English-Subbed “Moonlight Drawn By Clouds” Episode 11 Preview

In a world where a king can have several wives AND concubines, is it a big deal to marry someone for connections if he can still be with the woman he loves (if she agrees with the arrangement?).

If I were Ra On, I would probably say the same thing because a marriage between us would be impossible.

I wonder if the little girl they are trying to execute is the one they believe is working with the rebels.

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  • Maggie F says:

    In a world of a man able to have many wives and concubines, yes, it should be that simple.

    However, we’re led to believe that this is the Crown Prince’s first wife/concubine. In a court where the Kim family controls almost everything, even having a non-Kim become a lowly concubine could threaten (or at least diminish their chances of absolute power) their power in controlling the next heir because any child the prince has with any wife or concubine has a chance to succeed the throne. I believe the Kim’s have already expressed their wishes for the Empress’ child to be a male child so that they could depose the Emperor and the Crown Prince to take the throne, and if that isn’t possible, to secure another route to power by making the Crown Prince marry somebody of their faction to maintain a hold on the next Emperor as well. So in the end it’s the Kim family wanting to control every avenue of power.

    That, and this is a drama lol. Can’t have our main characters succeeding in life THAT easily.

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