Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 12 Preview W/English Subs

Today’s episode was both revealing and devastating. The loss of Lady Oh might be the undoing of Hae Soo, she seems destroyed by it. And I as thought, Wang Wook did discover that his sister actively participated in the attempted poisoning of the Crown Prince but isn’t going to say a word – he has to protect his family. If it were to come out, both he and his mother, Queen Hwangbo would also be put to death along side Yeon Hwa. In this preview, Hae Soo has been banished and is now a water-slave and this seems to finally put an end to Wang Wook’s infatuation.

It doesn’t seem to deter Wang So in the least though and we might be in for some sweetness next week. I think we all need it. But it also appears Wang Wook & Wang So will begin fighting in earnest. And does Woo Hee truly stab and kill the King? I’m now wondering exactly how many evil women are in this drama! Enjoy!

Fulll Credit: IUmushimushi Twitter, OneTVAsia


  • B4l01 says:

    Poor Hae Soo, if only she could go back to the future with Wang So and change history. lol Her life in Goryo is becoming more miserable. What with the loss of Lady Oh and Wang Wook turning his back from her.

  • Jen says:

    This show made me look forward to Monday every single week! Lol

    I’m glad it’s the end of wook’s infatuation.
    I’m ready for So and Soo scene!

  • Chrissydiva says:

    Soo is having the worst traveling time. I guess be careful what you wish for. She was ready to settle in this new life in order to forget her old life. LOL at the preview. So has no chill when it comes to Soo. Whether she’s a noble, court lady, or a slave, he doesn’t hide his feelings. Girl be getting marriage proposals like bread. I honestly don’t hate YH because at least she’s active unlike Wook who’s always passive and giving So nasty looks just because he made it rain and got Soo’s attention. At least, she called him out on his crappie. Forget when it turned his back on her twice, did you see his reaction when he went to see her in prison? He first touched her hand probably thinking the blood was hers when it was actually So’s. Then when the first thing she asked was about So, he withdrew his hands and his face and voice changed. I was like damn! Freaky! Lol Kudos to KHN!

  • Marie says:

    Ce drama est trip bien

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