Random Musings: Moonlight Drawn by Clouds Week 3

..and they call it “puppy love..” Aww. First love stories never gets old.

The Prince and Ra On are adorable together. The onslaught of bickers is nothing unusual, but the exchange makes their relationship extraordinary. Only Ra On will have the guts to say “No” to the Crown Prince without second thoughts. And what makes it special? Yeong simply walks away defeated with wry amusement most of the time. That’s golden! How can we stop ourselves from falling for him more? His face will never run out of expressions!

Speaking of which, we’ve finally met someone who was smitten by Yeong as well. If I were in her place, I think I will fall for him too..

Yeong has the usual air of arrogance that can either blow you away from him or draw you near. In this case, Ha Yun can’t help but to grab his hand just to have him close. This girl maybe a damsel in distress at first glance, who almost got hit by an arrow while loitering around the Palace, but oddly enough I think I like her assertiveness. We know that as a Minister’s Daughter she will be used for marriage. This type usually has a villain-ish vibe, whose trained to cover it with refined manners. I want to discover if she’s built in a way that can break the cliche.

There is a huge block standing in between The Prince and Yoon Sung.

It makes me sad that they have allowed the tree of hurt to grow, separating them further apart. Im still wondering where did the friendship went wrong. The childhood memories are too strong to ignore. Yoon Sung seem like a loyal friend to me. Someone who is going to address the bad as much as the good. Yeong needs a kind of friend who is not going to shower him with sweet nothings. They can’t patch-up this feelings as grown men. I’m afraid it will get worse once love, aka Ra On, comes in between the two.

Last week, I was curious how Yoon Sung will handle his feelings for Ra On. The way he acted now proved that he is determined to have her close to him.

How many times have we given emphasis on how awful it is to arrive late? Millions. I’m glad that Yoon Sung stepped up his game in front of the Prince so he can spend time with Ra On. I like it! I know that his actions might go down the drain someday, but I can’t help form a mini cheering squad for him too. This is not SLS, people! This is just me supporting someone who confronts his feelings instead of denying & hurting more because of it. Please, I’ve had enough.

The gender reveal is serving its purpose to be a tease. Even though Yeong is not dumb, he’s starting to feel crazy. His symptoms is something that does not need a Doctor’s advice. Could he be in love? Everyone knows it, but him.

When The Prince said “I see you.. as a lady..” For me, it was more than just a gender reveal. The Prince sees Ra On differently from the start. He naturally treats and care for her as a woman, unbeknownst to him. Everyone sees Ra On as a Eunuch, there is already a misconception brought about by her position. But we know better, right? Love is love. Sometimes, you simply allow it to overcome anything else. I think the story is giving importance on that rather than highlighting the sexual preference. This is where I’d like to highlight Park Bo Gum’s acting prowess. He is ambiguous, I respect him more for it!

Commercial break. I squealed like a fangirl when I saw Yeong and his bestie on that horse. What a sight!

Anyway. Ra On is no Princess who needs a Prince Charming to save her. Yeong is no where near like a hero who is out to save the day riding off the sunset. The hero concept wasn’t the highlight. The events happened for a reason. Yeong had a multitude of purpose that showed us we are dealing with a capable man worthy to be King. The greatest thing about this is, the people who helped him achieve his goals.

I have no doubt about Byung Yeon’s loyalty to Yeong, not just because he is serving the Prince. He may have two Master’s now but the moment he gave the book of lists to Yeong, I am assured who he truly serves. On the other hand, it was no surprise [to me at least] that Yoon Sung offered himself to lend a helping hand. Yes, it is all because of Ra On. He only has one goal, to keep her safe within his reach.

Ra On is on a sticky situation now. She can either be that binding force for Yoon Sung and Yeong to form an unbreakable ally or she is the exact reason the two men will forever be apart. I want to forget I even thought of the latter because I want the threesome to do wonders together more! I’m greedy like that.

The lantern festival is just the sweetest touch in Week 3.

What I love most about the wish theme is that, it is self less. They all wished something not for their personal gain. Well, except The Princess. Heh. That said, I love the scene with the Prince and the little girl. I was touched by her innocence, I cried. Now I know why sometimes we need to be like the children. They don’t have malice, and they trust genuinely. She served as a sweet inspiration to Yeong, so that he can lead Joseon with heart for his people.

More than the love between Ra On and Yeong to flourish, I really wish that the broken friendship will mend. As far as I can see, The Crown Prince can finally put an end to The Kim Clan’s awful blood line by starting to treat Yoon Sung better. Though blood is thicker, in general, love is the thickest. Come on bromance, you can do this!

It is my wish, to make your wish come true. – Lee Yeong

There goes my wish! See you next week.

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  • Cinderellarockyfellar says:

    Great episode!!! I rewatched the episodes for the acting & cinematography….Shout out to the costume dept! I have watched sageuk countless times but never have I been focus too much in the costumes. I’m in love with the vibrant color of hanbok & accessories. It does help that Park BoGum look so dang fine.

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