W – Two Worlds Episode 14: Everyone Needs A Magic Tablet

Tessieroo: We’re back in the hospital and as Chul watches, the docs are forced to use the paddles on Yeon Joo because she’s flat-lining. Suddenly, her heart starts beating again.

Clockwatcher: They can’t kill the female lead, can they?

Tessieroo: The writer wouldn’t dare, there would be riots in the streets. EVIL Prosecutor pulls up to inspect the sight of Chul’s gun-fight with the killer. OMO, did he put on gloves? I’m in shock! He takes the slip of paper with the hideout address on it he had been forced to give to Chul and then checks on the killer, who is dead. Sorry for this but…YAY! He goes inside the warehouse and asks the one lone survivor about the blood on the floor. He’s told the killer shot a young woman but no one can explain where she disappeared to.

Clockwatcher: What cracked me up in this scene is that he grabbed his gloves but touched the car before putting them on. Haha.

Tessieroo: LMAO, true. He finds something important in the trunk of the killer’s car but we don’t see what it is.

Tessieroo: Back in his office, Appa’s face is suddenly restored and he “wakes up”. He notices the tablet is smashed and he’s holding a hammer in his hand. He immediately begins searching for Yeon Joo, having visions of what the killer did to her. Soo Bong, who has been hiding outside (LOL) tries again to phone Yeon Joo but Appa, who discovers Yeon Joo’s phone inside answers. They rush to the hideout location but are told the injured woman was taken to the hospital.

Clockwatcher: I guess the address for the hideout was written in the manhwa.

Tessieroo: I guess so but they didn’t show anyone reading it. *sigh* Details. At the hospital, they’re told by a nurse what happened. In flashback, we see Chul being told by the doctor that Yeon Joo’s surgery went well but she suffered a heart attack due to blood loss. She’s unconscious, not breathing on her own and not reacting to anything – she might not make it. Appa collapses, asking where she is but is then told the shocking news that she and Chul both disappeared.

Clockwatcher: Did he take her into the ‘toon?

Tessieroo: That would make sense. In another flashback, we see Chul sitting by Yeon Joo’s bedside when he overhears a cop outside wanting his statement. When the nurse led the cop inside the room, they were both gone. I’m also guessing Chul is once again not the lead character since his hand keeps flashing in and out.

Clockwatcher: Who knows? I expect some other variable/rule/explanation that completely negates that one.

Tessieroo: Soo Bong and Appa head back to the workshop. Soo Bong has to lie to Mom about where Yeon Joo is while Appa gets drunk and stares at photos of himself with his daughter, calling out her name. *sigh* This is not the time to be drinking, old man!

Clockwatcher: I don’t know what he can do but we now know who Yeon Joo learned to wallow in self-pity from.

Tessieroo: Agree. Shouldn’t this guy’s liver be shot by now?

Clockwatcher: For real. But I suppose we shouldn’t rag on him because his only daughter’s life is at stake (which is a big deal) and his toon played a big part in making that happen.

Tessieroo: Chul shows up at the workshop with the news that he took Yeon Joo into the webtoon. If something went wrong in the REAL world, they wouldn’t be able to undo it. Okay, that kinda makes sense.

Clockwatcher: Yeah. But so far, has the writer/tablet god/whomever been able to manipulate a real character? Yeon Joo making Chul’s experiences a dream affected only him.

Tessieroo: I know, right! So Yeon Joo spent 3 days in the hospital in the webtoon before Chul moved her to his hotel room because he couldn’t explain the gunshot wound. She spent another week there, only opened her eyes once but then died. SERIOUSLY? WTF, show?

Clockwatcher: LMAO. Well, luckily for us, she’s only dead in the webtoon.

Tessieroo: I guess the good news is that Chul is right, if she dies in the toon they can somehow re-write it? Except that the tablet is gone. UGH! There’s gotta be a way out of this. Appa collapses again while both Soo Bong and Chul cry.

Clockwatcher: And to think this show started off comedic.

Tessieroo: I remember thinking it had turned into a horror but this is ridiculous. At the hospital, Professor Park learns Appa has been admitted for “stress” and blames himself for leaving nasty comments that “W” was rubbish. LMAO! He goes to visit Appa, badgering him with questions about why Yeon Joo died in the webtoon. I don’t know why but Appa seems strange to me, is the killer still inside of him somehow? The look in his eyes is creeping me out.

Clockwatcher: I think it goes back to the killer saying they are connected. He appears to share some of the killer’s memories.

Tessieroo: Or maybe not. (LOL) Appa rushes to the roof of the hospital and tries to jump off but Chul stops him. He’s devastated that he shot his own daughter but Chul begs him to pull himself together in order to save Yeon Joo. *scratcheshead* Can’t wait to see how it will play out this time. Chul explains that when Yeon Joo married him, she became a cartoon character – just like him. And they can save her using drawings.

Clockwatcher: Chul’s investigative skills are amazing. He knows every damn thing. But if she’s a cartoon character – and a main one for that matter – how come when she was out of the toon and thought of him during his amnesia phase, he never popped out?

Tessieroo: If you could see my face right now…I think I need snacks to watch the rest of this. *heads to kitchen*

Clockwatcher: Get me something too.

Tessieroo: Okay, ramen for everyone! Appa brings up the fact that the tablet is broken, he destroyed it himself on the killers orders but Chul thinks the tablet is there…somewhere. MEH?

Clockwatcher: Maybe he will use his computer skills to put it back together.

Tessieroo: Ahh, Chul is supposed to be a computer whiz so maybe you’re right. Soo Bong and Professor Park search for Appa, Professor Park finally admits he asked Appa about Yeon Joo dying. Soo Bong freaks out, screaming in Professor Park’s face: WHY did he bring that up, is he crazy? LMAO, this screaming freak out is glorious. I adore Soo Bong, this might be my favorite scene in the whole drama.

Clockwatcher: Haha, he surely wasn’t expecting that reaction.

Tessieroo: Flashback to Chul explaining to Appa how much Yeon Joo means to him, she is his family. He plans to save her and live happily together, he won’t let anyone drag him down this time, he will get his happy ending. He seems pretty determined and I think Appa is also impressed. He also explains that he believes there is another tablet somewhere. Chul carries Appa back to his room, telling Appa he’s also important to him because he’s Chul’s wife’s father, they are family. Appa smiles, calling Chul an arrogant punk.

Clockwatcher: I like the piggyback ride Chul gave Appa – it almost made me ship them. Haha. This makes me understand why he’s so determined to be married to someone he doesn’t remember. Some will call it love but this scene made me think that being with Yeon Joo is proof to him that he’s got will and is real and not simply a cartoon character.

Tessieroo: He seems desperate for a family, that’s for sure. Sure enough, in flashback we see the killer forced Appa to draw a tablet and place it inside his trunk. OMO, so that’s what EVIL Prosecutor saw! Appa finally remembers but since police didn’t find the tablet in the killers trunk, they both know it must have been taken by EVIL Prosecutor even though he has no clue what it’s used for. One of his assistants explains to him that it’s used by illustrators for drawing. This is all so convenient.

Clockwatcher: To say the least. Nothing can be taken seriously on this show because some new variable, rule or twist will change it in the next episode.

Tessieroo: Chul transports himself back into the webtoon in order to find the tablet but is caught in a trap, EVIL Prosecutor was just waiting for him to show up. He injects Chul with a drug to knock him out. Chul wakes up to find himself tied to a chair. EVIL Prosecutor figured out how to work the tablet, drawing things that would then show up in his hand but he doesn’t completely understand where it came from or why Chul knew he had it. He proceeds to beat the shit outta Chul, demanding answers.

Clockwatcher: I kept wondering why Chul didn’t just disappear but apparently, the drug prevented it. Haha. As you said, very convenient. He was able to pull Yeon Joo into the ‘toon from deep in his subconscious when he couldn’t even remember her but apparently, this drug stops him from performing his magic trick.

Tessieroo: At the hospital, Soo Bong gets a text that the next episode of “W” is up. He reads through it and screams when he comes to the part showing Chul, bloodied and beaten on the floor with EVIL Prosecutor looming over him. Back in the toon, Chul tells EVIL Prosecutor something but we’re not told what. He doesn’t believe Chul and kicks him in the face on his way out, taking the tablet with him. His goons place Chul back in a chair when suddenly, Chul speaks out to Soo Bong that he should have the tablet by now and to guard it well. The words “To Be Continued” show up on the screen.

Clockwatcher: Is anyone still reading the webtoon? I would have dropped it a long time ago. Now he’s just blurting out random names (to the ‘toon reader)?

Tessieroo: ROFL, that was my exact thought – the readers are probably so confused. In flashback, Chul explained everything to EVIL Prosecutor: that he wanted to bring the tablet to it’s owner so he could draw Yeon Joo back to life.

Clockwatcher: So only the owner can bring Yeon Joo back to life but a random like the prosecutor can draw/open up Appa’s photos of guns, syringes and whatever else and have them appear?

Tessieroo: EVIL Prosecutor sent some of his goons to Chul’s hotel apartment to check if Chul’s story was true – was Yeon Joo there and was she dead? After it’s confirmed, EVIL Prosecutor heads to the hospital, presumably to speak with Appa? Chul is transported back to the REAL world and he then calls EVIL Prosecutor into the REAL world. I feel a headache coming on, pass me the Advil.

Clockwatcher: Yeah, he sent him to the ‘toon world’s address of Appa’s hospital room.

Tessieroo: Suddenly, EVIL Prosecutor finds himself in Appa’s room. Soo Bong tries to grab the tablet, they struggle but Appa eventually knocks EVIL Prosecutor out. Appa quickly plugs the tablet in and turns it on as behind them, EVIL Prosecutor vanishes. WUT? Chul must have pulled him back out? And how is Appa’s hand suddenly vanishing too?

Clockwatcher: The next twist is that Appa, Yeon Joo and everyone in the “real” world are all cartoon characters too. LOL

Tessieroo: I honestly might like that better, they should all go live as toons. *snicker* Two warehouse workers find Chul, bloodied and passed out. And suddenly, Yeon Joo’s heart starts beating again. Hottie Do Yoon walks into the bedroom to find Yeon Joo alive and yells for the nurse while the words “To Be Continued” show up again. She phones Soo Bong who has yet another screaming freak out that she’s alive. LMAO, he’s the best asking if all her fingers and toes move? *kekeke*

Clockwatcher: I am surprised Soo Bong hasn’t yet died of hypertension.

Tessieroo: Yeon Joo learns Appa is back but Chul was tortured. She logs on to the webtoon to read what happened and cries at everything Chul went through to bring her back. *sniff*

Tessieroo: She goes outside the hotel to wait for Chul but with one flash of lightning, she’s suddenly back in the webtoon and sees So Hee. Suddenly the words: “Final Episode” show up on the screen.

Clockwatcher: Did Chul drag her back in?


Clockwatcher: I see lots of people stressed by this show but I now find it unintentionally funny. Haha

Tessieroo: I keep telling myself to forget trying to figure out the how/why of things and just go with the flow, it’s much more palatable that way. For me, Soo Bong stole this episode completely. I found his scenes more entertaining than anything else. Maybe it’s because I knew Yeon Joo wasn’t really dead?

Clockwatcher: Soo Bong represents the viewers which is why we feel some kinship with him. LOL

Tessieroo: And while it was hard to watch Chul being tortured, since it happened inside the webtoon, it didn’t bother me as much as it probably should have. I figured he would just zip back into the REAL world and the bruises & blood would all be gone. All in all, this episode was pretty good as long as you don’t pay any attention to variables or insane twists. By the way, it’s your turn to bring snacks next time.

Clockwatcher: Done.


  • PiscesDragon says:

    “Soo Bong represents the viewers which is why we feel some kinship with him. LOL.” Your comment made my day. I also stopped figuring out the how and why of things in this drama. When Kang Chul said in episode 10, “Am I too dumb for this?”, I thought maybe, I need two brains to understand all the “variables” in the Two Worlds.

  • Rosee70 says:

    I love this drama. But i guess its because i just enjoy the ride and i dont even try to understand the reasoning for each action and reaction.
    Honestly, this drama should have been a 30-episode drama. The writer is trying to cram everything by having the characters explain with flashbacks, i almost lost interest. Even the love line is unclear.
    I truly love watching W but frankly speaking, it tried to be everything too much-crime/fantasy/romance/comedy in a short time. Something had to give.

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