Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 10 – Both Versions Of Preview

I watched episode 9 live and the only thing that came to mind was it was a HUGE letdown in the romance department for Hae Soo and Wang So. We saw Wang So asking if he could trust her (and she said she would never change) but her fear gets the best of her after seeing multiple “visions” of Wang So as the tyrant, killer King-to-be. Plus we had a forced kiss and those are never good. (LOL) Hae Soo warns Wang Wook about Prince #4, which most likely sets in motion all the blood-shed to come.

I managed to find both versions of the preview for episode 10, one is subbed and one is partially subbed. It looks like Wang So will be (once again) fighting for his life, alone. *sigh* He manages to thwart EVIL Queen Yoo in her attempt to murder the Crown Prince by drinking the poison himself but since Hae Soo is the one who brought the drink to the Crown Prince, she is also in danger. And Wang Wook has finally crossed over to the dark side. Both he and his evil, nasty sister decide to join forces with EVIL Queen Yoo and Wang Yo in order to fight for power and the throne. Before that, Wang So and Hae Soo escape to the ocean but I gotta say: she looks miserable. I hope we see some progress in their romance soon (and I hope it’s believable) but I have a feeling we are headed into dark, angsty territory.

Can’t wait for next week!

Credit for subbed preview: @IUmushimushi Twitter, onetvasia and SBS
Credit to YouTube Uploader for 2nd version


  • Gem says:

    This show is a giant mess. The writers are high and so were the editors, this is in no way how you progress a love story. I am massively disappointed with episode 9, such a promising episode ruined by ridiculous plot progressing technique that will backfire on them. I get that Lee Jun Ki is dark but there’s dark brooding lead and Psychotic Killer dark. They are aiming for the latter at this point. And our heroine went from slightly useful to completely delusional. I give up.

    • xoxo says:

      How did Hae Soo go delusional? She’s in shock. The stark reality of what is to come will take time for her to adjust. This epiphany her character experiences happens in the book and the chinese version as well.
      Sadly you give up just when things are only getting better and progressing the way it should if it is to properly end at 21 episodes.

      • Gem says:

        A 21st century girl is taking her premonitions way too seriously when nothing has happened to indicate any of that has even the slightest possibility of becoming reality. And shock, what shock?? She is stuck in Goryeo and seems to have adjusted to that by now, the timeline has progressed a year by now. She doesn’t need to be rocket scientist to realize things get messy or bloody and that is reality of the time she lives in which includes Fratricide. She has every right to stay away from Wang So but the way she did was completely wrong. The Chinese version had different character as the heroine and she wasn’t out of touch with her reality, one who had a positive growth and was increasingly showing signs of maturity. Is Hae Soo any of that??

    • hinahime1765 says:

      Hae soo a 21st century girl whose definition of love is the one who respects, loves and accept all forms of her existence so it was natural for her to fall in love with wook and so is potential danger to her loved one’s so it is natural for to get scared in this situation. It will be interesting to watch her fall in love with him despite his imperfection….

    • Michela says:

      I complete agree with you.

    • sarah says:

      I agree about Hae Soo’s progression as an active character…I feel like we were building momentum for how she’s realizing her purpose in Goryeo but now that’s sort of flatlined. Seems like one of her character’s first defining traits was a mind for justice but that interest in doing the right thing totally fizzles out over her romance arc with Wang Wook.

  • Hana says:

    I really don’t understand what the editors have been doing, they keep chopping up the show so the flow gets ruined. Now it seems like the writers have lost their minds too.
    The Chinese version had more episodes and it did a better job of explaining Hae soo’s character and her relationships with the others. I don’t get why they have LJK as the main lead when he doesn’t get a lot of scenes. Plus this love triangle is getting ridiculous now.

  • Bon says:

    I wad so dissapointed how hae soo handled the situation. He could have controlled herself and I think be honest to Wang so about her vision. I think it’s time for her to stand up for Wang so, after all this time, she always had defended Wang so anyways despite the hate from others. I think to the fairness of this messy love triangle thing, hae soo should be able to resolve her feeling over Wang wok and move on with Wang so, and love him sincerely and wholeheartedly. We definitely need more romance between Wang so and hae soo. Please do!

  • Kairan says:

    worst of all episode is 9 , what is wrong with haseo on this episode are the editors and director playing with viewers feelinngs? , they want us to hate haseo well they get it, I hate haseo character on episode 9.

    The time wang so needed her the most , she went crazy. damn episode.

  • clairie says:

    I honestly don’t understand the reason the editors cut some of the scenes in the first place. Those scenes were more important than say, Eun’s childish antics which idk even know why they show it other than highlighting Baekhyun’s bad acting

    • juliesean says:

      Probably there’s a clause in his contract ; he needs 20% screen time. It’s also fan service isn’t it cos he’s drawing his fans to watch the drama.

      • tessieroo says:

        LOL, okay that was cold. *heh* I agree with you that the first few episodes were Baekhyun OVERLOAD but I have to admit: when he dropped the marbles while his father was telling him he had to get married – I literally cried. So sad – his innocent, childhood days are gone! So that and the talk he has with Hae Soo before the wedding were good and seemed to fit into the story well.

    • sarah says:

      His childish scenes are so uncomfortable to watch…

  • Teleri says:

    OK, I have to admit I’m a total history buff, an Arthurian scholar as well (means I’m well-versed in the hows of historical research). I’ve done some digging into our 4th prince (ok, I started back when Shine or Go Crazy aired). Nowhere can I find that he out and out killed all his brothers. Certainly not like Taejong of Joseon did. There were a ton of princes – because King Taejo married girls from all the powerful noble families he could to maintain alliances. He made sure his boys did the same thing as is hinted in this episode. So these powerful families formed alliances in order to try to get THEIR prince on the throne.
    The current Crown Prince becomes the king for about 2 years. He dies (possibly killed, possibly just of poor health) and then Evil Eyeliner Prince becomes king for 4 years. His brothers supported him against rival famies (which included half-brothers of course). Then Gwangjong (who, yes, married his half-sister) came to power. He was ruthless, got rid of a bunch of powerful nobles who acted against him (again, undoubtedly including half-brothers) and managed to unite the new Goryeo into a powerful nation.
    NONE of the histories I’ve managed to unearth show him killing innocent brothers – these half-brothers were fighting each other for power looks like.
    Me thinks Ha Soo did NOT pay enough attention in history class. Or else this story wants to show how she kept the familial bloodshed to a minimum πŸ˜€
    I admit to not watching the more serious Chinese show that this came from.

    • tessieroo says:

      I haven’t seen the C-drama this is based on so I’m clueless but I agree, I haven’t read anything about King Gwangjong except “he was known for squashing his political rivals and creating an atmosphere of fear within the political realm at the time” – it does not say he killed his brothers unless they were part of the “purge” that came later when he got rid of his political enemies. Methinks her history is a bit faulty too or she has her kings mixed up. (LOL) I always thought it was King Sejo who was the monster, didn’t he kill his brother AND his very young nephew (along with most of one clan and many scholars) to take over the throne?

    • jomo says:

      The story will show that if Hae Soo will influence history with the other time traveller dude’s help. They will be the inspiration for 4th prince NOT to kill his bros. That is where we are heading.

      • Evren says:

        This is what I totally think too. Actually what I think is that Hae Soo will go back to the future and will see that the history has changed. I mean although this is inspired by the history, it is not he actual history. Didn’t the history change when Hae Soo came from the future(this is the fantasy part telling us the story is a fantasy) ? Maybe the 10th prince would willingly marry to his wife in a world where Hae Soo didin’t exist? So the history already changed actually. I didn’t watch the Chinese version by the way.

        • Marilynn Winslow says:

          Spoiler: in the Chinese version it is implied that the presence of Maertai Ruoxi (aka Hae Soo) was actually predestined. And, similar to the Korean version, she warned the 8th prince about the danger the 4th prince poses, which triggered a constant power struggle between the two. When she realised that what she did not actually change history at all, Ruoxi came to the conclusion that history cannot be altered by anyone and that her presence in the past was not a coincidence, but more like destiny. Hopefully, the Koreans are willing “to take a creative license to history” as the show states in the beginning of each episode. It would be amazing if Wang So actually married Hae Soo, although I doubt it will happen. If he wants to become king, he will have to marry his half blood sister for help. If only Hae Soo were adopted by king Taejo before he died!!! THAT would be a twist in the story! And it would make sense about him marrying his half blood sister πŸ˜›

  • juliesean says:

    At this rate it’s going, Hae Soo will only fall for Wang Soo in the last episode. The korean version is just a HUGE mess despite have 2 fantastic male leads…..comparing it to the chinese version which was PERFECT.

    • tessieroo says:

      LMAO! I agree, we only have 11 episodes left? That’s plenty of time to make it happen but for me, I want her romance with Wang So to be believable. I don’t want her to stay with him out of fear, pity or obligation – that would suck. And the more I hear about the C-version, the more I think I should watch it. πŸ˜€

      • juliesean says:

        Yes you must. The story line is quite close, the 10th prince was also forced to marry although in the C version his wife was quite cute. The cinematography, direction and the writing and of course the cast was really awesome. Although the 4th prince (Emperor Yong Zhen) was known to be cruel in history, in this c version, we got to see why he had to become like this due to power struggle and the philosophy of “kill or be killed”. Only Ruoxi was able to reach his soft side.

  • Jen says:

    The love triangle is getting annoying.
    I get that Hae Soo falls in love with Wang Wool first but c’mon… just how many episode before we see her with Wang So?

    Poor Wang So.
    Poor poor Wang So…

  • Vanessa says:

    Wow all these so-called fans butchering the efforts of the actors/directors and undermining the whole show already based on one episode.

    This episode was the biggest epiphany for Hae Soo’s character and showcased the actress’ acting. Obviously, it was setting in motion the chain of events that slowly go wrong as Hae Soo try to emotionally/physically distance herself from Wang So and attempt to change the course of history. She reacted as anyone in her position would. She will still fall unconditionally in love in spite of the knowledge of what is to come. This is the angst and tragedy before the BOOK and chinese version Bu Bu Jing Xin.
    Hae Soo and Wang Wook’s romance is slowly coming to an end so enjoy it while you can. Hae Soo and Wang So’s will only bring such bittersweet memories.
    Don’t come watching this drama for a happy ending, if not a bittersweet ending, we will get a hopeful ending.

    • tessieroo says:

      No one is butchering the story, just expressing dissatisfaction with one episode – certainly nothing wrong with that. And I don’t think anyone mentioned ANY of the actors, with the exception of Baekhyun. I think we can all agree, ALL the actors are doing an amazing job! The reaction Hae Soo had is not in the C-version (from what I’ve been told) because she doesn’t have “visions” in the C-version. She was wary of Prince #4 from the beginning and careful around him but she wasn’t having visions of him killing anyone.
      I don’t think there is anything wrong with being unhappy (or even snarky) about not liking ONE episode, it’s not a reflection of the actors or the drama as a whole. I know I’ll still be glued to my screen next week, no matter what! πŸ™‚

  • Jaja says:

    Yep I was disappointed with episode 9. Sure Hae soo was terrified of seeing some premonition in the future but she acted all weird and weak. I think she should have handled things better, I totally liked her character in the beginning but seeing this, I’m beginning to get doubts. Poor Wang So indeed nobody liked to be in his corner.

  • Rosee70 says:

    this is one of the better episodes of Moon Lover. IU did astonishingly well to potray the fear in Hae Soo. She was literally shaking with fear and who wouldnt be, believing one has created a monster who killed mercilessly for power. Soo thought that So was a prince who killed for a reason. She couldnt understand why he would kill his own brothers who were nice and caring towards Soo. She still saw Wook as her lifeline, the one who always supported her emotionally. She was in love with a version of Wook that she thought she knew. In reality, everyone, even So, acted according to their nature. Even ‘evil’ kings have loved ones. in this case, So loved Soo.

  • tessieroo says:

    I do agree with you on that, IU is doing an amazing job, I’m very impressed! I have not had one single negative thought about her acting during this whole show. πŸ˜€

  • alien says:

    in the next episode, it appears that Wangso will throw his life away just to protect Haesoo from his Mom’s plot – by getting rid of Haesoo, the crown prince can’t outlive his illness (remember medicine is not that advanced in history)
    so Wangso took the poisonous tea or something to stop the poisoning
    then Hyesoo saves him or something, don’t know, what do you think?

    the 3rd is seen influencing the 8th to get rid of crown price / wangso
    not sure what happened to the psycho half sister, suddenly she got deluded

    • tessieroo says:

      I think EVIL Queen/Mom also knows Hae Soo is Wang So’s weakness, she wants to get rid of Daniwon (the medicinal pavilion where Hae Soo lives) and all the people (women specifically) who reside there, she also hates Lady Oh.
      Yes, they try to poison the Crown Prince but Wang So drinks the poison himself but I’m not sure who saves him, I love the idea that it’s Hae Soo! πŸ˜€ Psycho 1/2 sister has always been all about power, greed and position so I’m not surprised in the least that she sides with EVIL Queen. I AM a bit surprised Wang Wook does but we’ll see how far he’s willing to go. I can’t wait for next week!

  • Madkdr says:

    The problem I have is that I have watched the C version and it was a perfect version – from casting, acting to directing to costuming, lighting – except for the lotus lake which shall not be mentioned in detail!

    If you have not watched the C version – I say it is a MUST watch – BUT – only after Moon Lovers is done. Otherwise the comparisons are inevitable and the K version falls far short.

    In C version – the heroine does have visions – but she puts it in context (ahem!) of the era that she is living in and the history that she knows. She reminds herself not to mess around and interfere too much so that history won’t be changed. However, events that occur are seen through her eyes and we the viewers form an understanding – that her relationship with the princes influence all of them. We see 4th from her enlightened point of view – that he is not cruel for cruel’s sake but always for a reason. The relationships are better established and thus the rallying to her aid and even the factions among the Princes are better defined and makes more sense. Subtlety is the key ingredient.

    I love the C version and have watched it numerous times and was geared to love the K version. I mean it has Lee Jun Ki as 4th!!

    I’m still trying.

    • Allonsy10 says:

      I agree with you. The C version is better because the heroine remembers her history, and the “visions” she has are her putting faces that she is getting familiar with with the history she is certain of. As she kept repeating throughout the show, her greatest fear is knowing how everybody’s stories end. She remembers what’s going to happen to who, which is why she broke up with 8th in the first place. In the K version, we just have Soo having flashes of what she thinks is going to happen. She said herself that she doesn’t remember her history, so what are those flashes supposed to be? Her imagination? Or the magic powers of premonition she gained from time travel? The thing nagging at me is this – why is she so bloody scared of those glimpses that she sees? She doesn’t even bother questioning if they are really the future or just her imagination running wild. I know I would question my sanity if it were me in that situation. She knows Gwangjong is the future evil king, but why is she so determined that those hallucinations depict the future? Taking the stance of one who is completely in the dark of what’s going to happen, I would’ve thought that 3rd is Gwangjong since he is already such a jerk to his brothers before taking the throne. I personally think that the K version has got a direction it wants to go, but is forced to align itself to the C version (either claim to be an adaptation or face a lawsuit), and also restricted by limited airtime. Which also explains all the different versions (I know of at least three versions) of the episodes out in the cybernet.

      • Yunarin says:

        In Goryeo (real) History, Wang So is Gwangjong real name.

      • Marilynn Winslow says:

        Perhaps travelling all the way to the past helped her get access to bits and pieces from the history gathered in the collective memory of the Korean people. I read somewhere that people have in their subconscious latent memories from the previous generations (?) or something like that. Maybe time travelling will help “activate” this information. This is why Jinmo the astronomer has also a fair knowledge of the future and was not surprised when Hae Soo uttered “Gwangjong”, stupefied. I also liked the C version better, but keep in mind the fact that version had 35 episodes or so, while this one is compressed to 20. In my opinion, they did not appreciate correctly the time span and focused too much on the relationship of Hae Soo with Wang Wook. If they do not intend to teleport Wang So to the future, I don’t know what they can do to correct the unfairness towards all the desperate SoSoo fans out there πŸ˜› On the other hand I understand Hae Soo as well: if you time travelled to the past and met, let’s say, an important person in history, who also happened to be recorded as a tyrant who wooed you constantly, you would not give your heart to him that easily either….or maybe that’s just me πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

  • Pra says:

    I wonder why some of the commentators are even watching the drama when all they’re doing is comparing and listing all of the bad things in the Korean one πŸ˜•. I like the drama so far(mainly because it has Lee Joon Gi and I have been a fan of his for many years now). Aside from that, I feel as though the subtitles play a major role in this. The actual words in Korean may not mean the same thing or have the same effect since it is being translated in English. I speak a different language and when I sometimes translate it, it doesn’t have the same meaning or effect that it would have were it in my language. As for the acting, Lee Joon Gi is doing marvelous ☺. I am a bit iffy about IU’s acting as it seems as though she isn’t able to properly convey the right emotionsβ€”it may be just the character or IU herself πŸ˜•. As for Wook, I do not like him as he basically feels as though Hae Soo is his and she is meant to be his solely because he was married to her deceased cousin πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘. Wook is so selfish and I am not surprised that he switched teams and went to the dark side. As for now, I am patiently waiting for the release of EP 10.

    • Jas says:

      Agree with everything you have said. Double agree. Am loving Lee Joon Gi as he is my number 1 actor, they are few and far between.

      • Pra says:

        Some forget that although it is based off of a Chinese novel, the principal character in the Korean drama version is based off of a REAL person’s life. And they’re obviously going to re-write and change the direction of the drama since they’re partially going according to history. Aside from that, Lee Joon Ki is doing as great job as he is so convincing in the role and he is really good at conveying the honest emotional life of the character.

        • Madkdr says:

          To clarify – the C Version is also based off of historical figures. History remains the same – what is explored is how Ruoxi navigates her “intrusion” as a time traveller. There is no historical mention of her – and this is explained in the drama that 4th did not make her an official concubine because he wanted her close by and be able to see her all the time (It’s too long to explain contextually and customarily).

          Granted – in isolation, there are many great things in K Version. The actors are, save for some, highly talented – riveting in some cases – Lee Jung Ki and Kim Ha Neul, for example.

          It’s the choppy editing and directing and disjointed way of story telling that we are lamenting.

  • νŒ€ μ™•μ†Œ says:

    I haven’t seen a kdrama in a few years and maybe it’s normal for a lead female actress to be a tad on the stupid side in the original story, but Haesoo doesn’t make sense to me anymore. She, a 21st century woman, fell in love with a married man, barely gets to see him, and when she does, she just quietly stares at him most of the time, but around wang so, she completely changes into a quirky person who says kind things out of the blue to make him feel special, put make up on him to help him believe in himself and claims she can be trusted because she knows for sure he’s a good person, and immediately after he succeeds she draws away and warns ppl to stay away from him. And honestly when he first approached her to kiss her she didn’t even resist. Of course wang so got the impression he could just force the kiss on her next time he tried. What happened to being in love with wang wook? i don’t ship them, but she could at least show that she’s human and that she knows how to remember her prior love affair with another man. I thought Korean dramas were past that phase of having an oblivious lovable girl. But haesoo isn’t just that, she’s frustratingly stupid. What I see in haesoo is a cute girl that thoughtlessly says things for the sake of the drama and development of relationships, but then when she actually thinks like a normal human being she screws everybody over by leaving them without any difficulty because she realizes that the fluffy “you can trust me” “I believe you’re a good person” really meant nothing (maybe it did during the moment it was spoken). I don’t see any character depth in her because I never know what to expect from her except that she’ll be bold and different and thoughtless.
    I sound like a hater, but I don’t hate the drama. It’s intriguing and I want to see what happens next, but some things are just frustrating to watch. Yea it’s more fun to watch when cute words are thrown around and intense stares are made, but if they were just made for romanticizing the moment, it’s frustrating to see it get ruined when someone starts to use their brain. I blame the writers for this. Haesoo isn’t a consistent character with much character depth and a lot of things feel forced and cliche

  • Shiro says:

    I don\’t care….i just want Soo and 4th prince to get down and dirty ASAP…ahhh, i just remembered KDs don\’t do that. I still think the kiss had some spark, kinda felt the tortured-hero-syndrome and i luv it…

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