“Drinking Solo” Episode 3 Preview + Thoughts On Week One

Anyone reading this blog is probably wondering how many dramas I’m watching and the answer is TONS! I’ve probably watched more dramas this year than the last two combined.

I didn’t watch the first two Let’s Eat dramas and only decided to give this a shot because it took over for Let’s Fight Ghost. Hence, the only thing I knew about it is that it involves drinking.

The drama is set at an academy for people preparing for civil service examinations. It’s interesting partly because it’s about something I know absolutely nothing about. One storyline follows the instructors while the other the students.

What do I think so far? So far, so alright. There have only been two episodes and I don’t think it’s anything that will blow me away but it’s pleasant enough to keep watching.

Our male lead, Jin Jung Suk (Ha Seok Jin) is the most popular instructor in the whole friggin’ world. His classes are always full (plus online streaming) because I’m assuming his students have a high success rate. He’s in high demand by all academies, earning millions of dollars a year (is this even realistic?). He’s extremely arrogant and is called “High Quality Trash” by those who know and loathe him. He values hard work and is very judgmental towards anyone he considers an underachiever. This goes back to when a sunbae of his sucked up to their professor and stole his thesis to get what should have been Jung Suk’s professorship. He drinks solo every night to end the day and revel in the fact that he doesn’t have to spend time drinking with people he doesn’t like.

Our female lead is Park Ha Na (Park Ha Sun) who’s a newbie instructor at the academy after leaving one that shut down and didn’t pay her for three months. She started as a part-timer to make ends meet but as these things often happen, it became her career. She’s got low self esteem and is a people-pleaser. This makes her a target for Jung Suk. Most of the first two episodes comprised of her running around like headless a chicken aiding everyone at her own expense. She drinks solo every night because it’s the one thing that consoles her after a hard day.

There are other characters like their workmates, Jin Yi, the friend who got Ha Na the gig, and Jin Woong who annoyingly impersonates famous actors to make his classes interesting. There’s also their boss who constantly sucks up to Jung Suk. The younger cast is comprised of Gong Myung, Jung Suk’s unemployed brother who will soon attend the academy, Ki Bum, the rich kid with no motivation to study and actually pass the exam and Dong Young, who’s struggling to pass the exam so he can find a job and escape poverty. He recently got dumped by his girlfriend who was pressured by her family to stop wasting her time with him.

Who else saw the twist coming? I knew that the two main storylines had to converge and it was obvious that Gong Myung would be the key. But when he witnessed Ha Na going bananas on Jung Suk’s photo and commented that he’s being hated as always, I knew they had to be siblings. I’m sure this wasn’t supposed to be a surprise. lol

As it stands, I can’t say that I root for the OTP yet because he’s so horribly arrogant that I keep waiting for someone to kick him off his high horse. And I don’t care that his opinion of her will change when he realizes that he’s misjudged her but what could possibly make her like him? And it’s not like he’s only horrible to certain people… nope. He’s horrible to everyone and thinks his shit don’t stink so right now, he really sucks.

I like the young cast’s bromance and really enjoy the scenes featuring Ki Bum and Gong Myung. I can’t wait to see what finally motivates Ki Bum to study and move on to the next phase of his life. Gong Myung is adorable but has no life ambition so I hope his feelings for Ha Na won’t be his only motivation to clean up his act. Poor Dong Young. His girlfriend dumped him but she still loved him enough to leave money with the ajumma and keep him fed. It’s not easy to be in a 5-year relationship with a man struggling and stuck in the same spot so I understand why she let him go.

Next week promises more of Jin Sang (his real name) being a jerk and Ha Na hating her life. Oy vey. Girl, you really need to let this fool have it but given his arrogance, it will likely go in one ear and out through the other.

How cute is Gong Myung? But dude, focus on your studies and not on recruiting students for a teacher who probably barely notices you. The longer preview that aired after the episode showed Ha Na crying in class. I wonder what that’ll be about. It had better not have anything to do with Jin Sang.

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  • martha says:

    He is so horrible that I cannot imagine what will make her like him. Really he is a terrible shit. LOL

  • Lorraine says:

    Honestly, the characters in Let’s Eat series are more relatable. So much of this seems contrived. I don’t think any of the characters so far are all that likable. You want to root for the lead gal but she’s always bumbling. And the lead guy doesn’t have any redeeming qualities that I can see. And frankly he’s not even that good looking. His little brother is cute enough and I’m guessing having him stay with him will help humanize him but at this point I find it hard to care.

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