“On The Way To The Airport” Episode 5 Preview + Quick Thoughts On The Show So Far

I gave the “Affair Drama” a shot and so far, like it.

What I don’t like is how horrible they’ve made the spouses. I understand that they need us to root for the OTP but Do Woo’s wife is insane and I was going to call her unrealistic till I thought of Kenya Moore (of the Real Housewives of Atlanta), whose mom is just as nasty. Anyway, why did Hye Won push her daughter away so? She seems to have been in contact with her child’s father at some point but the only reason I can accept is that Annie is a product of rape and it’s been impossible for Hye Won to dissociate the poor girl from that horrible experience. And while that wouldn’t justify her awful treatment of the innocent child, I would at least be able to sympathize with her. Anything else will not cut it.

I feel so bad for Annie and I’m glad that she at least got to receive love from Do Woo and his family. The poor girl had to hear her own mother tell her to build a life in a foreign country and never return home. What da hell?

Soo Ah’s husband is another head case whose sole purpose in life is to ship his child off to boarding school. If they have a problem raising her with two working parents, why not use the money spent on sending her to Malaysia on a live-in nanny? And she certainly doesn’t need to study abroad or at an international boarding school to improve her grades.

I believe these ridiculous spouses are their attempt at manipulating us into rooting for the OTP so I’m not having it! Yes, I’m rebelling against them but not in any meaningful way because instead of rooting against the OTP, I’m simply ignoring the spouses.

Do Woo marries a single mother and ends up giving her daughter more love that she’d ever received. The poor girl dies after once again being rejected by her mother and Evil Mom rejects her even in death! I know that she feels guilty but not only did she not travel over to Malaysia upon receiving the bad news, she told her husband to keep her remains there. Who does that? Then she immediately gets rid of all her things and converts the girl’s bedroom into a study.

This is why Do Woo is falling out of love with her (that’s if he ever loved her). A child’s death often creates a rift between the parents but they at least have each other’s shoulders to lean on. Not here. Not with Hye Won. She barely reacts to her child’s death, leaving Do Woo to make all arrangements on his own. He can’t even mourn with her and she gets an attitude anytime anyone brings her daughter up.

But there is Soo Ah, someone who never met Annie but as her friend’s mom, shows her more love in death than Hye Woo did in her life. And she becomes someone he can talk to and grieve with. Someone who shows him what he’s missing with his wife.

And for Soo Ah, Do Woo is everything her husband isn’t. He’s an affectionate, loving father. He listens to her. He’s considerate. He’s someone that calms her when she’s having a hard time.

And that’s how I’ve found myself enjoying this drama. I’m not even sure why I like it but I suppose it’s different from the usual romantic comedies or action dramas I like. It’s simple, sweet and is about two people connecting after tragedy. And since I’m ignoring their spouses, am not too bothered about the potential infidelity.

Right now, I can’t say that I’m rooting for them to end up together. No, all I want is that they aren’t with horrible spouses by the end the drama. Barring a great explanation, Hye Woo is irredeemable but I’m cool with Soo Ah staying with her husband if he has a major personality change. Most of all, I want their daughter, Hyo Eun, to feel loved by both parents.

Do Woo went to meet Annie’s father only to discover that he doesn’t exist. This means Umma was fine with keeping up the ruse even if it meant that her poor daughter had to dress up and pretend to meet him every Saturday. How will she react when her husband confronts her about his discovery?

Do Woo is out there telling his daughter’s friend’s mom that he misses her and needs to see her. It’s like he’s so grief-stricken and pissed at his wife that he’s taken the YOLO approach and is just going for it. Reminds me of how after she witnessed him take his wife home, he called to request a meet up with her. WTF? LOL

We learned that Jin Suk didn’t cheat with that thirsty flight attendant but what story are they telling us with Mi Jun?

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  • bmore says:

    I think there are a lot of layers still to be uncovered in these 4. And I read somewhere that the drama ‘people’ have stated this is absolutely not going to be a drama about adultery. So….that definitely leaves me curious about where this drama is going to go. Perhaps we will be treated to a really unique drama? It is worth hoping for. I am withholding judgement on all 4 of these people and their motivations until….later.

    • tessieroo says:

      Same…you know how I feel about adultery *couchTemptationcough* so I’m praying for divorces before anything happens. OR they stop meeting and work things out with their spouses. O__O

      • bmore says:

        Ugh! I was just thinking about that the other day when I caught a few minutes of Drinking Solo. And yeah…I’m not a fan of the adultery thing either..as you well know! Marriages falling apart are a fact of every day life. Tho I watch kdrama to escape those realities, handled well, every so often, I don’t mind dramas that let us step into real life and share the pain and healing that goes along with the problems people face every day. As long as it’s done with sensitivity and NO makjang melo. One Warm Word comes to mind. I’m hoping this drama is going to be such a show. It shows promise. And it is beautiful to look at. The filming and sets are lovely.

        • tessieroo says:

          One Warm Word was awesome, I truly felt the wife’s pain with every fiber of my being and it was heartbreaking. This drama is gorgeous, beautiful scenery. I just kinda hope SooA grows as a character and realizes she’s not being treated with love & respect the way she should be and makes changes accordingly. I also wish Do Woo would stop tip-toeing around his wife and open up about his pain at loosing Annie. If wife is still unable or unwilling to listen, he also needs to makes changes.
          I’m rooting for them as a couple but not until they deal with their prospective spouses.

          • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

            Do Woo’s crazy wife told everyone that the only person allowed to speak about Annie is her mom. He could give it another shot but I don’t think the outcome will be any different.

          • bmore says:

            well said. And a huge mistake people make in real life is not facing their marital problems head on before looking elsewhere. I understand it too well. 🙁 The pain from being left for someone ‘better’ is so demoralizing. It takes a long time to see past that to what drove the other person to look elsewhere in the first place. So I hope too that our OTP takes the time to try to fix or face their relationship problems first. It’s what I’m counting on from this show. It is the rare breakup that does not have fault on both sides in one way or another. Facing that is the first and biggest step to healing and forgiveness…for yourself and the other person. I dreaded the cliche of the show turning the spouses into clear cut bad guys, so I am glad to see glimmers of them having their own problems and fears. Jin Seok is still a cipher. I saw hints of his love for his daughter while they were playing soccer, but it was balanced by a harshness that was off putting. I love knowing there is so much more to learn about all these characters and what motivates them.

            I’ve seen and loved the last 5 of this writer’s movies. She/he has always collaborated with others…and it’s a hit list of Others at that! If she/he keeps that kind of company, I”m thinking we are safe to look forward to something good. I hope. See you on the other side!

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