W – Two Worlds Episode 12: A Different Chul, A Different Plan

Tessieroo: So Chul learned about the webtoon this time by reading the comic Yeon Joo inadvertently left behind. Thankfully he had time to absorb everything and doesn’t appear suicidal or furious. He read it over and over, feeling bad for the main character but also thinking the guy was foolish. Meh?

Clockwatcher: I suppose it’s like how reality tv often destroys marriages. Looking from the outside in provides a different perspective.

Tessieroo: He hilariously criticizes her husband, how could he disappear after only doing 4 sweet things with her? (LOL) He explains he didn’t turn himself in because he wants to know what happens in the next comic. Has she read the one after? What happens, did Chul forget Yeon Joo for good? Is he her husband? Awwww.

Clockwatcher: Yeah, I think what clinched it for him that he’s her husband is that his character was written to forget her and he doesn’t remember.

Tessieroo: Time stops again! Does it only stop when Chul himself becomes aware he’s a toon?

Clockwatcher: It looks that way.

Tessieroo: The frozen barrier wall appears behind him. He grabs her hand and walks through the barrier with her. They end up inside Appa’s office. *explosion sound* My mind is blown again. Outside, Soo Bong is arguing with Seok Beom, begging him not to leave him alone because he’s scared. Ahahaha! He wants Seok Beom to at least stick around until Yeon Joo comes back.

Clockwatcher: It’s somewhat strange seeing him be so subdued in this drama. I wish he’d have a Chun Sang (of Let’s Fight Ghost) type reaction when he sees that Yeon Joo is back.

Tessieroo: Chul wants to know where Yeon Joo’s father is and starts looking around the workshop. Yeon Joo seems worried so Chul reassures her that he’s not going to shoot Appa again. Yeon Joo makes it clear Appa is not the one who drew what is happening now, he didn’t frame Chul. She unlocks the bedroom and Chul sees Appa. He wants to know what happened to him but Yeon Joo suddenly faints from exhaustion. Chul carries her out of the room, scaring the hell outta both Seok Beom and Soo Bong.

Clockwatcher: I’m sure it’s my imagination but I can’t help but think that Seok Beom was slightly jealousy. Or am I just lowkey shipping them?

Tessieroo: I originally thought so too but his reaction to her blind date was so meh that I guess not. Chul places her in Seok Beom’s car so he can take her to the hospital. Yeon Joo wakes up long enough to tell Chul it’s just exhaustion because of the 2 months time skip in his world. She grabs his hand, not wanting him to leave – does he remember everything now? No, he’s just acting the way he believes Chul in the comic would act.

Clockwatcher: Which makes this thing so weird. He’s now determined to discover what attracted past Chul to her.

Tessieroo: Back inside the studio, Soo Bong is in shock that Kang Chul is here, he’s star-struck. He brings Chul some tools and watches while Chul dissembles the tablet, thinking the killer can’t come out of it if it’s taken apart. Soo Bong wants to shake his hand and brags that he’s the one who drew Chul’s penthouse, etc. LMAO

Clockwatcher: He’s so cute.

Tessieroo: Once the tablet is taken apart, the frozen wall barrier disappears. Interesting.

Clockwatcher: It looks like he’s severed the connection between both worlds.

Tessieroo: I love how serious and contemplative Chul is being, thinking about what to do. I like seeing this side of him. He asks Soo Bong to tell him everything that has happened, Soo Bong gives him the USB drive that Chul had given to Yeon Joo to give to Appa before. Is it odd that I’m loving seeing Chul in the writer’s seat with Soo Bong as his assistant? LOL, that’s what it looked like: he’s now taking charge of this mess!

Clockwatcher: Haha. I suppose it makes sense as he’s driving this part of the story. Probably symbolic.

Tessieroo: Soo Bong explains that he and Appa were working on a story to catch the killer before Appa’s face was stolen. Chul asks to see that story so Soo Bong shows him the storyboard. Later, while Soo Bong sleeps – it looks like Chul read through all of the comics again. Sitting at Appa’s desk, he spends a lot of time thinking about how to go forward. He goes to sit with Appa and remembers him telling Chul that he couldn’t shoot him because he’s just a set-up. Chul wonders why he thought this man was the creator when in fact, he’s nothing. OUCH, why is he being all nasty to Appa? Am I missing something here?

Clockwatcher: Haha. I think it comes down to him not being personally connected to the story (as his memories have been wiped clean) and having an objective view – like an investigator. He’s thinking back to what he read in the toon and perhaps arriving at a different conclusion. If Appa is the creator, why is he getting his face snatched and now a slave to the killer? Maybe that’s what he’s getting at.

Tessieroo: I’m gonna go with your explanation but I’m also guessing he still has no clue Yeon Joo is the one who created him. He puts the tablet back together, draws his gun and slowly hits the power button. The killer unfreezes and looks up, asking who is there? Chul taunts him that he has no one to shoot now and can’t escape because Chul got rid of the exit. The killer taunts him back that since Chul is no longer the protagonist, he’s going to disappear soon anyway. Chul remembers his arm keeps disappearing. Uh, oh.

Clockwatcher: I think I missed something too. So disassembling the tablet destroyed the portal but reassembling it doesn’t bring it back? Or was there a piece he took out of it?

Tessieroo: There must be something he removed because that didn’t make sense! Yeon Joo wakes up in her own bed at home, her Mom isn’t there. As she’s wondering if the whole thing was a dream, she gets a call from Chul. She’s relieved he’s calling her, he’s still here and it wasn’t a dream. He wants to go on a date unless she plans to continue sleeping. LOL! Yah, don’t knock a girl for needing lots of sleep. *fumes*


She’s been asleep for 2 days? Anyhoo, Chul bought clothes, shoes, etc and a phone while she was out with money he borrowed from Soo Bong. *heh* He also figured out everything that happened but can’t quite feel the “marriage” part of the toon, that’s why he wants to go on a date. Yeon Joo knows him very well but he doesn’t know much about her at all, he needs to catch up.

Clockwatcher: Why is he forcing himself? Is it because he thinks he’s about to die?

Tessieroo: Or he doesn’t want to disappoint her again? I don’t know! FINALLY, I love that she says she needs to check on Appa first. *fistpump* See, now that totally makes sense to me! Chul says they can talk about her Appa when they meet and tells her to get ready.

Clockwatcher: I feel like they threw that in to appease us (LOL) but it was ultimately meaningless as she still doesn’t go and it’s back to the usual romance with Chul.

Tessieroo: This part was really cute – Yeon Joo calls Chul back twice. The first time to check if it was really his number and they argue over money. *kekeke* The second time she calls him it’s to let him know she needs an hour to get ready.

Clockwatcher: Gatta get cute for her boo. While getting dressed, she talks to Soo Bong who confirms that he gave him money and spills about Chul’s disappearing hand  – something he’d promised to keep secret.

Tessieroo: Chul shows up at Yeon Joo’s house, he’s curious about her home. As she’s heading to change out of her bathrobe, Chul teases her about seeing her nude: he’s sad and frustrated that he doesn’t remember too but mostly that part. He thinks they should see each other nude and then kiss 5 times. OMG, AHAHAHA! He also sees her bra & panties thrown on her bed and snickers. Wuri Kang Chul is totally a normal guy.

He notices all the pictures she cut out of the webtoon and smiles. He thanks her for not forgetting him and for missing him. She regrets that they never took a photo together and wants to take one now. She also notices her bra & panties on the bed and quickly covers them up. *snort* Too late.

Clockwatcher: He teases that her husband may not have married her if he’d been to her room and seen how messy she is. But she has an excuse.

Tessieroo: She was worried he was dead and didn’t have time to clean her room. Pfffttttt.

Clockwatcher: This must be so strange for her. He’s Chul but he’s also not Chul.

Tessieroo: I honestly didn’t think he would change much but he’s completely different. How is he still her ideal man now?

Clockwatcher: I suppose he still has the same qualities but his behavior is shaped by a different experience. Then it’s time for their date. It’ll be her treat because he’s broke and doesn’t know the area and then he tells her that he thinks comic Chul and Yeon Joo got married too quickly so he thinks they should rectify that by going slow this time. They arrive at the restaurant and it’s empty. Am I the only one who thought he blew the rest of the money on renting out the restaurant for their date? Then I remembered she picked the place.

Tessieroo: I seriously thought for a moment it might be a zombie invasion or something and that’s why the place was empty. Hey, ya never know.

Clockwatcher: Haha. Then he asks for a kiss. While the romance was rushed the first time around, now it’s just forced as far as I can see. He wants to kiss her because he’s curious and possibly attracted to her but there’s no real feeling or build up to feelings here. It’s almost like he’s a robot or something, doing things because he’s supposed to.

Tessieroo: I 100% agree. It’s like he’s kissing her for HER sake while he feels nothing yet. UGH, not cool but whatever.

Clockwatcher: He kisses her and smiles. “Ah, so this is what it feels like” but he won’t expatiate.

Tessieroo: I felt sorry for her then, that kiss was meaningless. And I thought he wanted to get to know her first so why is he rushing things now? *headdesk*

Clockwatcher: Don’t feel sorry for her because you know she’s ecstatic. When they get to lunch, Yeon Joo confronts him about his disappearing hand. He confesses that it’s been happening since Mr. Son died and we get more info on what happened. Her dad and the killer had met on the roof where, with his life on the line, Pops promised to make the killer the protagonist when he returned to his world. This explains why her dad was so shaken up and went into hiding back then.  But why was he so shaken up, though? Chul’s knife didn’t kill him so why did he think the killer could kill him in the toon?

Tessieroo: That’s true! Unless he was more afraid of the killer at that moment? I would be, the guy had no face and was dangling him off a roof so he might have temporarily forgotten he couldn’t die inside the toon. *heh* If we just keep making up ridiculous, outlandish things, one of them is bound to stick.

Clockwatcher: Which is the only way to watch this drama. Chul realizes he made a mistake the first time around by choosing a point the killer was already aware of his own existence – that’s why their plan failed. Then he tells her that he needs her to draw a picture. Deja vu!

Tessieroo: I have to admit, I’m very curious what his plan will be this time.

Clockwatcher: A picture? Not again! She’s not willing to do that because she’s still recovering from the first time. It’s easy for him to decide because he’s not left with memories that become meaningless. He calms her down, saying that she’s got it all wrong. He hands her a few things to draw. He’s figured out how to follow the original plans but his happy ending will be with her and not So Hee. Did Christmas come early for her?

Tessieroo: And me! Is he gonna make my dream come true and smash So Hee with a white-truck-of-doom? (ROFL) Sorry, getting carried away.

Clockwatcher: He’d better not! He goes to the address Soo Bong modeled the killer’s home after and sets the plan in motion. He figured out the deal – her father didn’t create W. No, his tablet is the portal between both worlds and he only created some of the characters in it (this makes no sense but I will pretend it does).

Tessieroo: We might as well just go with whatever the writer throws at us. I do find myself wondering if it will be a HUGE revelation once he learns Yeon Joo created him but I’m not holding my breath.

Clockwatcher: The portal opens when characters in the ‘toon become aware of their (non) existence. His hypothesis is that humans get called in when a W character becomes aware of their existence. So how did Chul become aware of characters when he shoved his hand through the tablet? Or that’s controlled by something else? He stands in front of the apartment the killer’s was modeled after then texts Yeon Joo to turn the tablet on in 10 minutes. In the meantime, he’ll be summoning himself into the toon.

Tessieroo: This is also true, he stuck his hand in the portal the first time when he was stabbed on the roof and that was to pull Appa in – which was all before Appa stabbed him. Why did the portal show up then, which character was suddenly aware of his/her existence? I just can’t…

Clockwatcher:  I have a headache. How’s he summoning himself into the toon when he’s outside? Are they claiming this is because he’s a main character?

Tessieroo: *passes the Advil* I dunno, it’s like the more we try to make any kind of sense of things, the more the writer reminds us there are NO RULES. I feel like I’m being forced to shut-up, quit asking questions and just enjoy the pretty.

Clockwatcher: That’s our only option, Dear. Time moves the minute he returns to the toon. Then he kicks the killer’s ass, ties him up and calls the cops to pick him up.

Tessieroo: That was sooo easy, there is no way it’s going to be that easy.

Clockwatcher: Then it’s time for Yeon Joo to turn the tablet on. She immediately draws him a getaway car. Then he tells Do Yoon that he’s alive but a decomposed body with matching DNA will be found at his hideout. I’m sorry but how can he be alive yet have an identical dead body? He reassures him that he’s alive (Do Yoon must be so confused) but makes him promise to keep So Hee in the dark. Apparently, this is the key to him having his happy ending with Yeon Joo without making her disappear.

Tessieroo: Do Yoon got that phone call no one ever wants to get from a friend: Dude, the cops are gonna find my dead body but I’m still alive so cover for me. *snickersnort*

Clockwatcher: *triplesnickersnort* And now that Kang Chul is dead and the killer caught, our favorite Congressman is back in the hot seat. The last thing he makes her draw is his wedding band. Aww.

Tessieroo: That was sweet but I still feel like he’s doing this only because of what he read and not what he truly feels. He was right to say he knows nothing about her so it feels as if the relationship is being rushed again.

Clockwatcher: And shallow. But how will he return to reality? So far, it’s only happened when he became aware of the truth of his existence. Does this mean he has to forget again? Nope, apparently, since he also exists in reality (or came from there?) he gets to go back once his mission has been accomplished. And he’s right because when he’s done, “To Be Continued” appears. The first thing he does is call to inform her that he’s on his way – it’s time to finish their date.

Tessieroo: She looks so happy which makes me happy. But I just have this nagging feeling it’s not going to be this easy…mostly because we still have 4 episodes left. (LOL) I think Chul has made it clear he wants to stay in the REAL world but how that works, I don’t understand. If the toon ends on a happy ending, does he then have the ability to return to Yeon Joo and live in her world for good? And would the other characters be able to cross-over too, unless he closes the portal again? What happens to his bromance with Do Yoon? *sniff*

Clockwatcher: You’re asking too many questions. But it seems he’s picked living in the real world over his life in W.

Tessieroo: While I love the idea that Chul can live in Yeon Joo’s world if the toon ends happily, I can’t figure out how that’s going to happen. I still have too many questions and quite possibly need more Advil.

Clockwatcher: I suppose he just won’t go back and get someone to forge an ID for him? LOL. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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  • Nonnie says:

    The blue glowy portal thing only shows up whenever he breaks the fourth wall. So:

    1. The first time it showed up, he tells us in retrospect what he was thinking: “Why did I just do all the stupid things I just did? This makes no sense. It’s like I came up here just to die, like someone was controlling me.” And then poof: there’s the fourth wall. He pulls Dad through.

    2. The second time it showed up, he was (probably) thinking something along the lines of: “Wow, that asshole who just stabbed me a second time is immortal. There is definitely another world out there that’s influencing my own.” Then poof: there’s the fourth wall. He pulls Yeon Joo through.

    3. The third time was when he had his realization in the prison. It showed up once he accepted that yes, everything, even his friends, were frozen and therefore fictional. He is indeed in a comic book. Poof: Fourth wall. He steps through.

    4. The fourth time was when he saw the world freezing at his question, fully confirming to him what he already suspecting: “I’m probably a comic book character. This is probably the world inside the comic.” Fourth wall a go. He grabs Yeon Joo and steps through.

    The summoning is a whole other thing. It seems to rely on the acceptance of someone as a part of the intended world. Like, whenever Chul or Assemblyman Han were summoning Yeon Joo to the W world, they were thinking about her in a way that implicitly acknowledged or assumed she was a part of the W world (that’s why the reveal in the prison — that Yeon Joo was pulled in by Chul every time — is framed as a romantic confession. Because the only way she could have shown up in that world was if Chul was thinking of her. As in: thinking she BELONGED with him, in his world. Same with the Killer and Assemblyman Han; the Killer thought of her as Chul’s family and thus a part of the W world, and Assemblyman Han thought of her as Chul’s accomplice, and thus a part of the W world).

    Likewise, Chul can summon himself to the comic world and get the comic to send him back to the real world because of his belief of where he belongs. When he accepts/believes he’s a part of the W world, he shows up there. When he accepts/believes he’s a part of the real world, the comic kicks him out once his role in the story is done, sending him back to where he originated (“where he belongs”).

    Haha am I making any sense, or am I being confusing?

    As for how W is a world and a comic book at the same time… I have no idea. My brother gave me some long quantum physics explanation about multiverses and reality when he watched it with me, and I don’t remember a single word of it. But apparently there’s a theory in quantum physics about fictional universes that W apes. (I still don’t get it… so I’m just pretending it’s all magic. Because that’s easier to digest for me. lol)

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