W – Two Worlds Episode 15: When Your Webtoon Boyfriend Breaks Up With You

Tessieroo: I’m almost afraid to watch this episode, what horrible things does the writer have planned for the characters?

Clockwatcher: I’m sure whatever is planned will be MIND-BlOWING! And SHOCKING! LOL

Tessieroo: So we begin with EVIL Prosecutor getting the latest from his goons: he suddenly showed up on the floor and Chul just disappeared. They don’t know what happened or what it means. (LOL)

Clockwatcher: Variables, my friend. They are called variables!

Tessieroo: Chul tries to get the workers who found him to call him a taxi but they argue he should go to a hospital. While they’re arguing, Chul vanishes and ends up back in the webtoon in front of the place he was tortured – just as EVIL Prosecutor and his goons pull up. OH, COME ON! *throws pencils* He looks up, sees where he is and seems shocked. At the same time, the words: “Final Episode” show up on the screen. He’s also surprised to see EVIL Prosecutor.

Clockwatcher: Who dragged him in?

Tessieroo: Back at his workshop, Appa is desperately waiting for the new episode of “W” to show up, clicking away frantically. *blink* He totally looks like me when I’m waiting for the next subbed episode of my favorite drama to show up. *heh*

Clockwatcher: Girl, that’s me everything Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thurs… dang. I need to break this addiction.

Tessieroo: It finally does and he reads that Yeon Joo is now alive. He rushes out to grab a taxi, presumably headed to the hotel Yeon Joo is at but just as he grabs the door handle, he’s thrown back into the webtoon as well. WUT? Has this become like the Bates Motel or Hotel California – you can never leave?

And suddenly, the words: “Final Episode” show up on Appa’s screen too. Poor old man, he looks so confused plus he almost gets run over in the street.

Clockwatcher: Appa was very rarely in the ‘toon but I guess he needs to be pulled in for whatever is about to unfold.

Tessieroo: We’re back to Yeon Joo, standing outside the hotel in the rain as the words “Final Episode” show up. She rushes back inside to ask a desk clerk what the date is. It’s August but she suddenly realizes it’s 2017! A whole year has passed? Who the hell is at the controls here?

Clockwatcher: The writer, Song Jae Jung.

Tessieroo: *shaking head* Unbelievable. She sees So Hee exiting the hotel and follows her. They talk, So Hee warmly explains she no longer works for Chul or his company and Chul was arrested last September. In flashback, we see EVIL Prosecutor and his goons dump beaten, bloody Chul in front of an Emergency Medical Center.

Clockwatcher: An episode ago, he was cool with letting him die because he’s dead anyway. I guess we should be glad for his change of heart.

Tessieroo: So Hee explains that Chul has been in jail for a year for murder, escape, fabricating evidence, blah, blah, blah. He was found guilty and given the death penalty but appealed the verdict. The verdict for the appeal should be out tomorrow in court, So Hee tells Yeon Joo if she wants to see him, she should go there. She also tells Yeon Joo she’s not going, she’s headed for the U.S. Welp, guess that wasn’t true love.

Clockwatcher: I know. I feel bad for all the ‘toon shippers. This sank that ship to the bottom of the ocean.

Tessieroo: I gotta say, I really like this So Hee. She’s warm, friendly, caring and sensible…unlike someone else I know. On the one hand, she dumped Chul when he was thrown in jail and/or lied to her about being alive. On the other hand, girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do to live her own life and move forward. Kudos to So Hee.

Clockwatcher: I love how you like her now that she’s leaving town. Haha.

Tessieroo: Of course. *hee* Yeon Joo finds the courtroom and walks in. Do Yoon sees her and literally gasps out loud, calling her name, which causes everyone in the room to turn and look at her – including Chul. There is a very long, loving stare-down between the two until Do Yoon pulls her down to sit by him. Rawwrrrr. *kekeke* Sorry, getting sidetracked by the very young, very hot Lee Tae Hwan. Anyhoo…

Clockwatcher: I love how they were willing to pause the court proceedings for a little romance.

Tessieroo: The appeal is denied, Chul is still facing the death penalty but he’s so happy to see Yeon Joo, he sits there with a big smile on his face. The guards allow Chul to speak with Yeon Joo, whom he says is his wife that he hasn’t seen for a year. (LOL) He was filled with doubt about their relationship when she didn’t show up and thinks it’s unfair a whole year passed. Awwww, I do agree with him on this one. Sucks to be a toon.

Clockwatcher: Well, I suppose it was his turn to spend months thinking about her.

Tessieroo: He tried to go back to the REAL world for an entire year but it didn’t work, he thinks it’s because this is the last episode.  He’s taken away and hottie Do Yoon tells Yeon Joo to be strong because the appeals aren’t over yet. She learns that when Chul found himself thrown back in the webtoon after being beaten, he was tired and wished for “W” to end – that’s when the “Final Episode” words showed up. Ahhhhh, so he willed this to happen? Interesting that he’s suddenly in control of that. And Yeon Joo, Chul and Appa are all 3 trapped in the webtoon until the final episode is over.

Clockwatcher: I laughed at this. “W” didn’t end when he came up with a plot with dad to end it. Not even when he went between both worlds, working with Soo Bong, trying to get it to end. Nope, it’s ending because he got tired and wished for “W” to end.  But I suppose it kind of makes sense because it also ended when he got tired and committed suicide although not really because it started up again.

Tessieroo: Chul escapes from prison when “someone” draws handcuff keys and places a gun in his hand. *heavy sigh* Can we stop with the guns just showing up in peoples hands already? Gun control, people!

Clockwatcher: I’m just amazed at how destroying the tablet was filler. It led to absolutely no permanent changes.

Tessieroo: Do Yoon gets a phone call, Chul escaped. EVIL Prosecutor, who is now a Presidential candidate is also informed as he visits a children’s school, literally kissing kids in front of the camera in order to win votes. (ROFL) I guess some things are recognized world-wide, like candidates putting on a show for cameras.  Before dropping Yeon Joo at a cafe per her request, Do Yoon questions her about this “other world” she’s from. Interesting the words “webtoon” don’t come out of her mouth anymore, now it’s more like she’s an alien from another planet.

Clockwatcher: It might be selfish but if I were her, I would have told him that he was in a webtoon to see if that would pause his world and a portal would appear. At this point, I would be doing everything to get the hell out of the toon.

Tessieroo: Is it wrong that I kinda want hottie Do Yoon to be the only one to cross over to the REAL world? He could do a show like…The Bachelor?

Clockwatcher: LOL. Only if he can somehow bring some of Chul’s money with him because no one is getting into a catfight over a broke bachelor.

Tessieroo: EVIL candidate Han learns Chul didn’t steal the gun from anyone and that girl that’s supposedly Chul’s wife (who died)  showed up at the courthouse. He wonders if that means Chul has the tablet. Yeon Joo sits in the cafe, waiting until Chul finally shows up. They bicker in the car, how can he have a happy ending if he keeps committing crimes? Chul just wants to look at her face, teasing her that she was prettier in his mind while in prison. She tells him that he’s aged, a lot. LMAO He wants her to call him Oppa since he’s a year older than she is.

Clockwatcher: It’s cute but it’s hard to see the love between them. It’s like they don’t really know each other well.

Tessieroo: Agree. Chul explains Appa got dragged into the webtoon too, he’s been trapped here for a year, they should go see him. In a flashback, we see Chul found him tied up in his office and we learn all the crap that Appa has been through – it seems his mind and the killers are merging more often. He tried to kill a taxi driver, was put into a mental hospital, killed a nurse and escaped, making his way to this hideout. Yep, Appa has lost it.

Clockwatcher: Yeah, he’s got a split personality now. It’s nuts but really showcases the actor’s skills. He’s my MVP of this drama.

Tessieroo: Speaking of actors, where the hell is Soo Bong in this episode?

Clockwatcher: He’s probably freaking out somewhere. LOL

Tessieroo: There is a sweet, sad reunion between Yeon Joo and Appa, where she cries. Appa tries to convince Chul to kill him off, inside the webtoon because he’s now an evil character and he can’t stop it. But if he dies in the webtoon, he’s not really dead, right? Or have the rules changed since it’s the last episode? I can’t keep track anymore.

Clockwatcher: Hahaha. Probably because it’s the final episode.

Tessieroo: Yeon Joo cooks for both her men, more cuteness as Chul is impressed with her cooking. He tries to compliment her but fails miserably. At least he made her smile.

Clockwatcher: I don’t understand why this is such a trope in Korean dramas. I find it more appealing when one’s love interest compliments them instead of pretending to be unable to. Especially when it becomes a running joke.

Tessieroo: I think we’re supposed to think it’s adorable that this innocent, shy man can’t think of any compliments cuz he’s inexperienced. MEH, I’m totally over that trope too.

Tessieroo: Chul gets a phone call from EVIL Candidate Han, he has Do Yoon. Ah, HELL NO – now I’m pissed. *fumes* He threatens to kill him unless Chul shows up with Appa and the tablet.

Meanwhile, Yeon Joo is left alone with Appa who suddenly turns full-on psycho and tries to kill her. *silence* Are they making Appa the bad guy in order to let Yeon Joo and Chul end up together? Wow, writer-nim – that’s kinda low.

Clockwatcher: You should be used to the writer by now. It was too early to off Killer Dad so the only way to keep him in the story is to merge him with Writer Dad.  I just don’t understand how a dead toon character can affect a living person even if he didn’t fulfill his mission. I could buy him stealing his face but once he was eliminated, his connection to Writer Dad should have been permanently severed.

Tessieroo: Nah, this writer didn’t pull this kinda crap in Queen InHyun’s Man but there were no parents in that one. (LOL) Chul saves Yeon Joo and then explains to her that the cops are looking for Appa so Yeon Joo erases all the doors/windows from the hideout. He then tells her that both he and Appa can’t have a happy ending – one of them must have a sad ending. He removes her wedding ring along with his own and says he will no longer consider her family. That way, she’s safe no matter how the ending turns out but she needs to decide what type of ending she wants. Is she seriously being told she must choose between Chul and her father? Pfftttttt, nonsense.

Clockwatcher: I would choose Dad.

Tessieroo: So would I but that’s because I was raised by a single father. There’s no way I would choose some guy I’ve only known for a few months over my Appa.

Clockwatcher: In the real world, the final episode of “W” has been posted. Professor Park runs into a colleague in the elevator who almost spills the beans! OMG, spoilers. He rushes over to his office and clicks on the final episode. We’ll have to wait till next week to find out what happens.

Tessieroo: ROFL, this is SO gonna be me next week when the last episode is finally posted.


Clockwatcher: This drama started off with much promise but in my opinion, hasn’t lived up to the hype. I love twists and turns and was looking forward to being amazed but I can’t say that happened. The love story is not convincing. Although the romance with the first Chul was rushed, I could buy it. Their feelings were built during the time they spent together. I can’t say the same for the second romance. It has no real foundation – particularly from Chul’s side – and they come across as strangers. I hoped that these two would form a bond as they worked together to solve the madness but that didn’t really happen. Chul has pretty much taken on the bulk of that and a lot of it is exposition.  The tablet is a literal deus ex machina and things got really ridiculous when Appa used the second tablet to draw a third one. Like, what the hell? Why bother drawing a gun in Chul’s hand? He should have just drawn a tablet so that he could pick whatever he wanted.

Tessieroo: I couldn’t agree more. I honestly was really looking forward to this after the incredible, awesome writing from Queen InHyun’s Man but I’m beyond disappointed with the direction this is going now. This episode negated any previous progress: Chul is back in jail, the tablet is useless and not needed because you can just draw another one, killing off the killer didn’t “save” Appa and now our OTP are being broken apart. You’re also correct that the writer could have done the romance better by showing Chul falling in love with her all over again when Chul 2.0 showed up, instead of forcing it based on Yeon Joo’s memories or what he read in the webtoon.

Clockwatcher: Not to say that it’s all bad because it’s still interesting. Not because I’m invested in the characters and care how they end up but I’m curious as to how this show will end. What will be pulled out of the tablet to justify the ending??

Tessieroo: I basically spent this whole episode gazing in wonder at how adorable Lee Jong Suk is because I’ve lost interest in solving the problem. Too many variables.


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