Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 11 Preview W/English Subs

Things have taken a very dark turn this week, Rinchan was right. Even though she had nothing to do with it, Hae Soo will be arrested, thrown in jail, tortured and sentenced to die by the King for attempting to poison a Prince (which will make both EVIL Queen Yoo and EVIL Princess YeonHwa very happy). I also have a feeling that Lady Oh takes the full blame which means she’s the one being hung and that’s going to add to the sadness. Tomorrow is going to be horribly heartbreaking so let’s prepare ourselves!

Fulll Credit: IUmushimushi Twitter, OneTVAsia


  • rinchan76 says:

    The situation is so messed up, and you’re probably right about Lady Oh…..I’m gonna need to stock up on kleenex if this keeps up

    • tessieroo says:

      Yep, they’re playing tricks with the preview making everyone think it’s Hae Soo that’s being hung but it’s not. *sigh* And we found out today that Yeon Hwa was involved in the poisoning. O__O I knew I hated her for some reason! I also thought maybe Wang Wook will discover his sisters part in the plot but keep his mouth shut to protect his family & that means Hae Soo (if she knows any of it) will FINALLY pull away from him. So YAY for the SoSoo loveline! Hae Soo is going to be a mess when Lady Oh dies though.

      • Sen says:

        OMG !!! I was just happy thinking Lady Oh was pregnant with the king’s baby…
        She was so good to Hae Soo….and i think she knows it’s Wang So who truly loves HS

        I hate the evil Wang Wook & Yeon Hwa… !!!!!!!

  • Estefania says:

    OMG! I really love this show, my boss is in front of me XD, but I can´t wait to see the preview, Thanks , sorry for my bad english, I send you my best greetings from Mexico

  • Emmanuelle says:

    I am still missing ep 10 but I have one question: what’s the deal with So’s mother? She just want her son on the throne to manipulate like a puppet or something? I bet she’s gonna end up dead killed by the son she is so putting forward.

    I thought Wang Wook started to go on the dark side already in ep 9 when he was wondering where his seat would be. That’s interesting how they’re switching sides between Wang Wook and So. It’s as if Wang Wook always had a dark side but kept it hidden.

  • Rosee70 says:

    The whole episode feels emotionally charged, but the worst part was when his hand shook taking that cup!!! OMG, this drama is wringing my heart out. LJK is awesome!

  • Ada says:

    Plz dont let mdm Oh die coz king will be super angry, just cant watch the whole ep 10 last night esp when prince so drink poison tea n left with blood

  • Yvonne Lee says:

    I’m so in love with this drama that I can re-watch this drama repeatedly and I usually fast forward to the romantic and funny parts between Kang Ha Neul and IU. They look so compatible together that I was wondering how I am going to take it when Hae Soo doesn’t love Wang Wook later. My heart is going to bleed when Wang Wook loses Hae Soo. I was also a fan of the C drama but I think this K drama has its own merit. By now, I guess I can accept that Hae Soo will fall for Wang So coz he saved her life. Can’t wait for tonight’s episode!

  • titi says:

    plsssssss ep 11 with eng sub i’m waiting…. 😀

  • moon lovers says:

    Watch here Free Online

  • Sen says:

    Does anyone know where I can watch the raw version ??

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