Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 13 Preview W/English Subs

I’m not sure what happened today but I’m hearing major grumblings that episode 12 was NOT fun as IU had told fans it would be. Or maybe her idea of fun is very different from what viewers want. (LOL) Everyone seems disappointed in the direction things went today but I’ll have to wait for subs to be exactly sure what happened. I’ll personally be very surprised if this drama ends happily. In this preview, it looks like things are finally heating up between the Prince’s as they begin fighting for the throne. Enjoy!


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  • Lea says:

    In one word, She is still in love with Wook and is trying to be a noble idiot by friend zoning him. I am done.

  • dilay says:

    i was quite disappointed with 2day episode i was waiting for he soo to finally relies that shes fallen for my wang so but it dosent bother me as long as i can c LJK im happy then again he didnt have much secen 2day……

  • Kittycat says:

    The progress in romance department seem so slow toward the right (from viewer opinion) direction …. geeeezzz … watching this remind me so much of reply 1988, maybe it would end up unpredictable .. who knows, all we could do just pray that writer nim would be nicer this time and give us solid closured

  • Sandy says:

    Personally kind of love this even more now… maybe I’m a bit of a masochist but the development is believable and I can see Hae Soo in between both of them which I find kind of fascinating. I can’t wait ’til she realizes that she can screw with history because she needs to live a little!!

  • Indigo says:

    Eh, I don’t think ep 12 was so bad, even though it was a(n) (expected) letdown from the previous episode. Then again, I’ve long accepted that this drama isn’t going to be what it could have been and reached this point where I don’t even care that it’s so badly edited and directed, I just want to see where we end up. It’s a mess, but I’m gonna enjoy it for what it is because it’s a pre-produced drama and no criticism I can give is now going to make it better.

    • OchaNokcha says:

      Indeed this episode (and n°13) was really poorly edited and the story rhythm was completely broken, even choppy … The overall atmosphere (colours, acting, ..) was too mild for me which is a bit strange when you see the different themes rolling out before you: a political rift, an evolution in the protagonists feelings, future deaths … But like you, I will continue to watch it to see where it goes.

  • Jen says:

    The synopsis of the show indicated that Hae Soo fell in love with the 4th prince but till now, I don’t see Hae Soo falling in love with the 4th prince. Only we fan fall in love since he appear. LOL
    What gives?

  • kiki says:

    Im here to read the preview of ep13 as the sub is not released yet! If this drama is supposed to finish within 16 episodes, then the love scene for SoSoo is really not satisfactory enough. Thise kind of time travling based storyline should never be happyending unless they meet in the present time again. I make my mind at the worst to accept the sad ending, but still Im spending every Mon-Tue nights to see when Soo returned love to So. Hopefully ep14 would bring us joy.

    • tessieroo says:

      This drama is supposed to be 20 episodes – which still isn’t enough time to cram in everything. The C-version was 35 episodes.

  • Jen says:

    Exactly! 20 episodes and so little SoSoo. Sigh

  • RedRosette says:

    I agree! 20 episodes is far too little. It just makes all the other plot holes seem much larger! We got some more thoughts on it at:

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