Thoughts: Moon Lovers episode 12 Korean preview w/subs + preview stills

It goes with out saying that this week was a tear jerker as well as a game changer. With the death of lady Oh and Wook’s abandonment, Hae Soo has found herself to be without significant supporters with the exception of So. There are two scenes that stand out in my mind that may very well set the trajectory of this entire drama, the goodbye where Lady Oh advises her to keep a low profile in the palace and the scene in which Hae Soo begs for Lady Oh’s life to be spared.

The good bye scene may influence how she behaves from now on through out the drama where as the protest scene may set the new status quo in relation to her relationship with So and Wook. In the preview we see that Hae Soo is forced to become a musuri (watermaid) and must deal with torment. At this point it is very likely that her spirit is broken and she resigns herself to living meekly. It is possible that there maybe a short time skip as the king tells somebody, probably So, “you’re still infatuated with her?”Also, when So appears behind Hae Soo and proposes, he tells her he misses her, which makes me wonder how long they were apart?

Now there have been some lovey dovey scenes that have been thrown in and I’ve noticed Hae Soo’s attire. In the scene where she receives a kiss from So, her dress is of fine quality, not something a musuri  would wear, but maybe the wife or fiancee of a prince (or it’s just my wishful thinking LOL). Also, the two must maybe in the midst of a courtship as she seemingly receives a gift, the jeweled tassle from So and she slightly leans in to the kiss meaning she is not outright against So’s advancement.

Also as a sidenote Lee Jun Ki decided to drop this gem on his instagram. It is to my understanding that filming had been wrapped up a while ago, therefore this picture must have been saved to troll us. Again take note that IU is wearing a dress common to nobles and her hair is tied up… a married woman, what could that possibly mean?

Although I am not to certain we will be catching a wedding next week, but we might get a funeral. It is possible the writers might drag out the Kings death, he is clearly slated to die, which apparently gives way to a squabble for the throne. I find it interesting that Wook and So seem to be truly aiming for the throne, although each individual’s motive is unclear yet. However, it makes me wonder what happened to the crown prince? So put his life on the line for him, therefore it makes no sense that he is also vying for the position all of a sudden. One probable motive is that So has something he wants to protect and the throne is the one spot that would enable him to do so.

Ultimately these stills and previews are making me anticipate next week even more. What we saw this week was a shift in alliances and loyalty. Hae Soo aimed to be faithful in her love for Wook in the way he wished to be faithful in his love for her. Wook and Hae Soo’s relationship stifled a chance at Hae Soo seeing So as anything more than a friend, because Wook had the role of lover and supporter in her heart. However when Wook turned his back on her, and So stepped in, she was able to see So in a new light. We were able to see Hae Soo collapse under a moment of weakness brought on by Wook’s cold shoulder, but we also saw how So’s presence helped her regain her strength, allowing her to hold out to the end. I can see So helping Hae Soo rebuild and mend after the loss of lady Oh which had a significant impact on her character. Of course, all of this is speculation until the episode airs, but these stills make a person hope for something nice and sweet to ward off the excess darkness. What do you all think we should expect next week, because I would love to know your thoughts on the drama in general as well as your feeling and speculations?

Adding on to the questions is that hair pin in her hair the same hairpin So gave her. Is this her way of saying yes to his proposal?


  • juliesean says:

    In the c version, Ruoxi did not become his concubine although they were together. The reason is that if she was to become, the emperor will not be able to see her so easily as she will be under the machineries of the harem. By remaining a maid, she is always by his side and even stays with him in his residence.

  • Evren says:

    I am really surprised actually about this drama. When I first got the news, I thought that it would be a drama full of pretty boys fighting over a girl but this has really impressed me. I wait every monday for the progression of the drama even at the office I check the comments.

    First I thought the drama would turn out in a way that Hae Soo will change history and Wang So would not be the one killing them all. But now Wook has changed that it may be the case that justifying all these war between brothers.

  • OchaNokcha says:

    Wouahh despite watching a zillion times next week preview (I cannot stop fidgeting of excitement), your article gave me other ways to “read” the preview. I am a newbie in the Kdrama world (or I would say Korean social history!?)… so all your “clues” were missed or noticed but not understood. Thanks a lot!
    I must say that I really like this drama not only for the story and the (really good) acting … but especially for its photography … I really like the way it was filmed (close-ups, quick camera movements, …), the use of light and colors, the surroundings (there are some beautiful landscape & nature …). There is something “Grand” in this drama … a feeling that I cannot find in the other sageuk drama airing currently …

  • omiki says:

    Interesting observations and insights! I always look forward to new episodes. Wonder how they will squeeze so much content into just 20 episodes. After this King dies, there will be 2 more changes of king before So is crowned. I think you are right to say that So becomes King to protect someone he loves, namely, Hae Soo or Baek Ah, 13th prince.

  • layitan says:

    Well i think in next episode her visions may change, since wook is now with the bad guys and also aiming for the throne may be he’s the one that will kill his brothers.

  • skelly says:

    I hope we see a new-found maturity it her – I’m a little tired of ten episodes of her clueless blundering. She doesn’t know history, she doesn’t read people well–I want to see her develop some skills besides cosmetology. The hardest thing to take, moving from BBJX to Ryeo, is that Ruoxi was so smart, and strong, and Hae Soo is…not.

  • Jas says:

    Hairpin is not the same one. Remember at the ocean he told her it was not and she could throw it away if she wanted. I did not watch all of C-BBJX because I found it too boring but I did watch the last couple of eps and remember a scene in it where Ruoxi mentioned having lost the 4th prince’s baby.

  • Jen says:

    I would love a twist to the original version.
    The Chinese version was too devastating.
    Hopefully this version is a more happy ending.
    I mean.. they did change the puppy love with Wook for so freaking long.
    So why not change the ending right?

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