Moon Lovers- Edited episode 8 scene [eng sub] +alternate episode 9 preview+ sneak peek episode 9 scene

As you all may know by now SBS has done some re-editing of the currently airing Moon Lovers and have left us international viewers high and dry. The main issue for me is that these extra scenes are fairly valuable in setting the tone of the drama as well as tracking the progress of different relationships. In this case, the international version is missing one that contributes to the Hae Soo-So loveline.



It is unfortunate that this scene was edited out of the original, I mean really, whose bright idea was it? After all, this scene marks the point in which So becomes serious about Hae Soo. Prior to this So’s “You’re mine”/”my person” comments have often been playful, and ruffled Hae Soo’s feathers. At that point it seems more like he was toying with the idea as he began his descent into love. However, in this scene he decides to turn his desires into reality, and it paves the way for the scene in the preview in which he asks his father for Hae Soo. These extra tid bits really help fill in gaps that were apparently not necessary lol.


This scene is a sneak peek of a clip from episode 9 in which Hae Soo warns Wook, and most likely the others, to be wary of So. She is clearly freaked out by the fact that So is going to be the king that kills all his brothers (Noooo say it isn’t so!). From the looks of it, her position has been upgraded (or sidegraded) from her position in the Damiwon, I’m really curious what her new title is as So’s “person” will be. Although the love line between Hae Soo and Wook seems to be going strong things might change if Hae Soo decides to send some loving So’s way to change him and the future.


Although the narrative has not change the feel of the Korean broadcast version is distinctly different from the international one. In this there is more emphasis on the triangle and Hae Soo’s desire to be with Wook. There is also a continued play on the fact that So is determined to make Hae Soo his despite her resistance. My impression based off this preview is that So’s minutes in the limelight dwindle fast as he is brought back to the reality of his situation. Although he has gained the favor of the people, and is looking good in the eyes of his father, he is still not a beloved figure in the palace *cough* queen mommy dearest *cough.*However the situation will be exacerbated when Hae Soo treats him coldly, which may feel odd since she has been one of his greatest allies in the palace and has made him feel the acceptance that he longed for. Although it is not clear what spurred that kiss, the motive seems to stem from the fact that she wants her to be his completely meaning he has her heart and loyalty. His fervent manner of speaking makes me feel like he is afraid he will lose her, but I also wonder if his past maltreatment affects how he loves. As a loner, it seems as though if he wanted something he had to fight to take it, then fight to keep it. He probably doesn’t realize he is going about wooing her the wrong way, but I look forward to the growth of this character. I hope they don’t edit that out as well LOL.


  • Adal says:

    These various versions floating around is making my head hurt!

    As an international viewer whose only source for this drama is DF, I can’t help feeling cheated when there are clips left out of the version I’m watching that would provide more context to the plot or more understanding of the characters’ motivations.

    Thanks for posting these clips, though I wish there were subs for the other two.

  • Rosee70 says:

    they edited the best parts out: the confrontation between the Queen and So, and also the explosive/nerve wrecking scene between So and Soo.
    so glad i watched the raw version 1st. i m wondering how many more important scenes i missed out on.
    Moon Lover and Moonlight DBC are killing me softly in different ways. Koreans are awesome: they make you WANT to learn history. never thought i would rediscover the love for history of the world and its people, especially Korea.

  • Ani Lee says:

    Thank you for sharing these edited clips! You are right, these clips make us understand the characters & story better! Why would DF not include these?!!

  • tessieroo says:

    Rin – What Hae Soo doesn’t realize is that by “warning” Wang Wook, she herself sets in motion the coming (possibly bloody) battle for the throne. Wang Wook and his evil sister will essentially join with EVIL Queen and Wang Yo to make sure Wang So doesn’t make it to the throne. All the brothers will fight, things will get ugly and I have no idea (with only 10 episodes left) they intend to show Hae Soo in love with Wang So. Or maybe they won’t? UGH!

  • Chen says:

    Thank you so much ive been searching for the sub missing scene in episode 8.

  • Karen says:

    Thanks for showing the editing Clips with the English sub! ^_^

  • claire says:

    Wanting to add my thanks to the others 🙂

  • Mil says:

    Thanks for the recap plus extra scenes. I agree and wonder why? Has anyone also watched the Chinese version? I wonder if this is the same

  • Ebru says:

    The Chinese version is way better as the story slowly develops where you can see the depth of the relationships between Hae Soo character and each brother. Therefore, certain things make more sense including the upcoming love and hate relations between brothers, and even the main characters.

  • socango says:

    Thanks for putting up the scene missing from the international version.

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