“Drinking Solo” Episode 7 Preview + Week Three Thoughts


If last week belonged to Dong Young and his suicidal thoughts, this week was all about Ki Bum. After getting some backstory about his life as a bullied teen, we learned about his relationship with his adorable grandmother. The arc where Ki Bum got revenge against his childhood bully (who’s now a pop idol) by exposing him online only to get beaten up by his fangirls brought him and Dong Young back together again. Or should I say, made Dong Young realize that he can keep the friends he loves while focusing on passing the exam. As for Ki Bum, I wondered what would finally motivate him to study and it seems making his grandmother proud might do the trick.

It’s hard to talk about what happened this week because I think not a lot did. As previously observed, selfish Jin Yi is only a great unni as long as Ha Na isn’t surpassing her. She became a brat when she was asked to stand behind her in their photoshoot and without Jung Suk’s intervention, would have succeeded in sulking her way into the better spot. Ha Na still hasn’t grown and I can’t wait till she learns to stand up for herself and not let other people walk all over her.

Gong Myung continues to be Ha Na’s knight in shining armor; taking care of her upon hearing of her fainting incident in class, comforting her, caring for her while drunk and even draining her flooded apartment with her. Plus he’s cute, teases her and doesn’t hide his affection and interest in her. But he’s too young, her student and worst of all, the second lead. Damn!

Jin Yi is still miserable and planned to trap her boyfriend by getting pregnant but he didn’t show up for their date. Meanwhile, we learn that Prof. Min’s wife is actually a dog (but he could be divorced or a widower). I wondered why they had these two in committed relationships thus eliminating any chance for romance but it looks like they might get together after all. We’ll see.

Speaking of Min, he continued to be Ha Na’s well-meaning anti. Not long after Ha Na learned that she wasn’t a substitute after all, he gave her herbal medicine for strength on an empty stomach but she had an allergic reaction to it and fainted in class. She didn’t want to deflect any blame from herself so she let everyone believe that she fainted out of nervousness. This is one time that I kind of agree with her because it was her own fault for not eating and staying up all night and no one forced her to take the medicine.

Min also suggested that Jung Suk’s changed attitude towards her was due to his romantic feelings and she’s pretty much run with it. LOL. It’s silly but luckily for her, will soon come true as he can’t help but be amused by her and is getting addicted to attention from her. And now that he thinks she’s dating someone, has begun to get jealous.

As I said, not much really happened but it was still a pleasant watch. My only thing is I find Ha Na’s facial expressions way too exaggerated. I wish she’d tone them down.

Well, it looks like Ha Na won’t be toning it down anytime soon. Gong Myung manages to weasel his way into a date with Ha Na but will she weasel her way out? Jung Suk confronts Ha Na about dating… like she’s not allowed to date? If not now, when?

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  • Teleri says:

    I’m sorry, I find that girl SOOO annoying! I mean our whiny meek little idiot of a lead girl. I’ve known and worked w/people like her and it’s all I can do not to lash out at them (which would be wrong since they aren’t evil or anything). I’m so tired of these scared little mice too meek to stand up for themselves at all!!!
    As for our lead’s friend, oh, honey! I’m sorry, I don’t think she’s terrible at all! She IS a decent friend! I have to admit that I’d be a lot more upfront w/ reaming the real culprits at that photo shoot – IE the misogynist guys who called ME somehow not photogenic next to the guy OLDER than me!!!! Sorry, but she looks a lot better than little mouse there, even if the mouse is a bit younger! That whole sequence completely annoyed me!
    That friend gussied the mouse up at her own expense, BTW She’s the nicest ‘nasty’ 2nd lead I’ve seen.
    As for our 2nd lead, he’s got way more chemistry w/the mouse than his uptight brother does. As he says, he’s only a couple years younger than her, and definitely more on her maturity level than his brother. The way she wants to treat him as some kid is laughable. I’d rather see her friend w/the lead myself – they are more age appropriate.

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