English-Subbed “Moonlight Drawn By Clouds” Episode 7 Preview

I’m totally loving this drama. It’s proof that a simple plot can charm with the right direction, writing and acting.

Pops needs to pop a Xanax. Dude is constantly two seconds away from a heart attack. I hope the “traitor” Silver Spoon believes needs to be found to set his father’s heart at ease is the Hong person and not his beloved bodyguard/double agent. My suspicion is that the Hong guy is Ra On’s dad and that he’s not a traitor at all, if past Kdramas are anything to go by.

It looks to me that the prince knows Eunuch Hong is actually a woman but it also looks like the entire palace is onto him because he can’t hide his affection for her. Let’s see how this goes down.

I lowkey ship Yoon Sung and Ra On because he’s such a protector but I think he kind of needs to back off and not try to get her to stop pretending to be a man… although it might be for her own good because being in the palace is too dangerous. Either way, he’s kind and caring but like everyone else, has his own agenda which in this instance is to get her away from the Crown Prince, protect her and win her heart. It’s quite interesting that as a child, she longed to be given a pretty dress and asked to present herself as a girl but everything is complicated now.

I highkey ship Ra On and the Crown Prince and can’t wait to see more shenanigans. Ra On has been shown to be very smart and resourceful so I hope she’s not relegated to the damsel in distress role while all these wonderful men around her scramble to protect her. Let’s see how she gets out of this genitalia search dilemma.

Credit: Uploader, KBS


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