“Jealousy Incarnate” Episode 11 Preview + Week Five Thoughts

I ended last week sympathizing with Hwa Shin but now want him to have a stadium full of seats.

It was a week of misunderstandings that got cleared up with some hidden truths revealed at the end.

Episode 5 began with everyone in the station believing that Hwa Shin and Na Ri were dating… well, everyone but Hye Won who quickly sussed out that he’s in a one-sided love.

Jung Won is told about it from his intended wife but after seeing Hwa Shin with Hye Won in a compromising position and discussing it with his friend, dismisses it. And this is why I like Jung Won because he confronts issues as soon as they arise.

Unfortunately for him, his mother really wants him to marry that anchor and plants a story about their relationship in the papers. This leads to Na Ri returning the dress he made her (although I think it was an excuse for her to see him and discuss it but she missed him) and Hwa Shin falling even deeper for her. Why? Because despite the turmoil her romantic life was in, she still showed up to take him to his hospital appointment.

I loved the scene where Hwa Shin kept begging her not to be at their designated spot because it would make it difficult to send her to another man but all I could think was that he wouldn’t be in this dilemma if he wasn’t such a selfish jerk. The funny thing is that he really thinks that she no longer finds him attractive because of his breast cancer and it’s like it hasn’t gotten into his thick skull that it’s normal for someone to move on from an unrequited love.

Anyway, Hwa Shin was a hero when he drove Na Ri to Jung Won’s place to clear the air. This led to a romantic kiss and Hwa Shin’s heart breaking into smithereens.

I really liked their kiss. I don’t think Jung Won is really in the position to be mad at her for “dumping” him without a word because he’s the one in the papers but I liked their conversation and Na Ri confessing to liking him which was partly prompted by her hearing him ask for it while she was asleep. But do I think she genuinely likes him? Yes.

Hwa Shin’s jealousy led to a funny sequence of him getting drunk then asking every woman he met out. It ended with him in Na Ri’s room doing everything she asked so that she’d date him. It was cute and sad and just when I started to feel sorry for him, he had to ask if she ever really loved him and how she could end a 3-year crush.

Not this again, Bro! It would have been different if he’d been unaware of her feelings; if he hadn’t used said feelings against her (the hospital scene comes to mind); if he didn’t throw them in her face; if he didn’t insist time without number that nothing was ever going to happen; if he didn’t keep telling her to find someone else… if he hadn’t been such a jerk about it.

But Hwa Shin, you did all these things and it’s ridiculous for you to still expect her to crush on you despite that. She didn’t wrong you by getting over you and finding someone who loves her. No. All she did was love herself.

Hye Won, who’s kind of Hwa Shin’s fake girlfriend and the only person who knows his true feelings has become a confidante of sorts. I wouldn’t mind if they actually got together for real but that’s a pipe dream.

As for Jung Won and Na Ri, they are still getting to know each other and I think the scene where she kept calling him “Boss” was really cute. It’s a very different vibe from what she has with Hwa Shin but is pretty realistic for the relationship stage they are at.

This love square culminated in a scene where Hye Won teased Hwa Shin that he can be a scumbag and use his three-year edge to steal Na Ri from his best friend and Jung Won overheard him say that he just might do it. Na Ri also overheard him but I think she missed what the definition of scumbag is and might not know that it’s about her. I’m okay with Hwa Shin feeling this way as long as he does nothing about it.

Jung Won is adorable and sweet but he’s also a successful CEO. He’s forthright with people around him and gets really upset when he’s stabbed in the back. He didn’t take too kindly to the anchorlady pretending to be okay with not marrying him only to go to his mother and solidify their plans.

Speaking of his mother, how selfish is she? She tried to manipulate him into marrying someone he doesn’t love by claiming that her divorce hinged on it. What I loved was Jung Won telling her that just as he loves her and wants her to be happy, she too must love him and want him to be happy.

As for the other stories, Ppal Gang was a bit less annoying this week (and her screen time appears to have been reduced) while we learned that Chef is impotent. Apparently due to him sleeping around a lot in his youth or something and it’s a psychological issue. His meddling sister got him some medication which causes unintended winking, leading to some cute scenes. So not only did he sleep next to Ppal Gang’s stepmom and not feel a thing, he winked at her real mom and this love triangle continues.

If the preview is anything to go by, we’ll be seeing Jung Won’s ruthless side soon. I just hope that it’s misleading and he isn’t turned into a villain to justify a Na Ri/Hwa Shin ending. This is a Korean drama which means love never dies. We’re used to seeing love reignited when a 38-year-old man runs into a girl he crushed on when he was 8 years old so they don’t need to go this far to get the OTP together.

And hell yeah, with love never dying, we can’t blame Jung Won for not being very confident because he’s comparing the feelings accumulated in a 2-week relationship to a 3-year-long crush.

No matter what happens, Jung Won, you will never be fully at ease in your relationship if you’re worried that Na Ri would flee upon learning that her feelings are requited so you’re eventually going to have to let nature take its course here.

While I’m happy that this cat has been let out of the bag (to Jung Won), he needs to learn about his friend’s breast cancer. He’ll probably run mad when he learns that Na Ri’s old roommate was really Hwa Shin but such is life. You’re unfortunately in a losing battle, pal. Just don’t let the jealousy ruin you.

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  • stuartjmz says:

    Your comments at the end have left me worried. I’ve loved Jung Won’s character so far, one of the best seconds I’ve see, but I’ve been wondering about the Drama’s title. Now I’m scared he will be “it”, and that makes me sad.

  • A fanatic fan (maybe ?) says:

    I don’t know who wrote this unfair article because I clearly not agree with you but at the same time agree too. I do hope that Jung Won will fortunately be happy because he was such a perfect friend a person could wish for, a handsome man that could sew and a charmer too. I don’t like too how Hwa Sin treat Na ri but let just admit he’s not a total jerk. He just didn’t know that he would love her after he lost her, and Hye Won is kind of a messed up character as I don’t really like her but didn’t hate her much too. I think Na ri still didn’t realize that she still have feelings for Hwa Sin because she never taste love from another man so that’s why i think you should write fairly and enhance each character good and bad side.

  • yaly says:

    loving this drama…. Gong Hyo Jin is just the best when it comes to acting really natural , Unni hwaiting!!! And also rooting for Na ri and Jung Won, yessssssss !!!!

  • UnrequitedLoveForEightYears says:

    I wish Jung Won and Na Ri would end up together. Because obviously, Hwa Shin is already part of the past. He missed the chance. And to those who experienced one-sided love, it is time to move on and find someone better. It is just so unfair to waste all your precious time for someone who have caused you pain. Hwa Shin didn’t appreciate Na Ri before, and so what? Na Ri moved on. So let her be happy with someone else. She deserves it!

  • laila says:

    it’s possible for na ri to end up with jung won (their chemistry is good) and hwa shin end up with hye won. Hye won is not a typical bitchy second female lead at least.

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