“Fantastic” Episode 7 Preview + Week Three Thoughts

This first thing I want to say is that Mi Sun and her husband are adorable. It’s nice to see the depiction of loving, drama-free couple.

There was a lot of development this week. So Hye admitted to Joon Ki that she has feelings for Hae Sung and he advised her to go for it. He’s a cool, zen guy, isn’t he? Right after she decided to take his advice, she learned that her cancer had spread and not wanting to put Hae Sung in a difficult position, pushed him away when he expressed his interest in her.

However, devastated as he was (he’s wanted to marry her for 12 years!), he sought out her friend Mi Sun and still tried his luck but this only made So Hye double down and insist that she was dating her doctor. As these things happen, the horrible producer cut down their budget forcing the production to use Hae Sung’s home as a set. One thing led to another, So Hye was back in his home where Hae Sung caught her looking longingly at his photo and he was back to believing that their romantic feelings were mutual.

One thing I will say is that Hae Sung is not my type at all. LOL. He’s too goofy for me but if she likes it, I love it for her. However, goofy or not, he’s a sweet, forgiving man as seen in his dealings with both his manager and So Hye’s assistant.

Awful CEO Choi went into full villain mode this week. Other than cutting the budget, she decided to ruin So Hye’s career by making her out to be a plagiarizer. That meant bribing her assistant who needs funds for her father’s medical bills. Hae Sung came to the rescue and with his help, her assistant was able to tell the bitch to kick rocks as well as get evidence that could be used against her. I knew that her assistant wouldn’t betray her but it was nice to see everything resolved in one episode. This drama doesn’t drag things out at all.

I was wondering why the awful CEO was pulling double/triple duty as the villain in everyone’s lives – including Seol’s – and I got my answer this week. It’s so that So Hye can have an ally in Choi’s house and connect their stories even more.

Speaking of Seol, when will she leave that horrible place? It’s so uncomfortable to watch. Her husband continues to cheat on her and her in-laws were especially evil this week when they kept her from taking food to her mother (preferring to throw it in the trash) and stripped her of the little money her husband gave her. Please leave that abusive house of horrors already!

It appears that Seol has begun to feel attached to Sang Wook and is now trying to break that connection. I loved their text flirtation but it seems that things got a little too real for her when he told her his name. Or did the name ring a bell? She can’t possibly know who her husband’s new employee is, right? I wonder how they will reconnect and who else thinks So Hye’s assistant will be the one to reveal to him that his crush is married?

Speaking of marriage, who else wanted to punch Seol’s husband when he cosplayed as a great husband to Sang Wook? It’s quite hilarious that he’s a human rights lawyer while oppressing his poor wife at home.

Anyway, So Hye qualified for the clinical trial and will now get treatment that she hopes will extend her life. This good news coupled with Hae Sung’s involvement in killing her scandal led her into his arms. While I think their chemistry is fine, I think it would have been better if they’d let the romance develop a little slower but I suppose there’s a lot more plot waiting to be explored regarding her cancer.

Speaking of which, the good doctor is a great support but I think it’s time for her to tell her friends and Hae Sung. So far, this drama hasn’t dragged anything for too long so I think it will happen really soon.

What’s Hae Sung’s secret? It appears that he met his grandmother as an adult. Was he adopted by an American family? Surely, this can’t be worth blackmailing someone over, right? Perhaps it’s something else.

There Seol goes, initiating their make-out session which is not surprising give that it’s her M.O. these days. Is this due to her cancer diagnosis or has she always been this way?

The rest of the preview, though. Seol’s awful husband wants to spread diseases by sleeping with two women at the same time. What exactly is his deal? Does he really expect her to sleep with him knowing that he’s sleeping with someone else? I’m glad she threw him over her shoulder and wish she’d just drop kick the rest of his disgusting family. Even though she should be the one to reject them, I wouldn’t even be mad if they kicked her out of the house because I just need her to leave already.

There seems to be some ridiculous fighting between the main couple as Hae Sung is unhappy to see Seol with Joon Ki and she’s mad at him for reasons unclear. Let’s just hope the preview is misleading because this drama is way too soon after ironing out their differences.

Credit: JTBC

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