Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 9 Preview

I couldn’t find any English subs for this but I did manage to learn a bit about what is going on. In this preview, Hae Soo is concerned about the vision she saw of Wang So becoming King Gwangjong (4th King of Joseon), the one who killed his brothers to ascend the throne. This results in Hae Soo avoiding Wang So as much as she can. There’s also a bit with Prince #10 begging the King not to force him to marry but the King seems angry about his refusal. The EVIL Queen Yoo is angry with her son, Prince #3, Wang Yo, for failing to prevent Wang So gaining everyone’s favor. Ugh, this woman is horrible and it’s obvious she’s using both her sons but Wang Yo hasn’t figured that out yet. At the very end, it looks like Wang So asks the King to allow him to marry Hae Soo. Or make her his person. Or take her from the palace for awhile – something like that. (LOL) And WOW, the look on Wang Wook’s face! He’s not liking that idea at all. *heh* Love triangle out in full force.

And again, we have 2 different previews, the ending I saw watching the live stream showed a kiss (although it looks like one of those horrid “forced” kisses) between Wang So and Hae Soo so I’m very excited for tomorrow! This just keeps getting better.

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  • Sariusk says:

    Here you have the other preview with the kiss scene!!

  • CHERRYBOMB says:

    scarlet of goryeo is good if only the story is fast moving, i mean there’s too much fillers.

  • humble daisy says:

    Yeah, I was just watching the live stream for this on my phone and – it dropped right at the end with the kiss. Hmm.

    The trouble with this storyline is that in the original SH c-drama, she mostly avoided 4th prince and treated him very, very respectfully – so much that 13th was sure she had a crush on him. The triangle love story was almost invisible to everyone else – the heroine was just trying to stay out of history AND keep her family/loved princes alive – and that’s what eventually turned into love for both 8th Prince and 4th Prince. All the other princes just saw her as that nice girl who worked in the palace and who got along so well with the emperor. When history couldn’t be stopped and 4th prince-now-emperor began doing cruel things (cheating politically, hurting the other brothers) – that’s when the heroine drew away. The current SH-R plot seems like its trying to compress years worth of action into about about 1 year of time.

    But, of course, that’s not keeping me from watching! Thanks for all those extras!

  • Ceejay says:

    If this drama was based on the “Scarlet Heart Bubu Jingxin ” the Chinese drama.
    It would be very difficult to compress 75 episodes into 20 episodes.
    I would’ve been happy to see a different version of “Scarlet Heart”, not the same as the reincarnation. As a screen writer.. sometimes dramas or movies that are remake gives out a different aura. I fully understand the copy write on books / screen writers. Originalities had more diversion and had an awesome casting.
    They cut a lot of corners on making this happen..

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