“Drinking Solo” Episode 9 Preview + Week Four Thoughts


It was another fun week for our teachers and students.

As always, Tirori and his gang entertained us. I complained that we got very little from Chae Yeon and am now glad that they’ve begun to flesh out her character.

Both Ki Bum and Gong Myung were motivated to work towards passing their exam. Last week, Ki Bum vowed to pass it for his grandmother and this week Gong Myung got Ha Na to promise to consider dating him if he passed. Does that mean that they suddenly became bad asses? LOL. Of course not. Like with everything, they were motivated in the moment but when it came down to putting in the work, they started slacking off. I know that I’ve often prepared myself to work hard on something only to end up surfing the internet for three hours.

We also learned the truth behind Ki Bum’s disdain for Chae Yeon – she’d rejected him. Haha. I thought it was just the typical elementary school behavior of a guy picking on a girl he liked but it turns out that he was a lovesick fool who got rejected. And to make matters worse, the love letter she’d thrown in the trash was posted online and he became a laughingstock. Haha. Poor thing. Because not only was his letter corny, he’d made several spelling mistakes. Dude, it might be time to invest in Hooked on Phonics.

A curious thing happened, though. Chae Yeon immediately assumed that Ki Bum was the disgruntled guy who’d taken salacious photos of her and posted them on a pathetic website but although they fought, Gong Myung caught the culprit and comforted her when she cried. Are they developing a love triangle here? I just hope adorable Gong Myung doesn’t end up the loser in two love triangles!

Ha Na’s fainting episode had an adverse effect on her class as it was back to 10% capacity. This caused her boss to make her do an internet show to attract more students.  And just as she was flopping at that as always, Jung Suk showed up and saved the day. The show where the hosts satisfied viewers’ requests went from having about 7 students (it started at 14) to over 500 in like 30 minutes. The scene was quite entertaining and revealed Jung Suk’s charming side to everyone as the usually surly, stiff man was made to smile, dance and make cute gestures. I also learned the current finger heart gesture – like Jung Suk, I didn’t know it had changed. The students also made them take a selfie together at a festival, leading to the most contrived, unnatural “accidental” kiss scene I’ve ever witnessed in a Korean drama.

For starters, I find it hard to believe that not only would Jung Suk offer to carry Ha Na on his shoulders, that she would actually accept. They just aren’t close enough to make that level of intimacy believable. Then somehow, she managed to bend forward in a weird way and kiss him just as he lifted his head. Come on, guys! It would have been more believable when she kicked him in the bedroom a few episodes ago.

Anyway, the accidental kiss didn’t cause as much awkwardness as one would expect and the next episode had them going out of town to a lecture that was cancelled without their knowledge. This led to an unofficial date of wine tasting and dinner. Here’s my thing: I like Ha Na but she’s become too much of a damsel-in-distress. I’m not even talking about how Jung Suk masks his affection by pretending that he’s only treating her well to protect his joint class but that we have her flop badly at the internet show so that Jung Suk can come to the rescue or even her being unable to eat shrimp without incident so that Jung Suk can sweep in and peel it for her. I think they need to stop having her be so unfortunate just to make both Gong Myung and Jung Suk look good.

Having said that, how cute was Jung Suk with his joint class excuse? I burst out laughing when while driving his convertible, he claimed he put the down for this joint class. How could he say that with a straight face? LOL. But I love that most of it is him convincing himself that he has no personal interest in her.

Jung Suk’s joint class romance ended with a tipsy Ha Na pointing out that it was just an excuse but as they say, loose lips sink ships. Or in this case, get one kicked to dropped at the curb. I knew he’d react badly but I wondered if she’d say it just as the car pulled up to her place but nope, he kicked her out on some random street. I guess we should be glad it wasn’t the highway.

Last but not least, we learned more about Prof Min. He’s divorced and the real reason he leaves at 10 pm is to visit his mother who appears to have Alzheimer’s. There’s a lot of pain hidden behind his impressions.

Next week features the fallout from Ha Na’s drunk talk.  He goes on a blind date to prove her wrong while she wonders if she’s actually the one with the crush. She also firmly rejects Gong Myung and draws a hard boundary between them for some reason. But all is not lost with him because he gets Chae Yeon to become his tutor which might lead to a love line between them. I can’t wait to see how all these unfold.

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  • Teleri says:

    I have SUCH a huge problem with our leading lady 🙁 I know people like her – they are so utterly annoying! All without meaning to be, so you can’t yell at them cause it’s like being mean to puppies.
    She really is an idiot over both the brothers. The older one just is an arrogant piece of work – I realize he’s got reasons and isn’t as bad as he seems – in fact he doesn’t annoy me, just makes me want to read him a few home truths. The younger one? When she treats him as if he’s some elementary kid with a crush on teacher, I just want to shake her and yell “Honey, he just AIN’T that much younger than YOU!” In fact I like her best when she’s interacting with younger brother. He’s much more suited to her than his older sibling and I just am NOT buying how the older guy is supposedly falling for Ha Na. Not at all. I do agree that she shouldn’t date the kid (young man in fact) until he manages to get employed – that’s one of my list of must-haves for a guy – a job…. But if she weren’t a clueless nimcompoop she’d say just that. Tell him he’s a student of hers who needs to concentrate on his studies before anything else – and to come back after he’s successful at that and has a career. Kind of like how Chae Yeon would do only nicer…

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