“Jealousy Incarnate” Episode 5 Preview + Quick Thoughts On Week 2

Other than Ppal Gang’s dad’s unnecessarily long dream sequence, I really enjoyed this week’s episodes. Episode 4 made me laugh so hard. There was Hwa Shin’s epic trip when Na Ri forgot her access card and the craziness with Ppal Gang’s mothers and the chef. Those two are destined to want the same things, aren’t they?

The breast cancer scenes always make me feel uncomfortable because I find myself laughing at things I feel shouldn’t be laughed at. Am I the only one who feels this way? Particularly because I feel I shouldn’t be laughing at a poor guy who finds himself with breast cancer.

Speaking of which, isn’t Jung Won adorable? My heart fluttered when he said “Let’s call it cheating.” ❤ I love this character and want him to break free of his parents and follow his heart but I ultimately want Na Ri with Hwa Shin, even if he’s a manipulative, self-centered, proud jerk. I really need Jung Won to give him a run for his money so that we can see just how jealous he can get.

I enjoyed the hospital scenes – those two really have great chemistry. I doubt that a hospital would actually let an unrelated man and woman share a room but it was good. Loved the scenes we got out of it, particularly when they were both exercising their lungs. Really liked Na Ri kissing and telling Hwa Shin off but she keeps convincing herself that she’s finally over him which is proof that she isn’t. On the plus side, he believes it which is making him a little miserable. LOL. That’s what you get, fool.

Anyway, the show has really surprised me and while I’m still worried about the episode length, I’m looking forward for more. Wednesday, come quickly!

Na Ri does the weather forecast right after surgery. Will she pass out on air? I hope not but whatever happens, Jung Won will be there to literally pick her up. I love you, Oppa. Speaking of which, while he has the presence of an older man, I can’t help noticing that the actor is obviously the youngest of the three.

I can’t wait till Hwa Shin learns that his friend is interested in Na Ri. It’s going to be so fun!

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  • Riiko says:

    I really love this drama ! It seems like Hwa Shin was already interested in Na Ri long before their reunion because at one point (I don’t remember exactly when but I think it’s in episode 1) we understand that he always watches her segment on tv and when she approached him and his Best Friend for the first time he was suddenly unbutonning his shirt like he was annoyed and it was too hot but it seemed to me like he was thinking back at how much she seemed to enjoy to touch his chest just before in his bedroom and wanting to let her have another look 😀

    But I have to admit that I’m a little uncomfortable with the subject of the breast cancer too because we were concerned by it not so long ago in my family and when Hwa Shin realizes that he has it I couldn’t laugh watching him act like that, in fact I cried because that fear is in me. It is the second drama that I really like to watch but is making me uncomfortable at times (the 1st one is W, with all the gunshots that many countries endure, it’s just so/too close to reality sometimes…)

    Nevertheless, I can’t wait for the next episodes, I want to see a real jealous Hwa Shin !! And I find it’s a very good idea to show the different events from the 2points of views of our main characters (like how she answers her phone when he’s in the hospital, for example)

  • ckphoenix ckphoenix says:

    Clock, the kiss scene is a favourite! I never thought I’d say out loud the line “Jo Jung Seok, you deserve it, man!” after watching Gong Hyo Jin walk away. LOL. I know the chemistry is great, that scene proved why. The heart of Hyo Jin outweighed the awkwardness, it made JJS’s reaction priceless!

    – leila

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