“Drinking Solo” Episode 5 Preview + Thoughts On Week Two


And just like that, I’m totally loving this drama.

I have to say that this week was a massive improvement on the intro and I think it is all thanks to the characters. There isn’t much here in terms of actual plot and I sometimes roll my eyes when Jung Suk goes into his usual spiel about why he drinks solo but in general, the characters are adorable and funny and are the reason why this suddenly became my favorite Mon-Tue drama.

This week was all about misunderstandings and if you’ve seen at least two Korean dramas, the reactions and resolutions of those misunderstandings were predictable. But still fun.

Crazy Jung Suk got mad when he thought that Ha Na made his brother promote her teaching class and that she’d gone back on her word and sent him a gift to bribe him into letting her join his joint class. Who didn’t immediately guess that the impersonator teacher was behind it?

Speaking of which, is it just me that thinks that Ha Na’s coworkers are her unintentional antis? They absolutely mean well but end up creating problems for her. I immediately thought “This unni is her anti” when she asked her to run out of the train to get her boss’s laptop. I know it was a contrived situation to make her miss it but which normal-thinking person would suggest that a girl run out instead of either of the two men she was sitting across? I don’t even care if she’s the current world record holder.

The three exam-taker friends were adorable this week. It was all about Dong Young’s depression as he deals with singledom. He went from crying everyday and asking his friends to stop him from drunk-dialing her to wanting to kill himself then taking advantage of the fear he’d instilled in his friends. It was quite entertaining.

All three characters are distinct and hilarious in their own ways. The writers have created a great dynamic that’s made them a highlight of the show. It looks like Ki Bum will have a romance with the pretty girl but so far, all she does is reject suitors so I hope they devote some time to developing her so that we can care whenever she’s on screen.

While Ki Bum is a colorful character, my favorite it Gong Myung. Other than his cuteness, I think I’m drawn to him because he gives off this aura of being more mature and responsible than his friends but he’s just as silly, irresponsible, unmotivated and lazy as the rest of them. Haha. He’s even lazier than Dong Young who had a goal. He lazed about at home for a year and this only motivator is not wanting to work on a farm. Other than that, he’s fine living off his family and drinking his brother’s wine. I don’t know why I find this charming. LOL. It might have something to do with his attraction to Ha Na.

By the way, is there something in the Kdrama waters in 2016? What is up with all these second leads actually taking some initiative with the objects of their affection? He will absolutely have a hard time convincing his teacher to date him but I was surprised at how forward he was by asking her out. It was refreshing.

Now, onto the main couple. Their story was the cliche one built on misunderstandings but I immediately warmed up to Jung Suk when he watched Ha Na’s video and smiled. I guess I’m a kdrama sucker after all. I won’t say he did a 180 degree change… maybe more like 95 degrees? Particularly in Episode 4, he’s not as rude as he previously was and it’s cute seeing him vehemently refuse to deal with Ha Na only to relent every time. I suppose his opinion of her changed once he realized that she’s not a user and actually has talent.

Ha Na still has a lot of growing up to do and I can’t wait till she has a backbone. Her people-pleasing and apologetic nature is so ingrained in her that even after she got drunk and confronted Jung Suk for lying about why he asked her to join the class, she still managed to sober up and apologize before passing out. Speaking of which: hello overreaction! So what if he lied as long as he let her in the joint class? I know they tried to explain it as her being disappointed because she’d begun to believe in herself but even then, so what? She should have brushed it off and been happy that she was in. And again, we got another instance of her friends being antis because the impersonator teacher misled her into believing that she was a substitute when, in fact, she was the original.  But it was nice to get that flashback of Jung Suk being pleasant to someone on the phone. Haha. It was just a normal level of civility but a lot coming from him.

As it stands, to my big surprise, Jung Suk is the reason I’m more interested in the OTP. I can’t wait to see all the cute, sweet things he grudgingly does.

It looks like there will be more development for the OTP. While Gong Myung once again asks Ha Na out and will most likely be rejected (*sniff*), it looks like our antis will be back at work planting seeds in Ha Na’s mind about Jung Suk’s feelings.

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