“Fantastic” Episode 3 Preview + Quick Week One Thoughts

I’m not a big jTBC drama fan but given that I enjoyed Age of Youth, I decided to give its replacement a shot.

FantastiC is a rom-com about a terminally ill writer and a terrible actor. The trailers didn’t impress me much but given that I like the actors that’ll make up the secondary couple (Park Si Yeon and Ji Soo), I figured I’d watch it like I did We Are Dating Now where I pretty much fast forwarded through the primary couple’s story.

But luckily for me, it looks like I get to enjoy this drama completely because I enjoyed the first two episodes despite no secondary couple interactions. In fact, Ji Soo has yet to appear in the drama.

So Hye is a successful drama writer whose family loves her but treats her like a bank. They are very irresponsible with their money but she supports them and lets them get away with their immature behavior because she can’t bear to see them suffer. I almost slapped her sister when she reminded her that even if she helps them financially, she should remember that she’s older. Well, Sis, if you acted like it, she wouldn’t have to bail you out all the friggin’ time!

Hae Sung is a huge Hallyu star. He’s big in China but can’t act to save his life. He and So Hye share a painful past and after a huge spat, he only agrees to continue the drama because his grandma is losing her sight and is hanging on to watch one more Korean drama of his.

And this is pretty much the set up for the first two episodes: two people with unresolved issues bickering all the time. It’s pretty obvious he isn’t really over her because he keeps pestering her and trying to piss her off. He made her promise to take his ideas into consideration but all he seems to care about is his appearance. I think he feels his looks can mask his bad acting.

There appears to be a misunderstanding based on him abandoning their first production together. He’d been a stage actor before then and she got him the role. She thinks he dumped it for fortune and fame but a flashback revealed that he’d overheard her badmouthing him to a director. As these things often go, I bet she was only saying that to protect him and stop the director from doing whatever it was he planned to do. I’m not sure if they were officially dating but there were mutual feelings when this happened. Part of the fun will be watching these two resolve this misunderstanding.

The other major storyline features So Hye’s childhood friend, Seol. She married into a rich family and gave up her independence. Her mother-in-law and sister-in-law treat her with disdain and think of her as their slave. Her husband cheats on her and only cares about her as it pertains to his image. He thinks he’s doing her a favor because she’s been unable to get pregnant and his family is taking care of her sick mother. The most shocking thing to happen to her was her husband’s mistress slapping her on her hospital bed. I can’t wait till she teaches that woman a lesson.

So Hye’s other love interest is Dr. Hong. She usually consults with him on medical scenes but he’s also her doctor and the person who reveals that she’s got breast cancer. He’s a lung cancer survivor himself and they’ve got lots in common, including dreaming of vacationing in the same place. She considers dating him, even going to what she thought was an invited date till she sees another woman with him. Yikes.

And that’s how she ends up kissing Hae Sung. Yeah, in Episode 2, we get a kiss. Throughout the first two episodes, Hae Sung constantly bugs her, bombarding her with ideas for the drama. Most of it involves his fashion choices and highlighting a romance in what is an action drama.

Right after seeing her doctor with another woman, she runs into Hae Sung who’s conveniently waiting to talk to her about a kiss scene. He doesn’t agree with the way it’s written, saying it’s old fashioned and just when he tells her that there should be an element of surprise, she grabs his face and kisses him.

Why did she kiss him? Was she just transferring the love that was meant for the doctor? Or was it due to resolved feelings? Or both?

Next week introduces Ji Soo whose character will be smitten the second he meets Seol.

It looks like So Hye is determined to enjoy her last days as best she can but will she accept any treatment?

Credit: jTBC

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  • paloma says:

    I was so pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed these 2 episodes!! Especially considering that my Jisoo-love hasn’t even shown up lol

    I’m so glad we’re diving right in to Seol finding her badass self again. Park Si Yeon is doing an amazing job conveying that feeling of Seol’s broken spirit and the way she’s been forced to keep everything in. I wanted to cry with her every time. Like you, can’t wait till that Assemblywoman gets her due!

    I feel myself already invested in all the leads and can’t wait to see how the miscommunication between the 2 main leads is resolved.

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