“Fantastic” Episode 9 Preview + Quick Week 4 Thoughts

I don’t really have much to say about what happened this week because not much happened.

Ji Soo’s absence can be felt as it seems like that storyline is being stretched a bit and previously filmed scenes have been pushed back to accommodate the actor who’s currently recovering from surgery. I miss him and want to see him back on screen but I hope they aren’t putting too much pressure on him and he won’t return till he’s up to the task.

The main couple’s storyline went around in circles. Soon after So Hye decided to give things a go with Hae Sung, Witch Choi learned of her diagnosis, kicked her out of her place and threatened her with Hae Sung’s adoption. So yeah, my hopes that the big secret wasn’t adoption have been dashed.  So Hye went back to pushing Hae Sung away even after he learned about her cancer. By the way, what’s with Korean drama doctors and their inability to adhere to patient confidentiality? Joon Ki is adorable but he had no right to disclose So Hye’s disease to Hae Sung, even if he thought it was for the best.

In a long-winded way to get So Hye to move in with Hae Sung, Choi first kicked her out of her place, then she got scammed when she thought she found a new place, then she realized that she couldn’t stay at Mi Sun’s for long because she was inconveniencing her son and when she was at Hae Sung’s, realized that it was ridiculous to reject his help and love and now she’s back in his arms. Let’s hope this one sticks.

One advancement in the plot is that her assistant will debut as her co-writer to help lessen the load.

There’s not that much going on in Seol’s storyline as she still lives with her horrible in-laws and Ji Soo’s surgery means she has no scenes with Sang Wook. Love is wonderful but I think they should also take this opportunity to get her to independently leave her in-law’s house of horrors. In other words, leave even if a young, sexy man isn’t a major influence.

Violence is never the answer but I’d be lying if I said that I was bothered by Seol kicking her husband’s ass. No means no and don’t put your nasty, cheating hands on a woman who’s made it clear that she doesn’t want to sleep with you. She needs to reveal his cheating ways to his family but I can already hear them tell her that a poor, low class woman like her shouldn’t expect her elite husband to be faithful. Let’s see if they surprise me.

So Hye and Hae Sung are together which is good because they’ll have to battle her illness together.

Credit: JTBC

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