“Fantastic” Episode 5 Preview + Week Two Thoughts

This week finally introduced the second lead romance. We’ve got Kim Sang Wook (Ji Soo) a young, particular attorney whose body itches if things aren’t exactly as they should. He’s the type to call in a broken traffic light and scold a date with poor driving skills. After getting ditched by said date, he meets Seol who gives him a ride on her bike. And that’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Seol is still being disrespected by her family, including the assemblywoman her husband is sleeping with, a woman who slapped her last week and still boldly returned to her home this week. She’s taken cues from Seol’s in-laws and will gladly treat her as a servant. I think it is crazy that Seol’s cheating husband is the least horrible of the three people she lives with. He, at least, shows remorse and appears to think of her to a certain degree but his horrible sister seems to think she was born to serve them and doesn’t deserve a single ounce of happiness.

While this Seol and Sang Wook storyline is technically one of infidelity, what I like about it is that he won’t be her savior; you know, the one who forces her out of her shell and reminds her of who she really is. No, that’s not what’s happening here because he meets Seol as herself – complete with leather jacket and a motorbike. So he meets the woman that she represses at home and she doesn’t have to change herself to spend time with him. She would have to decide that it’s preferable to be herself all the time. If anything, she might be the one to force him out of his comfort zone and teach him that happiness can sometimes be discovered when one breaks the rules because I’m pretty sure that falling for his boss’s wife isn’t in his 10-year plan.

While this show sometimes feels slow, we already know why Hae Sung ditched So Hye’s drama ten years earlier. Basically, Seol’s horrible sister-in-law blackmailed him into signing with her. Now, we just need to learn exactly what she has on him. I felt for him when he asked her if he’d need to die to get away from her.

But more than anything, while So Hye doesn’t know the full details, she listened to his apology and learned that he fully regrets making that decision. Flashbacks this week revealed that these two still have feelings for each other. Hae Sung often comes across as an oaf but I think it’s an act he’s perfected, kind of a defense mechanism. Because even when he got really mad at the crew for not rushing over to save So Hye when she was on the cliff, he quickly caught himself and pretended to be joking. I wonder what he’s like when he drops the act and is himself.

With death looming, So Hye regrets putting off love and family for work and has gotten a tad desperate. Luckily for her, a handsome doctor is interested in her. Putting the ethics behind dating one’s doctor aside, I love how quickly this is progressing. I like that they’ve both asked each other out and would like to see what their romance would be like.

Unless Hae Sung is stupid, he should have an inkling that So Hye is sick because he saw Dr. Hong bring her medication so I hope their interactions become a little more serious so that she can open up to him.

Anyway, I’m still enjoying the show and like both OTPs. My favorite Sang Wook/Seol scene was him asking her about her blood type and star sign. LMAO. She currently thinks of him as a little kid and I can’t wait to see what will prompt her to see him differently. My favorite So Hye/Hae Sung scenes were when they fought at the restaurant and also the scene in the car when she thanked him for saving her and listened to his apology. I liked when Jamie revealed herself as Dr. Hong’s sister (“My brother isn’t my type” LOL) and the subsequent scene in the club between Hong and So Hye. It was nice to see them let loose and have fun.

Anyway, I’m glad that So Hye has decided to get treatment and given that this is a romantic comedy, it had better have a happy ending with her alive.

So Hye goes from no men to having two men vie for her attention. The preview makes Hae Sung look pathetic and I hope it’s just editing because being clingy is never a good look.

Cute Sang Wook is worried that Seol will be disappointed about the age difference. Bro, there are much bigger obstacles between you two.

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  • martha says:

    I wonder what he will do when he finds out who she really is – I think he will have a very hard time figuring out what to do. Of course all he needs to see is how her husbands family treats her. They really are terrible people especially the sister-in-law, ugh what an awful person. I have to resist the urge the fast forward through her scenes. But I am enjoying this drama very much. I also hope she survives and gets her happy ending.

  • paloma says:

    I really do hope that Sang Wook will get to experience first hand how horribly Seol is treated by her husband’s family :/ I mean I’d rather she not be treated that way any more at all but we all know that’s not gonna happen. And I dearly hope we’ll be able to see Seol become financially independent and divorce the scum husband of hers. I still feel like he’s only trying to make “amends” because he stands more to loose rather than being genuinely repentant.

    The sister-in-law and that assemblywoman are really just something else >.>

    I also felt so sad when Hae Sung mentioned the only way he’d get away from her is death. Plus when he casually commented to tell her his depression had come back. There is a lot more to that aloof smile he always has on and I hope So Hye can help him shed the mask a bit and that he can help her with some solid, unconditional support.

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