“Jealousy Incarnate” Episode 13 Preview + Week Six Thoughts

As always, we had a week of fun episodes. And as always, I’m left wishing that we spent a little more time on Na Ri’s career ambitions. We’re halfway through and we’ve barely moved the needle. I suppose I’m a little disappointed because I thought the drama would be a little bit more like All About Eve where the station was much more than a plot device.

In addition, while Hwa Shin is literally the title character, I would still like a bit more focus on our lead female and her life outside of being a love interest. Even her audition video was used to show us Hwa Shin’s loving eyes.

I did like the scene of the other weather forecaster supporting her but I wonder why she was mad at Na Ri while seemingly okay with the Miss Korea. Weren’t they both guilty of the same crime?

Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, I can talk about the things I enjoyed about this episode.

For starters, they didn’t turn Jung Won evil. He expressed himself, he and his bestie fought and were back in each other’s loving arms by the end of the second episode. I suppose it’s bromance over romance for these two.

And our Pyo Na Ri remained oblivious the whole time – even when she had two men fighting behind her. And when confronted by Jung Won who demanded to know whom she liked better, she was distracted by the octopus she fetched for her brother. That’s all well and good but why didn’t she reflect back to that moment at a later date and wonder why Jung Won asked her that question in the first place? Well, I suppose it’s because this isn’t this show’s real romance.

Our Jung Won did something similar when he was so focused on his best friend’s feelings for his girl (which shouldn’t surprise him given he’s adamant that he and Hwa Shin share the exact same taste in women) that he didn’t notice her inviting him for an overnight trip.

The flashback scene revealed Na Ri to be a very annoying, creepy stalker on his blind date while Hwa Shin was publicly mean and dismissive of her in the elevator. I’m not sure how to feel about this because we’re already used to Hwa Shin’s behavior and I don’t blame him too much in this instance because it was wrong of her to stick around and scowl at this date.

I understand that they need to make Na Ri and Hwa Shin spend some time together (and keep her worrying about him) but I wish it weren’t at Hwa Shin’s expense. And by that, I mean making him so irresponsible with his health that he needs to be rushed to the hospital. I know this latest emergency was exacerbated by the fight but he needs to tell his friend so that he knows it’s not okay to fight him nor go out drinking. I suppose they want Jung Won and Na Ri’s relationship to naturally run its course because Jung Won will look very pitiful and the final romance might feel unearned if he gives up his love to his sick friend.

Anyway, for the love of God, get radiation therapy and make your health a priority, Hwa Shin! I bet you’d hate your obituary to state that you died of breast cancer. But perhaps his mother will take over now that she’s found his prescription.

Jung Won’s mother’s meddling. I always wonder how much we’re supposed to care about it given that we already know that Jung Won and Na Ri will not stay together.

One thing I find strange is that Jung Won never interacts with Chef. He’s his nephew, right? And while it’s true that he usually shows up at Na Ri’s at odd hours, I still think it’s a little strange that we’ve never seen him acknowledge him as an uncle. Or did I miss it?

Speaking of Chef, not that I care much about his love triangle, I think they’re heading in the direction of him ending up with the stepmom (if he ends up with anyone at all) while the real mom will be with Ppal Gang.

So Jung Won and Hwa Shin survived the revelation of Hwa Shin’s secret but what will happen when the object of their affections finds out? Hwa Shin bought several of her little brother’s drawings and pasted them on his wall. As they say, there’s a sucker born every minute and little Bum found his. Haha. That’s what you call great entrepreneurial spirit.

Anyway, Hwa Shin filled in “I love Pyo Na Ri” on the drawings without them. In other words, Na Ri now knows that Hwa Shin has been scribbling “I love Pyo Na Ri” like an elementary school kid. How will she react?

Based on the preview (which troll more often than not), she will ask her brother to keep it a secret. So she’s going to pretend to be unaware till he confesses? Well, we won’t know till next week and I fully expect them to be trolling us with a voice over in the preview and perhaps he’s talking about something else like work.

Anyway, thankfully, we’re getting more story about her anchorwoman ambitions but it seems to be related to Jung Won’s mother’s meddling. Please let’s see something else, guys!

Credit: SBS


  • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

    Lovely @dingax1983 on Twitter just reminded me that the weather forecasters were mad at Miss Korea several episodes ago. Oops, I forgot about that. My bad.

  • Evelyn says:

    Hmm okay, you’re right he would be the uncle of Jung Won, I hadn’t even thought of that connection.

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