Random Musings: Moonlight Drawn by Clouds Week 2

I can stare at him all day.. those eyes are simply divine! Lee Yeong’s lingering gaze is going to be the death of me. Park Bo Gum, is there anything you can do that won’t affect my heart??

The answer to that would be: NONE.

Personal Thoughts: Episode 3 & 4

Bravery amidst difficulty & fear takes courage.

Lee Yeong made me feel his confidence, he is capable to defeat the enemies with sweetest honey. I am loving this kind of battle! I don’t want to see any blood-stained clothes here, please. I know the probability of it not happening is slim. Minister Kim won’t easily be defeated by a mere King-to-be. He was furious that the Prince even had the tenacity to twist his words at the Royal Court.

The Prince is cunning!

He will not simply become The King to replace his father. He can redefine what it means to lead and rule over his subjects and his people. Even though it was perilous to attack Minister Kim from behind, he took the challenge head-on! The Prince made a strong impression in front of everyone during the King’s birthday feast. If that is any indication of how he will lead, then Joseon is in great hands.

Hail to a sagacious Prince! If only cheerleaders are allowed inside the Royal court, I will be there, shouting cheers of joy!

You always appear whenever I am in trouble or weary. It is amazing. – Ra On

Is it really fate? No. Most of the time, it’s the other “F” word. Though it’s sweet that he always arrive in the nick of time to help Ra On, this set-up only leads to the friend zone.

Yoon Sung is made of a pure heart. And some of the viewers already have the worse SLS because they prefer to love him. I can feel the agony of a heartbreak already. Currently we are at the edge of our seat, waiting if The Prince will discover that Ra On, his very own Eunuch, is a woman. Surely Yoon Sung will protect her again. But will he use the same excuse? I doubt if it will work the second time. What will he do?

But I’m more curious to know if Yoon Sung will be the typical man loving a woman from behind, or we’ll finally see him step-up above the rest. Then again, he might simply step aside too, once The Prince admits he loves Ra On. Honestly, I’m craving to see something different. The Moonie hiccups (Sungkyunkwan Scandal) must end. Just saying.

Memories are strong when created with your heart. This way, it lingers like the cold water in Yeong’s body when it’s soaked in the rain. It was poignant to witness the young Prince and his mother happily dancing in the rain. I cried as he reminisced, feeling his mother come to life in his heart. He was oblivious of the woman beside him, but he quickly recognised Ra On’s hand gesture because it looks familiar.

This is a favourite!

I felt the warmth amidst the silence and cold wind of the rain. This scenario never fails to captivate my heart.

The cinematography is simply breathtaking!

Looking at it deeply, this made me feel like The Prince and Ra On is looking at their future. Ohnoes. Let me scratch that intuition.

Right now, The Prince is reaching for a hand, he can not hold. He looked at the final dancer and he was mesmerised, more than just because of her beauty. I hope the next episode will ease the questions I’m longing to be answered.

See you, SOON!



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