Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 8 Preview With English Subs

I haven’t seen episode 7 with subs but I did hear about 2 versions of episode 6 floating around: the official version that SBS aired and the version showing on DramaFever that has missing scenes. Why? I have no idea what SBS is up to! I can understand 2 different endings to a movie or drama but different version for each episode? That’s a bit bizarre and does nothing to help ratings because viewers who can’t see both versions (with subs or not) are going to feel cheated, like they’re missing something.

And they are. From what I managed to find, there are 4 important scenes missing. One shows Hae Soo drinking with Prince #13, Baek-Ah, (Nam Joo Hyuk) after the funeral of Lady Hae, they are suddenly getting along after he chastised her for trying to steal Lady Hae’s husband: Prince #8 (Kang Ha Neul) last week. Okay, so we know he was in love with Lady Hae and I guess it makes sense that anger is forgotten when someone dies so seeing him drinking & talking with Hae Soo was a really nice scene that also provided continuity as well as showing how/why he forgives Hae Soo and they move on. Otherwise, we just see Prince #13 is suddenly being nice to Hae Soo for no reason, which didn’t make sense.

There is also a scene showing Prince #3, Wang Yo (Hong Jong Hyun) being his usual nasty self by bickering with Prince #4, Wang So (Lee Joon Gi) again but this time, he also insults Prince #13. The result is Wang So steps up to defend his younger brother and this brings Prince #4 and Prince #13 closer together as he thanks Wang So for helping him out. We do not need endless scenes of Prince #10 (Baekhyun) acting childish or talking in a pouty, baby voice – we do need more scenes that allow for the natural flow of the story. Anyhoo, the preview for episode 8 is up and it looks like Hae Soo continues to get closer to Wang Wook but also to Wang So, which is going to confuse shippers on both sides. (LOL) Lets hope SBS gets their stuff together and stops the editing nightmare. It’s a shame because I’m really enjoying this drama as are many others.

Lady OH: This is what happens when a palace girl tries to get close with a prince. Distance yourselves from the princes.
Wang Wook: You can’t live wearing that mask forever. You have to show your scars to become different, whether you like it or not.
Hae Soo: It’s an injury of the heart and not the scar.
Lady Oh: Stop pretending that you know better than everyone else.
Hae Soo: What did I do so wrong?
Wang Wook: I’ll hold a ritual to pray for rain, and if it does rain, I’ll ask someone to (*something*) you.
Hae Soo: I wish it will rain no matter what.
Hae Soo: I’ll take that mask off for you!
Unknown Prince: If it rains, [he/I] become(s) a prince.
Unknown Man: Become more sure of yourself.
Wang So: I’ve come to take my place.

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  • Cidorta says:

    I have not seen the episode with the missing scene, for what I read the scene about prince 13 and 4 was important as it gives light about their relationship as brothers.
    I also agree it needs to turn down showing prince 10 behaving so childish, and immature. PD and editor needs to be more concerned about the flow of the story right now sometime it feels a little messy on some part. If they don’t do something I don’t the ratings will go up

  • Humbledaisy says:

    I’ve read that the editing in on the part of Dramafever, the only “official” international streaming site. Who knows why? Anyway, the other sites that post the raws, then scoop up DF’s subs – which leaves gaps in the subtitles. Thanks for letting me know what I should be looking for. I wondered when 13 and 4 became friends!

  • drawde2000 says:

    DF already received all episodes of the drama way ahead of of the premier a month ago. They already have them subbed. SBS decided to re-edit upcoming episodes because of the backlash they have received. And the lower ratings. Thus, DF will have a different version from what’s shown in Korea.

    • tessieroo says:

      Exactly…which is why I said that I hope SBS stops this editing nightmare. There are also scenes missing from today’s subbed DF episode that I saw while watching the SBS official live-stream today. So they (SBS) seem to be going back and adding scenes in from footage they already had. And again, there were 2 different previews released for episode 8. O___O

  • TC says:

    I personally love prince #10. Every time I cry or get frustrated he just comes right in and cracks me up. I think he plays a spoiled young prince very well. No before you ask I am not an Exo-L. I just think he’s a great comic relief. I’m also so torn I like both #4 and #8. I don’t know who I want her to be with.

  • Rosee70 says:

    i tried real hard to stay away from Scarlet Heart but the ost just drew me back in . not to mention those adorable/brooding/charming/thoughtful/wise/kind/mean princes.
    i hope Scarlet Heart will give us a better ending as compared to the latest disappointments like Mirror of the Witch, W , or even BBJX.
    at the moment, i m still holding on to the hope that this drama will end on a hopeful future as well as the other sageuk: Moonlight Drawn By Clouds. Someone mentioned that the web novel for MDBC has a happy ending. I pray that my beloved heroes and heroine have a happy ending. unlike history.
    by the way, i like watching IU in Scarlet Heart… but i m sometimes confused: is she supposed to be an innocent or a matured woman who had a previous serious relationship?

  • Nadi says:

    I can’t wait for episode 8! Seriously. When I got to watch episode 1, I was hooked and watched until 7 only to discover the next episode isn’t out yet. The character of So is cool and fearsome but he has a lot of drama with her mother. I hope to understand in the next episodes why he adores his mom while clearly she’s clearly bent on evil.

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