W – Two Worlds Finale Episode: The End

Clockwatcher: Finale time! This has been an interesting ride in more ways than one.

Tessieroo: I love that Yeon Joo is all “nonsense” when Chul tries to break up with her. (LOL) She refuses to even think that she’s not his family or that both he and Appa will not be by her side forever, even when he explains the happy vs sad ending dilemma. I did kinda wonder how on earth he knows this but it makes perfect sense: if the hero gets a happy ending that means the bad guys get a sad ending and visa-versa. But its too Harry Potterish: one of them has to die before the other can live. Pfffttttt.

Clockwatcher: Also too nonsensical because her father is a real person while Chul isn’t. They forced this theme by conflating her father with the fictional character he created.

Tessieroo: Exactly! And why does Chul ask her what type of ending she wants, doesn’t he remember that every time they try to do things the way they want, it didn’t work? I’m laughing that he thinks they’re in charge of the story! It’s even more ridiculous that Yeon Joo says she’s okay with living out her life (with Appa) inside the webtoon, even if both men have to go to jail for the rest of their lives. She really has no life back in the real world, I guess. She doesn’t care if she never sees her Mom, Aunt, friends, co-workers again or cares about her job anymore – her entire being revolves around Chul. Wow.

Clockwatcher: No offense but this character is an embarrassment. But it only makes sense because this is how she’s always been. She doesn’t care about anything but her “love” (and sometimes her Dad). When last did she actually do any work? She has no real goals or purpose in life. Her character didn’t grow or develop.

Tessieroo: Agree. I’m all for romance but not at the expense of your entire life. I prefer a strong, independent female character like Hye Jung (Park Shin Hye) in “Doctors”. Chul has her draw an exit and they escape with Appa. In the car, Chul tells Yeon Joo he loves her. Awwwww, sweet. Wait, how did they escape if the place was surrounded? And why am I still asking questions that don’t matter? They check into a motel and poor Appa is once again doomed to being tied up in bed, still in his jammies.

Clockwatcher: I know. We left the last episode with them being surrounded, expecting for the walls to get broken down but suddenly, the cops apparently left so that they could walk out and drive away. LOL. This show is hilarious for all the wrong reasons.

Tessieroo: Chul leaves to meet with EVIL Candidate Han and try to save hottie Do Yoon, the thugs bring Do Yoon out and he’s essentially exchanged for Chul, who goes inside. When Han asks where the tablet is, Chul throws a USB drive at him that has videos, etc of all of Han’s evil deeds on it, threatening to make it public unless Han leaves him alone. As he turns to leave, Han says he’s learned this all ends when Chul dies and shoots him in the chest.

Clockwatcher: I bet he’s not going to shoot him dead because a fictional bad guy has to spill his guts to give his victim enough time to get away.

Tessieroo: Yep, the bad guy always need to take an extra 1/2 hour to explain why he’s a genius. It seems Do Yoon spilled everything to Han, about Chul being the hero and Han being the villain in a webtoon and about there being two different worlds. He also knows that the tablet belongs to the creator of the webtoon, Oh Sung Moo. He now understands how Chul could disappear at will and all the strange things that happened in the last year. And he knows this is the last episode. *gasp*

Clockwatcher: And it didn’t affect him one bit! The world didn’t stop. He’s not worried. It’s like no big deal because he’s EVIL… or something. Also, Do Yoon knows everything and it’s no big deal for him either. They are all taking this in stride. LMAO.

Tessieroo: It’s so ridiculous, they all just calmly accept they’re toons! Han seems to think if the webtoon ends with Chul dying, he can go into the other world and check things out. LMAO, why does he believe that? He tries to shoot Chul again but a fight breaks out when Chul kicks a chair in his face. With Han knocked out, Chul shoots and fights his way out of the building and escapes in a car – just as Do Yoon and crew pull up.

Clockwatcher: Just as I predicted. LOL

Tessieroo: Hmmm, maybe you’re the genius here? *kekeke* Chul, who is badly injured, finally phones Yeon Joo when he runs out of gas. She draws herself a car to go pick him up, leaving Appa in the care of a guy Do Yoon sent to protect them. Chul gets out of his car, sits by a bus stop and after phoning Yeon Joo to let her know exactly where he is, he begins coughing/vomiting up blood. OMO, he’s dying!

Clockwatcher: Of course she draws herself a car. She doesn’t draw something that will save Chul immediately like, draw him at a hospital, draw an ambulance passing by, draw some medication in his hand or anything. Nope, she’s going to draw herself a car to get there.

Tessieroo: I was wondering why they didn’t draw bullet-proof vests before Chul left to meet Han. *heh* He phones Yeon Joo again, wondering why she’s not there yet. *sobs* He tells her the “last episode” won’t last long but I believe he’s talking about himself – he can’t hold on much longer. He drops his phone and slumps over. Nooooooo! Yeon Joo finally shows up but on the opposite side of the street. Hearing her voice, he raises his head but eventually falls over and the words “The End” show up on the screen. I’m literally watching this between my fingers. *sniff*

Clockwatcher: For real? I just kept shaking my head and laughing. This scene was supposed to be emotional and heart-wrenching but I was unaffected because I find their so-called love shallow.

Tessieroo: I think it was Lee Jong Suk’s dying acting, he did a great dying scene here – he totally got me. As Yeon Joo darts through traffic towards him, she’s stopped by a huge, white truck. (LOL) Suddenly, it’s daytime and Chul is gone. She’s back in the REAL world! Noooo!

Clockwatcher: The webtoon is over.

Tessieroo: Next, we see Soo Bong arriving at the workshop and as he walks into Appa’s office, he notices the tablet on Appa’s desk fading out, eventually disappearing completely. He freaks out and rushes to read the next chapter of “W”, gasping with an open mouth when he comes to the part of Chul slumping over as Yeon Joo rushed towards him. His facial expressions are gold, I love this character.

Clockwatcher: The best one on this show.

Tessieroo: Soo Bong drives to the bus stop and finds Yeon Joo sitting on the curb and bawling her eyes out. At the same time, we see Professor Park reading the last chapter of “W” that shows Chul dying. He backs away from his desk, obviously angry and frustrated. I feel you, dude. He stomps through the hospital searching for Yeon Joo only to learn she’s been admitted and is down in the ER. Approaching her, he hears her sobbing in despair and places his handkerchief in her hand. Awwww!

Clockwatcher: Haha. I told you he cared about her deep down. But folks really go to the ER for any old thing, don’t they? Healthcare must be cheap.

Tessieroo: Yes, I was wrong and crazy-dog does care about her, what a sweetie. Poor Soo Bong is also crying as he heads to the motel to find Appa but is told no one fitting that description is there. He sobs as he begs the clerk to help him search the entire motel. Nooooo! Appa didn’t show up? At the hospital, Yeon Joo watches as her wedding ring vanishes and cries.

Clockwatcher: Why hasn’t Papa returned, though?

Tessieroo: Beats the hell outta me. When Soo Bong returns to the hospital, he’s confronted by Professor Park who wants to know if “W” if really over and why Sung Moo would kill off the hero in the last chapter instead of the villain. Soo Bong loses it, screaming and yelling at him to stop and then calmly walks away. AHAHAHAHA! I’m dying.

Clockwatcher: Haha. I guess he’s representing those viewers who hate Crazy Dog.

Tessieroo: Or the viewers who are ticked off at the writer? Soo Bong reports to Yeon Joo that Appa is still missing, he doesn’t understand what’s going on since “W” ended – Appa should have appeared. Yeon Joo rushes to the workshop and searches for the duplicate tablet but Soo Bong reminds her it disappeared when “W” ended, it wasn’t real anyway. She drops to her knees, sobbing again. The next day, after driving by the bus stop, Yeon Joo draws a picture of Appa. *blinks* Wait…where did this tablet come from?

Clockwatcher: Maybe this is just a regular tablet.

Tessieroo: Yeon Joo had time to stop at Best Buy to purchase a new one, let’s go with that. She and Soo Bong pass out missing person flyers, searching for Appa but have no luck. Life goes on, the public seems to accept the sad ending of “W”, with the hero being killed by the villain and dying in front of the woman he loved. Reporters show up to question Sung Moo about the ending but of course, he’s not there. But then we see that was NOT the real ending. WUT? LOL!

Clockwatcher: Haha. Apparently, the webtoon can end without publishing the real ending. LOL

Tessieroo: Another rule change that makes zero sense. Nope, whoever wrote that ending got it all wrong. Back in the webtoon, EVIL Candidate Han comes to and is furious that Chul escaped. The guard Do Yoon sent to watch over Appa tells him Appa is highly agitated and he heard Chul got shot. Upon hearing this, Appa demands to talk with Do Yoon and wants to be untied so he can help. He draws a needle in the guard’s neck, to knock him out and phones a visibly angry Candidate Han, who is now back in his office.

Clockwatcher: Omo, is Killer Dad in control now?

Tessieroo: Taunting Han for trying to catch him, Appa draws the door locked and a gun in Han’s hand. He somehow forces Han to shoot himself in the head and leaves a suicide note along with the USB drive showing all his evil deeds. Welp, that was too easy.

Clockwatcher: And this is how you use a tablet. Instead of drawing a car to drive himself to Han, he quickly took care of business. What I love, though, is that he used the tablet to draw a scene but somehow, this didn’t appear in the “W” webtoon. Hahaha.

Tessieroo: Because he’s the creator (although that didn’t matter a few episodes back) and he’s got the real tablet (although duplicates can be used too).

Clockwatcher: This is the toon tablet, right? Cos the real one was destroyed.

Tessieroo: I guess life goes on inside the webtoon even though it’s over. He then phones Do Yoon to ask where Yeon Joo is, he wants to see her one last time before he disappears. No, seriously, this writer is really going to kill off Appa? SMDH

Clockwatcher: Because apparently, Appa is now a toon villain.

Tessieroo: He drives to the bus stop and cries upon seeing Yeon Joo, telling her goodbye before he vanishes in a cloud of dust. Yeon Joo also vanishes but Do Yoon finds Chul and they take him to a hospital. In the ambulance, Chul realizes his role as the lead character is finally over. So Hee, who is returning from the U.S., hears over the radio that Candidate Han killed himself and Chul was proven innocent when the USB drive was discovered. She visits him in jail to apologize for doubting him but he’s just happy she was strong-willed enough to know she could lead her own life. YES, I agree. *fistpump*

Clockwatcher: Wish we could say the same about Yeon Joo.

Tessieroo: And if it’s all over, why is Chul back in jail? *sigh* It seems as if he’s been in jail through most of this drama! Do Yoon tells Chul they can’t find any trace of Appa but he left a letter for Chul. In his prison cell, Chul reads that Appa thinks he’s already dead so he’s leaving on his own. He can’t be sure when/if he’ll go insane again so he’s going to die inside the webtoon and that way, Chul can go into the REAL world and be happy with Yeon Joo. So he’s sacrificing himself for his daughter’s happiness. And he wants Chul to lie to her that he’s still alive, living happily inside the webtoon.

Clockwatcher: This is too stupid for both worlds.

Tessieroo: Ahahaha, we think so much alike on this one. For some strange reason, Chul had to stay in prison for 2 years although only 1 week passes in the REAL world. Yeon Joo passes out in the rain while sitting at the bus stop and wakes up in the hospital with Chul sleeping behind her. She’s shocked to see him but when she asks about Appa, Chul doesn’t really answer her. Instead, he gives her the photo of himself Appa left for her and she cries. I guess she’s supposed to infer from the photo that Appa is dead? SMDH

Clockwatcher: Yeah, she knew once she saw the photo.

Tessieroo: The last scene shows Chul and Yeon Joo sitting on a bench by the river, talking about the webtoon really ending and they kiss. Their future is unknown but at least they’re no longer facing death at every turn. And even if life is boring and ordinary, Chul hopes they’re together for the next 50 years.


Clockwatcher: Bwahahaha. The writer didn’t even bother explaining anything. I’m sorry but how did Appa just disappear in a cloud of dust? No one killed him, he’s a HUMAN and somehow became a ‘toon character because the writer said so. The writer tried to be philosophical about the whole thing but it makes no sense. The man’s only crime was writing a freaking webtoon. There’s no crime in wanting to kill a character he created. How did a fictional character fight his fate? What made it possible for these fictional characters to break free of their destinies? These characters were able to control themselves once they became aware so why was the father able to force the congressman to kill himself? How in the world did Chul return to the real world? W is over. Portal is closed. He obviously wasn’t being summoned when Yeon Joo thought of him. And he lived in the toon world and was no longer a main character. So how did he travel there? This is almost as bad as that makjang drama where a character refused to get treatment because his cancer cells were living things. LOL

Tessieroo: *snickersnort* I’m right there with you but you’ve asked so many questions…let me remind you, we’re out of Advil. My major problem with this drama was Yeon Joo’s character, I could NOT relate to her at all. Even knowing it’s fantasy-fiction didn’t work for me! Let’s say Prince #8 from “Scarlet Heart Ryeo” could suddenly transport himself into my life and yes, I’m talking Kang Ha Neul himself – I would still not be willing to give up my father, my family, my friends, my job or my life. Even though his character is close to my perfect guy: he’s kind, warm, sweet, generous, smexy-as-hell and funny, I still wouldn’t give up my entire life for him, that would never happen. So I couldn’t relate to Yeon Joo at all. And it has nothing to do with the actors, I loved all the actors!

Clockwatcher: We often watch dramas where characters go against their families, society and even put their lives at risk for love – and we cheer them on! But this wasn’t it. Perhaps they should have made their love worth fighting for.

Can you remember how energized and excited we were when we started this show? I think this drama really started going downhill after Chul’s amnesia. At that point, it was plot over character and the writer didn’t even bother trying to write it coherently. I think I finally threw in the towel when they started drawing tablets.

Tessieroo: I know, what a let down. For me it was the first time Yeon Joo appeared to care more about a cartoon guy that her real life or her Appa. I couldn’t deal with it but forced myself to continue watching, otherwise I would have dropped this around episode 6 or 7. I kept hoping it would improve! I’m putting this one down on my “ridiculous plot” list, I’m so disappointed in this writer. Ah, well – life goes on. It’s not the first bad drama I’ve watched and I’m sure it won’t be the last.

It was super fun getting together with you to recap this one, we can’t let so much time pass before we do it again!

Clockwatcher: Agreed! The drama was a disappointment but recapping with you certainly was not. Till next time!


  • Teleri says:

    Quite frankly, I’ve a character I created as a teenage wanna-be writer, and have more or less had him as an image of ‘guy I want to meet’ for years. Now, if my DAD had taken that character and made him into a manhwa (ok, graphic novel) with a much more rounded personality, by the time I was Yeon Joo’s age I would be very much infatuated with that character. Let me find out he’s REAL & lives in his own parallel world and presto! Love!
    This drama managed to explore some fascinating topics – mainly the line between real and fantasy, how much one can create their own existence, the basis of free will. These are weighty topics for a KDrama to tackle, and this one did it pretty darn well. The logic behind that interface between the two worlds had its own rules that gradually revealed themselves – the characters kept getting them wrong, not the writers.
    I do agree that not everything (a lot of stuff) was not clearly explained – but most of the answers are implied. Nothing that happens in this drama contradicts the internal logic, just the various scenarios different characters came up with. I doubt even Kang Chul understands fully what happened. That prosecutor certainly didn’t have a clue – he never really thought of himself as a toon character for sure. He saw another world available to him that had marvels like the replicator tablet (LOL) and wanted to go there because of what he saw as unlimited opportunities to become ruler of the universe. Idiotic, but then he’d not been created as a brilliant antagonist.
    So no, I didn’t find this drama funny, illogical, or maddening. I found it compelling and interesting, dealing with the nature of reality itself.

  • tessieroo says:

    I guess I’m too happy with my real life, family & friends to ever fall in love with a manhwa character. And maybe that makes me too much of a realist. (LOL) We’re happy you enjoyed it, different strokes for different folks and all. 😀 I did enjoy the idea of free-will the drama brought forward. Thanks for the comment!

  • joybran2015 says:

    I think you missed the part where Kang Chul figured out that his world was a real world, and the manhwa was just a portal between the worlds. The only “fictional” people in his world were the ones (like himself) whom Appa created. Even those fictional people were able to become real people when they became self-aware, or when they developed their own lives apart from the manhwa like Soo Hee and Do Yoon did. Given that understanding, it makes sense that the manhwa would end without the world ending. In fact, that would have to happen in order for the hero of the manhwa to become a real person in either world.

    I love the way the drama dealt with the issues of creating narrative and the relationships between writer and character and reader (or viewer). Many writers feel that their characters take on a life of their own. Different readers respond differently to different characters, like some people can relate to Yeon Joo and others can’t. As readers (or viewers), we sometimes feel betrayed by the writer. All stories have to end at some kind of arbitrary point in time. Whether the ending is a happy ending, a sad ending, or an open ending usually depends on that arbitrary point.

    Appa’s first crime was being a bad (i.e. lazy) writer and creating a monstrous villain with no human motivation. The second crime was giving that villain his own face so that when he went into the other world, he became that villain and personally killed people, like that nurse. He couldn’t live with that, and he really did need to cease to exist, for his own sake as well as Chul’s and Yeon Joo’s.

    There were some unanswered questions, but they were mainly the kinds of questions that we can’t answer in real life either–the nature of reality, the extent of free will, the true meaning of self-awareness. I loved the show from beginning to end.

    • Yix says:

      Love the thoughtfulness behind this response. Thank you!

      W may not have been perfect but it was a great ride I enjoyed. A million times better than Doctor Stranger… 😂

  • tessieroo says:

    YES, Appa was a bad writer, totally agree! I don’t think either of us felt connected enough to any of the characters to even care about a happy/sad ending, unfortunately (for us) the writer didn’t build characters we could relate to and that happens, not everyone will like the same things. (I’m loving Scarlet Heart: Ryeo but I’m one of the very few – LOL) But we know tons of viewers loved this drama and that’s all that matters. We had fun with it anyway. Thanks for the comment! 😀

    • joybran2015 says:

      I’m loving Scarlet Heart: Ryeo too, and I know a lot of other people are loving it. I think it is only the Koreans who don’t appreciate it. The ratings may be low in Korea, but it is doing very well in China, in most of Southeast Asia, and especially on DramaFever throughout the western hemisphere.

      Even if we didn’t see W the same way, we have other dramas in common.

  • asdf says:

    i think the turning point for me in losing intense infatuation with this drama was when OYJ wrapped her handcuffs around KC and they made out in a police station. Don’t get me wrong! It was an awesome scene and kiss; so pretty, funny, cute, all the good stuff. But in the back of my head I was thinking, ‘wow that just got real romantic real fast’. Then the rest of the episode became a romance family genre and I was whiplashed a bit. And sadly I just didn’t feel the love between them. I was onboard with the cute flirting, but it went to too fast to ‘she’s my wife and i’m going to do sweet sweet homework for you.’ Weren’t you just angsty over a face-less killer and dead family? Love doesn’t move you remember?

    It was like watching a crazy fangirl get what she wanted when the lesson is usually crazy doesn’t work. Is that resentment? Probably. But OYJ saying she liked romantic sequels after getting jailed and her father being shot made my brain go eh? First that’s cheesy, second, now is not the time! I liked OYJ a lot in the beginning but I think after a few episodes I had hope she’d grow up a little more and be more sleuth-y, a true heroine and bring that manwha knowledge to her advantage, which she did well with the To Be Continued gags. (So fun!) But then she dug her heels in and refused to acknowledge that this love thing with a cartoon might not work. She often broke down and was illogical and I lost a bit of sympathy for her. GASP, did she become So Hui,the character that couldn’t live without KC as her purpose?? Maybe that’s just the burden of being a heroine in this comic.

    I think I’m rambling. And I don’t mean to offend anyone with my comments. (PLEASE DONT BE MAD) I’m envious of the people who are less jaded than me and could appreciate LJS in all his manwha hero glory. But I did find your recaps SO comforting to my own sanity and SO hilarious. Crazy Dog and Soo Bong were the best things in the world and I can’t wait for their spin off. Thank you for all the fun!

    • tessieroo says:

      No worries, I think most of our readers understand that people have different tastes and not everyone is going to like the same thing. 😀 We certainly didn’t mean to offend anyone with our silly, sarcastic recaps, we just had fun with it. I am really happy you enjoyed them and didn’t take the whole thing too seriously – that makes my day! Thanks for the comment!

  • Jasque says:

    For me the drama climax was when Kang Chul tried to kill Oh Sung Moo.

    The problem was it was too early.

    The shocking value of that scene was too awesome.
    Will he shoot or will he not? No, no, it’s impossible! He is the main character, he can’t…

    In the end he did and it was awesome.

    But after that… how can you make a scene with more impact than that?

    The writer tried some stuff but… Ok, now we kill Kang Chul and bring he back to life (again).

    Now we kill Yeon Joo and bring her back to life. See? We saw that before already.

    Even before Old man’s death we saw Chul “resurrecting” in the beginning.

    You can’t keep doing the same thing with the 3 main characters over and over and hope me to feel more anxious than the last time.

    So I kept watching, there were cute scenes but I could not feel the danger anymore.

    And the final episode I don’t know how to feel about it… I can’t accept Old Man’s fate very well.

    So that’s it, I really liked it until the first Oh Sung Moo death, after that there was not much purpose in keeping me anxious for the next episode.

  • Rosee70 says:

    i loved W until Kang Chul 2.0 appeared. it is as if all the chemistry between OYJ and KC disappeared. then it became lots of flashback… boring. I suppose the writer expected to have 20 episodes to write , and was frantically cramming everything in 16 episodes. But i admit, i cried buckets everytime OYJ cried. She cried so sadly. I wish the writer had capitalised more on the earlier chemistry between KC and OYJ. what a waste.
    as for Scarlet Heart, I love this korean version, but I am not going to continue watching it. Not when my heart was torn apart by BuBuJingXin. i can’t bear going through the same pain because the korean version is infinitely better. all the princes are awesome .and i so understand our heroine’s confusion over the 2 princes.

    • tessieroo says:

      And I will admit to being a bit frantic when Chul was dying, coughing up blood at the bus stop. O__O Lee Jung Suk did such a good job in that scene, it freaked me out a tiny bit. I also admit I cried when Appa “vanished” after saying goodbye to his daughter. *sigh* I’m a sucker for father/daughter stuff.
      I’ve never managed to watch BuBuJingXin, are we in for massive heartache? I’m really hooked on the story so far and I love all the actors. I think everyone is doing a good job. 😀
      Thanks for the comment!

      • joybran2015 says:

        I agree with Rosee70 that the Korean version is infinitely better than BuBuJingXin. I thought the Chinese version was good, but it didn’t tear my heart apart ENOUGH. Isn’t that why we watch dramas–to experience a safe kind of heartache?

        People talk about IU adjusting too easily to Goryeo, but that was much more so in the Chinese version. It was frustrating that we didn’t know how much the Chinese heroine actually knew about her own history. We know that IU has a very negative image of Gwangjong and that she doesn’t know which prince will become Gwangjong, so that is an important source of narrative tension. I have a feeling that the Korean version is heading toward Hae Su trying to change history, while the Chinese counterpart was trying NOT to change history.

        Mainly, there is no comparison between Lee Joon Gi and Nicky Wu as actors. Nicky Wu’s fourth prince was interesting because you could never tell what he was thinking or planning to do or even HAD done. Lee Joon Gi’s fourth prince is on a whole different level because you can see every emotion he feels pass over his expressive face, and yet he is still mysterious because you can also see that he is hiding a lot of emotion. I am looking forward to him ripping my heart into little pieces.

  • I like the take of joybran2015 on this K-Drama because it somehow gave me a different perspective on the last few episodes including the finale which felt flat to me. It didn’t feel as entertaining as the first earlier episodes as consistency of the premise of what’s happening is still something I can follow. I had fun reading the exchange of comments between Tessieroo and Clockwatcher. I, too, got a bit of a headache and felt Yeon Joo’s willingness to leave everything behind in her real world even if the two men she’s staying for in the webtoon world will be behind bars is indeed a sign of not having a good life in her real world. Having said that, I still did enjoy the entertainment this K-Drama gave me. In addition, I agree that Scarlet Heart: Ryeo is such a beautiful sageuk drama to watch, and, hopefully, it will remain that way till the end.

  • PiscesDragon says:

    Thank you for recapping W. Both of you made the drama more entertaining than it was. Love the pictures of Soo Bong and Mad Dog in your episode recaps because they mirrored what some of us felt while watching W. \^o^/

  • Emma says:

    Most people did not understand that they had to separate the storyline of the webtoon and the story going on between the 2 worlds as they are NOT exactly the same. As joybran2015 wrote the manhwa is just a portal between two worlds (The title of the drama is \”Two Worlds\” not \”The world and a webtoon\”… ) And the webtoon just show a PART of what is happening in Kang world.

    I think you didn\’t watch CAREFULLY the drama because you were too busy to slap each others on the back laughing at it… Peers pressure I suppose (Personaly I hate this kind of \”review\” because it takes people that appreciate \”fantasy\” genre as stupid morons whithout brains…)

    Next time, skip this genre or accept the set up, please.

  • Lili says:

    I found one thing in this review. People are so trying hard to see what they would like to see rather than what the drama is offering which is why they actually miss the joy W had brought. It’s really pity.There are so many layers to think about in this drama. These reviewers miss these. They were just complaining things like why Yeon Joo give up everything for a love of manhwa character?and they would not do the same with there favourite male charaters… but what they forgot is they didn’t really go through the experience she had with Kang Chul. Did you guys ever experience the 8th prince from scarlet heart actually breathing in reality. Moreover, she did not fall in love at him at first sight. If you have thought carefully there was definetly a time for these 2 to fall in love and it started out with curousity. And as for the one who said Dad commit no crimes for killing the character he created is really stupid. Kang Chul is not just a character mr oh created without any emotion. Like Kang Chul even said mr oh definetly saw him as a human breathing not a drawing piece and still stab kang chul alive. That was the start of his inhumanity which is why he lose his soul to an evil character he created and lost in the Manwha world. So do you guys could stab any human breathing just because you believe you created him? That’s the key of this story.And someone said the conversation between Mr Oh and Kang Chul is too long (20mins)? It was one of the most important and intense scene in the drama. If you say its boring. Then I consider you did not watch the drama. You were just busy thinking how to bash the drama. Ok….Yeon Joo followed Kang Chul back to the manwha world but that did not mean she gave up everything for it. In some ways I am sure Yeon Joo always think that she could go back to her own world. And as for what Yeon Joo said she would rather see both her dad and her husband in prison for life rather than death is because as long as you are alive you have chances. There is one logic flaw perhaps when Yeon Joo draw a car for herself to look for Kang Chul than to draw him in different scenery when her dad can take care of the villian suiside scene. But to me it doesn’t make any plot hole because it makes sense to me that she could not control everything in the W world like her dad who created it.
    Oh…and one more thing, not every girl even in this century want or is a kick ass tom boy like park shin hye in the doctors including me. In this case, I could relate myself more to the ordinary character of Oh Yeon Joo. Mind you. She was not a crazy fangirl of Kang Chul…she fell in love with him by their destiny. I feel that she is very feminin but bold in dealing with her situation. She has fears and sometimes a little indecidesive as I am. You could not spunkie off in every situations right? She worried about her parents and missed her friends but at the same time want to be with Kang Chul. She is one of my favourite female character who believes in building your own life and hates the idea of killing someone off without a justice reason even when that someone is a character from what so called fiction. And even in the end, these reviewers still did not realized that the ending scenes as well as the villians death scenes are likely to published on the webtoon when both Kang Chul and Yeon Joo refering and narrating to the ending of the webtoon of their final scene we saw. Do you forgot we have been tricked about life and death on the webtoon and how webtoon line “the end” change to ” to be continue”? And to tell you the truth, I enjoy the second half more than the first half because it has climax and more tension. I also like how the erased memory Kang Chul is more determined. I really think that the thoughts on this blog are ridiculous and stupid. But still, it makes me write the reponse this long….so thank you very much.

  • tessieroo says:

    We’re very happy that you enjoyed this drama so much, that’s what it’s all about! 😀

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