Teasers and Long Preview For Upcoming Drama “1% of Anything”

I know the global entertainment industry has run out of ideas hence the remakes, reboots and excessive number of superhero television shows but do we really need to remake a 13-year old drama? This alone make me scream “FLOP” but I’d love to be wrong.

The synopsis from AsianWiki:

Lee Jae-In (Ha Seok-Jin) possesses a good appearance, he is smart and comes from a wealthy family, but he is also arrogant. His grandfather orders Jae-In to enter into a 10 month contract engagement with a female school teacher that he has never met in his life. Lee Jae-In slowly falls in love with her.

Hmm. Contract marriage dramas are so 00s but I’m going to stop being negative. Ha Seok Jin is currently having fun playing the crotchety Jung Suk on tvN’s Drinking Solo while his co-lead Jeon So Min is currently playing… honestly, I am unfamiliar with this actress but she’s been featured in dramas such as Tomorrow Victory and Babyfaced Beauty.

It must be difficult to reinterpret a role already made famous by another so it’ll be interesting to see how different this one will be. I personally haven’t seen the original so I won’t spend my time comparing and contrasting if I watch this.

Here are the teasers:

Long Preview:

This pre-produced drama will be broadcast online on Oksusu starting September 30th and on TV on DramaX starting October 5th. DramaFever will release its subbed version starting October.

Credit: DramaFever, Uploaders, DramaX, Soompi, Oksusu


  • Teleri says:

    I watched 20 episodes of the original – it was sweet for the first 15 or so and then just a YAWN fest – I had to quit even tho I totally loved the leads. If they shorten this one, maybe it will be fine…..

  • humbledaisy says:

    The real story is that the hero is only in the dating-with-an-eye-to-marriage for the money in his grandfather’s will. The humor is that his cousin is in the same state – but mistakes the heroine’s best friend as the lucky prize and falls in love. Both guys change for the better. Another funny part is that the middle class heroine’s family – a lovely, supportive family – think that the rich dude’s family is not good enough for their lovely daughter.

    Can you tell I’m watching this again right this very moment? Thanks for the clips – I hadn’t seen them yet.

  • Evren says:

    Does the original have the same title?

  • Lea says:

    I liked that little stolen kiss on her lips that he gives her while fighting for the key chain. I’ll watch. Seems like a light hearted weekend drama that gives you loads of cuteness and romance.

  • RedRosette says:

    So glad they are trying to keep it as close to the original as possible. We did a review of the first two episodes of the remake if anyone is interested: https://thedramafilesblog.wordpress.com/2016/10/09/special-file-no-something-about-1/

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