The K2 Episode 5 Preview

In this preview, Anna tugs on her fathers heartstrings by singing “Amazing Grace” acapella in church while Yoo Jin looks on with tears streaming down her face. I still don’t quite understand the family dynamic or relationships yet but dad looks guilty as hell while Yoo Jin looks both ticked off and sad at the same time. And it looks like the romance or infatuation might have started, with Je Ha watching Anna enjoy a small bit of freedom in the kitchen on a CCTV monitor. I loved her reaction to finding noodles and I loved his reaction to her. I can’t wait for more!

Glorious Entertainment, the agency Ji Chang Wook is signed with, kindly released some BTS footage of his shower scene and I can only say YUMMY and THANK YOU. *heh* I’ll post more of my thoughts on this week when I see episode 4.


Credit: @K2_tvN Twitter, Glorious Entertainment, @nona88 @Soompi, Uploader


  • Ani Lee says:

    I purposely waited to watch this drama but I don’t mind reading about it, watching the previews, etc.. when I scrolled down..oh my goodness! JCW is totally ripped!

  • Teleri says:

    Ok, speechless right now – I need a moment LOL
    WOW those pics! AMAZING body! When you think this young man is ALSO a great actor and singer, well!

  • momo says:

    Thank you for the bts pictures!

    The ramyun scene…I guess I’m the only one who didn’t like it. I find it childish and exaggerated. They could have make it a little more subtle.

    • tessieroo says:

      But..but..but, that’s totally ME when I come home at 2am after drinking too much and find ramen in the pantry. *heh* 😀

      It’s my understanding she was basically fed only rice for the entire time she was at the convent and they’re continuing that, although they do give her side dishes. Have to wait for subs to be sure.

      • momo says:

        LOL Tessieroo! 🙂 Is ramen the best medicine after a drinking night? Should have known sooner… 😀

        I also think she just wanted to eat something different than usually. But the segment was just too long for me. I thought I was watching some commercial inbetween… Please, don’t mind me. I tend to be too critical sometimes.
        I enjoy the drama and can’t wait for the next episode (NEXT EPISODE PLEEESE!!!), but that doesn’t stop me from seeing the flaws.

        Hope to see more news and thoughts from you!

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