart. He is married and they have a daughter, but a shocking incident occurs. Due to this, he becomes confused and Choi Soo-A comes into his life.

Well, this doesn’t exactly scream rom-com, does it? I’m not here for any infidelity dramas so I wonder if the shocking thing is a spouse’s death or maybe they both learn that their spouses are cheating with each other (like Shania Twain’s story) or something. The premise made me think that they’d both be widowed but Shin Sung Rok (My Love From The Star) has been cast as the husband so I think he’ll have a substantial role.

On the Way to the Airport, takes over Uncontrollably Fond’s time slot starting September 21st. Gosh, I can’t believe it’s already September! Where did the year go?

Credit: KBS, Uploader

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  • stuartjmz says:

    I really wish they’d come clean about whether or not this is an infidelity Drama. Really NOT my genre, so I want to hope it’s not that. Although if it’s about dealing with the aftermath of infidelity, as opposed to romanticising it, that could be interesting.

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