“Jealousy Incarnate” Episode 7 Preview with English Subs + Thoughts

This show continues in its trend of making us laugh at the wrong time. There Hwa Shin was, crying his eyes out at his brother’s funeral and there I was, rolling on the floor laughing. Why, Writer/Director, do you do us so? Why did you make him wail and cry out so comically? He’s mourning his brother, for goodness sake!

What’s with the slapping, though? Hwa Shin’s two sisters-in-law really had the gumption to slap the chef because he hid Ppal Gang from them. It’s unacceptable for them to slap their subordinates at work but even more ridiculous to go around slapping strangers.

Anyway, while I still ship Hwa Shin and Na Ri, I prefer Jung Won’s approach where he doesn’t act like a 12-year-old. He doesn’t hide anything from his friend and he pointedly tells Na Ri that he’s interested in her. Like, does she really think that he’s hanging out with her for his health? Lets her know that he’s been interested since Thailand. I much prefer him to the typical second lead who watches from the sidelines without expressing his feelings. I’m good as long as they don’t make him pushy or clingy. In fact, I want them to date!

The only problem is Hwa Shin whom Na Ri won’t get over. As much as I love her scenes with Jung Won (the gleam in his eye when he looks at her, that scene of her recreating her Home Shopping video, the way they talk and laugh together, omo, I just like them!) he and Na Ri just have a better connection. You can tell that these two get each other in a way no one else would. Like, they would never run out of things to say to each other. A very solid friendship/foundation can be built between them once Hwa Shin gets his head out of his ass. He’s simultaneously too proud and self-loathing. It’s an interesting mix.

I’m excited because they are finally out of the hospital. It was fun but an example of too much of a good thing. The family has finally been reunited and it’ll be interesting to see the black sheep Hwa Shin interact with a family who blames him for his brother’s death without realizing that he’d been forgiven.

More of Na Ri and Jung Won (yes!) and more of Hwa Shin pretending it doesn’t bother him. I’m really looking forward to seeing Na Ri back at work and following her journey towards becoming an anchor (if it eventually ends there).

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  • Su L says:

    I couldn’t quite understand why Na Ri was showing Jung Won something on her phone and laughing about it while Hwa Shin was crying about his brother’s passing. Was Na Ri showing Hwa Shin’s picture with the bra on? Also, she seems to have become meaner in her verbal attack of Hwa Shin, which does not look or sound pretty at all. I was kind of turned off by it.

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      I think it’s okay for her to be meaner to Hwa Shin because he doesn’t hold back with her. I don’t know what the video is. It might not be the bra video but if it is, perhaps after seeing his family, she realizes that he’s alone and wants his friend to take care of him. I feel that whatever is revealed next week won’t paint her in a negative light.

    • Lclarakl says:

      I have a feeling that the video will be a picture of Hwa Shin’s brother when he was alive doing something funny. Na Ri isn’t so callous that she would be disrespect of where she is….a funeral.

  • Rachel says:

    I love this show to pieces. I like how all the characters have depth, and the feel of the show is a little bit surreal. The mammogram, the farting, and the bra scene all had me in stitches. I can’t root for Hwa Shin because he is just such an ass to Pyo Na Ri. I hope she dates Jung Won for a little while, at least.

    I don’t think she was showing Jung Won the bra video. She isn’t that mean, right?

  • paloma says:

    I saw someone call Hwa Shin’s ending monologue as tragic-comedy gold and I couldn’t agree more LMAO!

    This drama made me want to cry twice (Na Ri/Mom scene & Hwa Shin/hyung on the phone scene) but also had me laughing till I cried later. I couldn’t agree more about how refreshing it is to see a non-clingy, passive second lead. Let’s hope that continues *crosses fingers*. It’s been a longgg time since I’ve been so invested in both leads.

    I’m with Rachel in thinking Na Ri didn’t show him the bra video.

    Also can we talk about the main nurse and the doctor!! Such scene-stealers! Lmao

  • kimsunya says:

    I don’t like JW nd i try sooo hard not to get touched by his actions i got admit that he nailed it with the front kiss nd his gentle mooves however it gives me pain to see LHS hurt nd jealous from his friend yet he can’t express his feelings .it’s true that PNR with LHS is tooo much different from PNR with JW .what made me not have the SLS is that JW is tooo perfect a golden boy with all materiels it’s not right him nd PNR does not fitt together whenever she’s around HS she becomes a badass too she will yell at him fart infront of him tease him she will be comfortable which is not the case with JW she’s the super sweet girl the shy one the weak one nd i don’t like that i want her to be herself not to make live shows to him .I crieed as much as i could when i saw HS hitting by his mom i thought PNR will defend him however it did not happen i was quite disappointed but i guess she’s not the kind to stand up for people whom she care about which is not for LHS i waaas sooo moved by him standing for NR nd letting her get her job i waas so proud of him i know he ‘s afraid to let her approach when he told her if you had a good taste you woulddn’t fall for a man like mee he thinks that he’s not good for her or he will make her sad that”s why he keeps pushing her away yet he’s not willing to let her goo… I must say i was pissed of from PNR nd how she was laughing with JW at LHS brother funeral it was impolite nd meaaan i was crying soo haaard with LHS i didn’t think the scene was comic one in fact it was sssooo painful how he feels so guilty about wht he did OMG can’t holde my teaars
    Another thing from the summary of the drama it talks about work competition so what’s the meaning behind “jealousy incarnate” title i only see LHS jealous from the first ep what is he supposed to be jealous the whole drama??? nd why he skiped the chemical sessions is he willing to die or whaaaat??? nd saying to NR nd JW that they should date while he’s in love with her OMG it pissed mee offff it’s like he’s giving up on his love nd life to his frieeend and it’s nonsensical reaaaaaally he should grow up she was the one who told him to pretend like they don’t know eash other so why she keeps sticking to him why he should pretend that he deosn”t know her whyyy???? he should learn from his past mistakes he should approach to her confess his true feelings if he’s happy he should say soo if he’s jealous he should say thaat too why must be till the last moment where he confesses nd she deosnt pay attention it'”s just unfaaaair :'( anyway i really hope he can behave good so that he can gain her trust nd crush agaaaaain

  • Lclarakl says:

    I’ve reached the point of now return I fear…..I absolutely love Jung Won with NaRi. I look forward to their scenes together. I know they are not the end game and I’m disappointed. There have only been 4 or 5 dramas in the past where I shipped the second lead…..now I can add this one to the list. Jung Won’s not only hot, he’s also kind and considerate. A man who had no expectation or plans to marry for love, maybe no thought of ever falling in love, has finally met a woman who is making him take notice and do things he normally wouldn’t do. As for me, Hwa Shin is being overshadowed by his quiet, supportive friend who seems very lonely. Yes, I would love if he and Na Ri ended up together—but I know it won’t happen.

  • Libes says:

    I had a feeling, the beef scam report that Hs did on his brother was actually requested by Js (big brother) himself. Either to clear Js own concience or for other reason. HS agreed to covered it and ready to excepted the blame. Well, that was my own theory tho’… anybody share my thought?

  • MinaBoom says:

    Hi there
    I’m bothered by HS last sentence in the ep ?!
    Threatening / Wishing death up on Pyo Na To ?!!!
    Was the translation wrong ?!

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