W – Two Worlds Episode 13: Too Many Variables Make Our Brain Hurt

Clockwatcher: The episode begins with Congressman Han being informed that Chul had left a note implicating him. He’d read about his phone call with the killer in the ‘toon and told the cops to look into it. Smart!

Tessieroo: So essentially, Chul is now freely traveling back/forth fixing things and tying up loose ends.

Clockwatcher: Who knew it would be so easy? He figures that being the simple-minded guy he is, Han will murder the killer which will in turn, free Yeon Joo’s father. Meanwhile, the killer further implicates him by telling the cops himself that he’s connected to the Congressman, asking them to make it clear to him that he shouldn’t try anything funny like killing him. And like clockwork, just as in Chul and Appa’s previously planned ending, he calls his boys to arrange his death.

Tessieroo: I love that Chul called the EVIL Prosecutor/Congressman “simple minded”. *kekeke*

Clockwatcher: Yeon Joo calls Soo Bong to check up on her dad who confirms that nothing has changed, i.e. Congressman Han Cheol Ho’s killer hasn’t yet done the job. She asks after Chul who she learns is out but then shortly after, he calls her and invites her for coffee. She’s glowing, giddy and probably picturing what their kids will look like.

Tessieroo: She’s all smiles, putting on lipstick and fluffing her bangs. She’s so full of hope that her imagination is taking over. Ummm, I think her imagination took over a very long time ago.

Clockwatcher: Your head needs to be in the clouds to even consider a relationship with a cartoon character. This current fantasy goes as follows: First of all, Appa will be back. Then it will be W’s finale. Chul will ensure that Han Cheol Ho is implicated in the killer’s murder. Tears will be shed at Chul’s funeral by all the citizens who’d doubted him. Back in the real world, Chul and Yeon Joo will end up together. It will be difficult for her father to accept a cartoon character for a son-in-law but he eventually will. Her mom will do so as well and they’ll live happily together in couple clothes.

Tessieroo: I can feel a cavity springing up just watching this.

Clockwatcher: She meets up with Chul for coffee and he informs her that he’s returning to the ‘toon to set up a foundation that Do Yoon will head. He also hands her the final drawings. It’s a voice file that will get Han Cheol Ho arrested. He promises that her father will return later that night. That’s when Professor Park shows up. I’ve missed him! He informs her that he’s so done with “W”! So done that he’s now an anti! Why is Yeon Joo back in the story? While Kang Chul is a bigger fool than Yeon Joo, he’s the biggest fool for continuing to read the webtoon. LMAO. I am pretty sure I’ve felt that way before. Damn Writers, why do you get us so invested in your work then set it on fire?

Tessieroo: ROFL, I didn’t like this guy at first but now I do. He’s right if you think about it because “W” was supposed to be a thriller/crime/mystery webtoon but Yeon Joo is forcing it to be a romance. So I understand him.

Clockwatcher: There’s nothing worse than your rom-com suddenly having gangsters and kidnappings in Episode 15. Kang Chul teases him about his Yeon Joo hatred which makes Prof. Park take a good look at him. He wonders if they’d previously met. This leads to more cute filler where Chul admits to being himself but it’s so preposterous that it’s taken as a joke. He’d probably die if he realized he was shaking the real Chul’s hand.

Tessieroo: He’s a huge fanboy just like Soo Bong is. *heh* I don’t quite understand his animosity towards Yeon Joo though unless this is just the way bosses treat their underlings in the medical field? *snort*

Clockwatcher: I’m assuming that it’s just a front and that he actually likes her. Kang Chul drives to the inspiration behind his own hotel to meet Do Yoon and sees So Hee. Their eyes meet and she recognizes him. What’s going on? Is he back in the ‘toon? It doesn’t look that way and his call to Yeon Joo goes through so no, they aren’t. What the hell is happening? Are the worlds merging?

Tessieroo: WUT? *blinks* Did he pull her out of the webtoon? And more importantly, why is he thinking of HER? *Hmmpphhh* WHOA, that was so odd! I’ve kinda been wondering all along if more toon characters were going to come into the REAL world but I can’t believe it might actually be happening.

Clockwatcher: It’s crazy. Yeon Joo returns home to find it empty. As in, even her father’s room is empty. What happened? She calls Soo Bong but he’s at the hospital and has no idea where her father went. Then he calls her name! Her father is back except those red eyes give him away. She’s hugging the killer. What’s he going to do to her?

Tessieroo: Nooooo! Yeon Joo, run!! She hugs him, crying instead. I’m literally screaming at my screen for her to get away from him but she’s not listening to me. Maybe if I promised her ice-cream, bike-rides and matching pink sweaters? *snark*

Clockwatcher: Chul carries on with his business in the ‘toon and signs the paperwork needed to transfer his assets to Tess’s husband. He mentions something interesting – So Hee saw him. It was weird because she claimed that it was nighttime then it suddenly changed into day, then back to night again. What happened? Tess was right  – he summoned her.

Tessieroo: My husband? Nah, Lee Tae Hwan is wayyyy too young but thanks for thinking of me. I still wanna know why Chul was thinking of So Hee and find it very amusing that I’m all jealous on Yeon Joo’s behalf.

Clockwatcher: Maybe because it’s true love after all? LOL. But it’s funny how he never summoned all the other people he thought about when in the real world the first time he came out. Is it because the world stopped then?

Tessieroo: There have been other times when other characters thought of Yeon Joo and she got pulled in but this is a first that one of the toon characters got pulled out. Again, reminding myself there are no rules or the writer is making them up as she goes along to suit the story. Poor So Hee, should we share some Advil with her?

Clockwatcher: Aww. That’s the nicest thing you’ve ever said about So Hee. And now, we have an explanation for why the killer is pretending to be Yeon Joo’s father – Chul accidentally summoned him. Yeon Joo blabs everything to Killer Dad but when he learns that Chul is back in the ‘toon, he drops the act.

Tessieroo: *sigh* I don’t wanna say I told her so but she did seem to forget very quickly that 3 people in the REAL world were killed by this guy.

Clockwatcher: Haha. You’re never going to let that go. Back in ‘toonland, Chul learns that Killer Dad escaped and we see how it happened. He was freaking out in the investigation room, yelling that they need to protect him because Han Cheol Ho is going to kill him. There’s nothing I hate more than seeing killers fight for their own lives – it’s disgusting.

Tessieroo: Agree. We’re supposed to forget how many people they killed or tortured and be merciful.

Clockwatcher: He gets into the real world, kills a cop and steals his car. Then goes to Yeon Joo’s dad’s house. Then turned on the tablet and got Yeon Joo’s dad to do his bidding once again. I wonder how he’s going to change the story now.

Tessieroo: So now this guy has killed another person in the REAL world.

Clockwatcher: He’s read the ‘toon and now knows how to return. He tells Yeon Joo that it’s time for them to find her husband. Meanwhile, Chul rushes back to reality and misses his wife who’s now in the ‘toon with the killer who tells Zombie Dad to draw a car and a phone. Then Killer Dad calls Han Cheol Ho to tell him to find him a hideout. I wonder why he didn’t just ask Zombie Dad to draw him one or in fact, just draw him in the hideout.  After he gets the address, he tells Zombie dad to destroy the tablet. Damn.

Tessieroo: OMO, that’s not good! But then Chul didn’t really use the tablet to travel back/forth so…I’m kinda worried but kinda not. LMAO! I might need Tequila along with Advil.

Clockwatcher: Destroying the tablet (if Chul can’t fix it) will render both Appa and Yeon Joo powerless, thus preventing the Killer or Chul from manipulating the ‘toon from the outside. It’ll be difficult but they’ll deal. LOL. Chul returns to Yeon Joo’s dad’s place but he’s too late. He directs the always frightened Soo Bong to go somewhere else, informing him that his noona has been kidnapped. Meanwhile, Han Cheol Ho sends his goons to the hideout with instructions to only observe and not kill him. He’ll be arriving there soon.

Chul appears in his office, beats the address out of him then leaves. The man is left wondering what the hell is happening, recollecting that Yeon Joo had also suddenly appeared. Will, he too, become aware of the truth behind his existence?

Tessieroo: And, more importantly to me, will Chul be able to continue pulling people in or out of the toon? Or traveling out of the toon himself? I had a horrible feeling all the bad guys would eventually make their way to the REAL world.

Clockwatcher: That’ll be awesome and up the stakes! Killer Dad arrives at the hideout and tells Yeon Joo that she’s a pawn in getting Chul to show him. He’d not killed her earlier because it was pointless, given that Chul couldn’t remember her. She begs for her life but he refuses because his purpose for existing is to kill Chul’s family. He tells her to stop the whining – it’s all her fault. Did anyone tell her to become the female lead and marry him? As Chul drives over to the hideout spot, “To Be Continued” appears and he’s kicked out! Oh shit!!!! Why did that happen?

Tessieroo: The “To Be Continued” only appeared in the past when there was a massive change in Chul’s emotions so I’m gonna guess his heart is racing and he’s freaking out. But I’d also say that happened because the writer decided it should. *snicker*

Clockwatcher: He reads the latest installment of the ‘toon and sees the scene of Killer Dad pointing the gun at her. Killer Dad is distracted when Han Cheol Ho’s goons arrive giving Yeon Joo a chance to try to escape but she can’t outrun a skilled marksman and gets shot. Han Cheol Ho’s goons barge in and are all killed for their trouble. The ‘toon ends with Yeon Joo bleeding out.

Tessieroo: He shot her! *flails around helplessly* Watching her try to crawl away was heartbreaking! Damn it, girl – why did things have to go this far for her to realize how dangerous this whole romance with a toon was?

Clockwatcher: She probably still feels the love was worth it. There’s no point theorizing with this show but I’ll assume the “To Be Continued” occurred because the Killer had accomplished a mission by shooting her. Chul reads about it and immediately returns to the ‘toon. He drives over to the hideout spot where he sees Killer Dad waiting for him in his own car. Both men drive into each other and collide. Then it’s a pistol duel and although our Olympic champ gets hit, he comes out victorious. Is Killer Dad really dead?

Tessieroo: Lord, I hope so. If he is finally dead, I will have zero problem with the romance and in fact will actively start rooting for them.

Clockwatcher: He rushes over to Yeon Joo but she’s gone. All that’s left is her blood. Chun returns to the real world and learns that a dying Yeon Joo has been sent to the hospital. Did this just turn into a melodrama? 🙁 The cops drive him over and when they ask who he is, he tells them that he’s her husband. Aww.

Tessieroo: I’m left wondering if making sure Chul got a “happy ending” was worth it.

Clockwatcher: It will all depend on if Yeon Joo really dies. This was a great episode! This drama shines when it focuses on the action and not the “romance.” Once they were done with the fantasy, the episode fired on all cylinders.

Tessieroo: I agree, I’m much more into the action than I am the romance. I guess because I’ve been wanting them to make sure the killer and any other bad guys were dead before starting any type of romance but it keeps being shoved down my throat. And it’s not even that I don’t want the OTP to be together, it’s that I think they need to take care of business first. I also realize they’ve tried but keep underestimating the bad guys! So I’m waiting for those loose ends to be tied up before I root for this OTP or gush over cute date scenes.

Clockwatcher: I’d root for the romance if it were written differently. I don’t even need them to take care of business first before falling in love but we’re given a romance-by-toon where the amnesiac lead is simply recreating the past without strong feelings driving it. I would have much preferred to see him fall in love with her the second time without his knowledge of their history prompting it. As a result, I’m even less interested in the romance (especially when it’s in a fantasy) than all the action – even if that sometimes gives us a headache. Anyhoo, right now, all I need to know is if Killer Dad is really dead. I guess we’ll find out next week.


  • Cheri Teleri says:

    I have to wonder how much (actually how little) SF/fantasy y’all read or watch!!! The alternate world here IS ‘real’! It’s been confirmed in the last episode! Somehow dad & daughter both have managed to connect to this parallel world & mess w/some of its inhabitants but it remains ‘real’! Also, obsessing over ‘fictional’ characters is totally common, and her finding out he’s real – well of course she falls hard. Only a stone would’nt. Why is it cute when the fan boys do it but not her? Also, her dad has been negligent towards her all her life -sure she cares about him but considering the entire screwed up situation was caused by daddy dearest stealing daughter’s creation & then Totally F$&@&ing with his life, I’m finding it very difficult to sympathize.
    Without the daughter’s obsession w/her ‘dream’ lover there would not be a story so yeah, the romance IS integral to the plot.
    I just love this drama soooo much on so many levels 😎

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      We know that he said that the toon is a portal that connects both worlds BUT he also said that her dad created Chul and other characters in the toon so yes, he’s fictional for now, till it’s shown that Dad/Yeon Joo didn’t create him.

  • Jasmine says:

    I’ve been reading all your recaps on W and I’ve agreed (and disagreed!) on a lot. I loved the romance- pre-amnesia/dream. As I read the comments on soompi, many love Kang Chul 2.0 because he’s like an improved version, both with his decision making skills and the way he treats YJ, but I’m strangely frustrated. Like you, Clockwatcher, I really wanted them to fall in love without KC knowing his history. Now, the chemistry has deteriorated so much because it just doesn’t feel completely real or genuine. If anything, I feel like KC feels obligated, it just isn’t, and can’t be love yet from his side yet because he’s basing everything off of what he read?! For everything to feel real again, I think KC has to regain his memories. And this is coming from someone who loves W and their chemistry so much… is it just me or am I just completely missing something other viewers (that are ardently still loving them) aren’t? I just hope the last 3 episodes can re-convince me again.

  • SOSsy says:

    I loved the earlier episodes but sort of fell off the bandwagon when stuff started getting all twisty and my tired after-work brain stopped trying to figure out what’s going on. Besides, I got all hooked on Love020 and Yang Yang…
    In hindsight, I think W is a drama best marathoned, for me at least, so I’m going to wait till all remaining episodes have aired to continue watching.

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