“Moonlight Drawn By Clouds” Poll: Does The Crown Prince Know That Ra On Is A Girl?

I haven’t seen Episode 7 yet but I know that something epic happened:

I’ve suspected since last week that the prince knows his eunuch’s true gender and I still believe that. What say you?

Does The Crown Prince Know That Ra On Is A Girl?

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  • Stinsey says:

    I have a feeling he knows! He is playing her like a fiddle. I need to watch ep7!!!

  • 99 says:

    He definitely knows. He’s known since the beginning. He always shows his last card at the end. He’s been protecting her and at the same time having fun with her. His sneeky face says it all. Watch it again with that thought and you’ll see.

  • Elena says:

    I agree, he knows 😉 c’mon, he is the smartest guy in the palace, he should be able to spot the girl hiding in his headquarters…

  • paloma says:

    I haven’t watched ep 7 yet but, especially because of the preview, I voted Yes lol

    I think up until the last ep he himself wasn’t sure. Why else would he be so confused as to the possibility of her being the dancer and his wanting to push her away after. But I’m curious to see how they’ll explain it hehe.

    That change from the knowing, playful smile to the serious gonna kiss you face Bo Gum did just about killed me!

  • B4l01 says:

    I bet he knows. My guess is he found it out when RO fell asleep in the CP’s quarter. I don’t think he will let her sleep in his bed if she’s a male no matter how close they are. I’ve noticed that when RO woke up in the morning, her clothes is slightly opened and it’s possible that her binder could have been exposed. The reason why he’s asking RO about the mysterious dancer is maybe because he’s thinking it could be a different girl.

  • amoresperros says:

    No, my opinion is he doesn’t know. He looks too troubled when hearing about the gossip…He is going ahead based on his feelings. I feel the same Coffee Prince vibe “Whether you’re a man, or an alien… I don’t care anymore” …here instead of alien is “my person”.

  • omiki says:

    I don’t think he knows yet. He did not contradict her when she said how could he love a man. He just wants to follow his heart.

  • aga says:

    I bet he knows. When Kim byun try to touch ra on neck.

  • Kailani says:

    Ok, so I voted in this poll first thing this morning right after watching Episode 7 and I was firmly planted on the “He Knows” train; however, after re-watching Episode 7 for the umpteenth time today, one thought occurred to me in a particular scene that is making me question my choice.

    In the scene when Kim Hyung saves Ra-On from a drunk Eunuch Ma, he instinctively reaches out to check her neck and the CP slaps his hand away protectively. So if he’s this protective in this scene and he already knew that Ra-On was a girl, wouldn’t it stand to reason that he wouldn’t allow her to stay alone in some remote palace with another guy, even if it is Kim Hyung.

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