Park Hyung Sik Overflowing With Energy For October Cosmopolitan

With modern loft and red brick buildings surrounding him, Park Hyung Sik spent some time with Cosmopolitan in busy New York. Although his upcoming drama Hwarang doesn’t begin airing on KBS2 until December, we can enjoy this smexy pictorial in the meantime.

He looks amazing, check it out!

Source  |  Cosmopolitan


  • martha says:

    I love his hair like that! So handsome! (*_*)

  • Ani Lee says:

    Yes, the hair! & he’s so tall! Can’t wait for his drama!

  • lili says:

    He’s smoking hot! This hairstyle suits him so much and those eyes of his are mesmerizing…so beautiful. Why this guy isn’t more popular is beyond me…he has it all : looks, acting skills and awesome voice imo. I’m so looking forward to his new drama Hwarang and I hope people will finally see the light and realize how amazing Hyungsik is.

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