The K2: Week 2 Thoughts – It’s All About Ramen

I have to say again, if action movies/dramas are not your thing, you probably shouldn’t be watching this one. I personally love the action and fight scenes because we are being shown that Je Ha is not to be taken lightly, I want to be shown that instead of just told via an indoor, closed-space conversation. And while a part of me does worry about the health of Ji Chang Wook in pushing his body this hard, I’m also a tiny bit proud that he’s chosen to do the stunts himself. He is not some flower-boy, wanna-be actor and I’m delighted he’s proving it – with every single scene he’s in.  감사합니다,  지창욱!

This drama seems to move quickly but we’re still fleshing out the main characters so I always feel I want MORE when each full hour episode ends. That’s a good thing, I’m left yearning for more as opposed to not caring if I miss episodes since nothing would have changed or moved forward anyway (looking at you: Cinderella & Four Knights). We finally learn more about Je Ha’s background and character, such as the fact that he suffers from PTSD. Plus he lost the woman he loved and the person he blames 100% for that is the political rival of Se Joon as Candidate for President: Congressman Park Gwan-Soo (Kim Kap Soo). I’m forcing myself to be patient when it comes to fleshing out the other characters, mainly Yoo Jin.

This week began with Je Ha handing Yoo Jin and her assistant their asses on a platter. (LOL) After Anna is dragged back inside her room, Je Ha pulls a phone out of a planter he must have hidden earlier which has recorded all the conversations and everything that has happened. He calmly informs them he’s emailed it to the press, the prosecutors and the Blue House – to be delivered in 24 hours. Ahahahaha! So they need to make sure he stays alive and healthy. He then throws the phone in a microwave, turns it on and walks away as it explodes. It was also during this scene that we again see how little Se Joon cares for his wife, he asks to be let out on a corner so he can have a smoke when he learns she’s been taken hostage. LMAO, that’s so cold, I don’t even know where to begin. But once he learns Anna is there too, he’s willing to go along – although he didn’t look too eager to see Anna either.

Je Ha then demands a car and takes Yoo Jin hostage. This is where things got a bit murky for me as I wasn’t sure what he was planning. It turns out it didn’t even matter as the car’s computer is hijacked by some guys following closely on a motorcycle and they basically force the car to crash, at 140MPH. Although seriously injured, Je Ha manages to drag Yoo Jin from the burning car and save her. Yoo Jin demands he be taken to the hospital (against her Assistants wishes) but I think she remembered that email is out there. She also seems truly shocked that this young man, whose death she ordered just a few hours ago, has saved her life.

And can we just talk about Yoo Jin’s assistant for a minute? She not only ordered her crew to kill the motorcycle guys, she did so with great gusto. “KILL THEM!” I also noticed in the earlier episodes, she seems to have a strange fascination with Yoo Jin, is she in love with her? She seems more dangerous than Yoo Jin to me but whatever. And she was hysterical at the crash site, thinking Yoo Jin was dead. I remember last week, she suggested getting rid of the “Anna problem” for good, does she get excited by killing? Creepy. Or maybe I’m overreaching but I’m just not sure what to make of her yet.

Se Joon finally shows up at the house but Je Ha and his wife are gone by now. Anna peeks out at her father, which leaves me questioning: is this the first time she’s seen him since she was drugged and spirited away to a convent when she was 9? When he’s asked if he wishes to see Anna, Se Joon takes one quick look up at her door but declines. What the…WHAT? I was so shocked by this, I literally had my mouth hanging open. Anna looked so hopeful, even smiling as she was listening at the door but once he decides not to see her, she slumps to the floor, sobbing. Does it state in the contract he signed with Yoo Jin that he can’t even see his daughter, does he feel guilty or is he just the biggest piece-of-crap on the planet? These are questions we need answers to but if I’m forced to be patient, so are all of you. *heh*

Once at the hospital, Je Ha (who is unconscious) has flashback dreams of the woman he loved and proposed to, which was adorable. I loved the way he freaked out at her tears, not knowing they were tears of joy. He wakes up to find himself strapped to the bed. Outside his hospital room, the JSS Security guards won’t even let the local cops in to speak with him and it becomes clear the police chief is good buddies with the CEO of JSS Security. File that info away for later when we’re questioning why the cops can’t/won’t do anything to help Anna. Is the CEO Yoo Jin herself?

Also in the hospital, Yoo Jin has an interesting conversation with Se Joon: she wants to hire Je Ha as a bodyguard, it’s good to keep your enemies close. Se Joon counters: does she mean like Anna and then tells her she cannot keep Anna close to her. What the heck did that mean? Does he think Anna will attempt to kill Yoo Jin (which means he believes Anna is dangerous and full of hatred) OR does he mean it would place his Presidency at risk if it comes out he had a daughter with another woman and that might happen if Anna is kept close? Just who is this man protecting? This opens up a whole different train of thought: does Yoo Jin want to keep Anna close as in…she has motherly feelings for the girl but it’s Se Joon who wants her kept hidden? UGH but at the same time, good on the writer for being ambiguous and keeping me curious.

Chief Joo visits Je Ha and this is when we discover the whole car chase was an elaborate plot set up by him to entice Je Ha into working with them at JSS Security. It seems ridiculous but maybe he knew only something tricky and dangerous would work with Je Ha, he seemed confident enough that Je Ha would get out of it. It reminded me of the Colonel Trautman character in Rambo who was fully aware of Rambo’s capabilities – he had complete confidence that no matter what was thrown at him, he would win – no one could take him down. The difference is that I’m not sure what Chief Joo’s motives are or what he’s up to, I feel like he’s dragging Je Ha into something.

Yoo Jin’s brother, Sung Won (Lee Jung Jin) makes his first appearance to visit his sister at the hospital but it appears they have a rocky, distant relationship. He is the CEO of JB Group (their late fathers company), he believes Congressman Park is responsible for the car crash but that’s bollocks because we already know who was really behind that. Before Se Joon leaves, Yoo Jin messes up his hair and loosens his tie to make it seem as if he’s exhausted at having stayed by his wife’s beside all night long. Se Joon then goes out to face the reporters, using tears and giving a rousing speech designed to gain sympathy and entice people to beg him not to drop out. UGH, even fake TV politicians are slimy. I found it funny that Yoo Jin was lamenting his lack of morals since she herself ordered Je Ha to be murdered – she doesn’t have any morals either! Se Joon did make a rather nasty remark about Yoo Jin not having any children before he left the room. Is she unable to have children? Hmmm…

I’ll admit most of the political stuff bored me to tears so I hope going forward, it’s kept to a minimum. IF those scenes give us new information, then I’m all for it. But if it’s just long-winded speeches or dressy, dinner gatherings, count me out – I’ll be busy fast-forwarding through those. *snark* Chief Joo gives Je Ha a new ID card and begins his plea for him to join JSS Security in earnest. This is when we learn about Je Ha’s PTSD but Chief Joo assures him that he’s the only one who knows. Je Ha doesn’t seem at all interested, he thinks getting revenge is a pain in the ass. (LOL) And it was nice that the email was finally brought back up (I thought it was already forgotten) when Je Ha announces he’ll erase it once the Presidential election is over.

Congressman Park decides to visit Yoo Jin and they exchange barbs. *yawn* It’s on his way out that Je Ha sees him and we discover he’s the man Je Ha believes responsible for Naniya’s murder. He has a vision of pulling the cops gun and shooting all the guards but not fatally, I noticed he only shot them in the arms, shoulders or legs. He shakily reaches for the gun but then collapses, eventually taken back to his room where he learns the guy is Congressman Park. Welp, now I’m guessing he has a reason to join JSS Security! There was a kind of throw-away scene of Je Ha trying to plant an explosive device that would shower Congressman Park with some type of acid but it fails and he’s rescued from the scene by Yoo Jin. Once in her car, she mocks him for being “unable to pull the trigger” but promises she can do that for him. She doesn’t know why he wants Congressman Park dead but since it aligns with her goals, she and JSS Security can help. Ummm, shall we talk about morals now, Yoo Jin? *snort* The look of contempt on Je Ha’s face as he looks at Yoo Jin mirrors my own when she calls him friend. Pfffttttt.

Je Ha makes up his mind and storms into JSS Security headquarters to have the cast on his hand removed. There he meets a flirty female doctor who removes the cast as well as the fighting/martial arts instructor for JSS Security, who he later puts in his place. He’s met with anger, jealousy and aggression at his sudden position inside the company but it doesn’t seem to bother him at all. The other guards eventually try cornering Je Ha in the shower but he easily defeats all of them. The nekkid, fighting shower scene was all the talk this week and I’ll admit it’s not something I’ve ever seen in a Kdrama. I’ll just say there is a reason I favor tvN over the other channels. *hee* Je Ha ends up being assigned to work solo in Section C and we find out Section C is Anna. WooHoo!

After learning from Chief Joo that Anna is Se Joon’s illegitimate daughter who is being kept in hiding, Je Ha also learns from the female guard and the cook/housekeeper assigned to Anna that she suffers from a severe panic disorder – flickering lights or sudden big flashes can set it off – along with a social phobia. They describe her as being a recluse, who is only active at night. (LOL) This scene was interesting because Anna has overheard the ladies talking about Je Ha, she knows he’s the new overnight shift guard who will be monitoring her on CCTV. She listens deadpan as they describe her behaviors, but her eyes narrow as they continue. Is most of it BS except for her fear of flashbulbs? And again, huge kudos to Yoona for upping her acting game. Although we still haven’t heard her speak much yet, her facial expressions are enough to convey exactly what her character is feeling, she’s doing a great job.

Se Joo and Yoo Jin attend some political thing together but she’s soon left alone to just watch as he flirts with other women. Congressman Park shows up to join her and they trade more barbs, accusing the other of being the one behind recent plots to physically harm the other. They decide to call a truce, which made me laugh. Yea, like that’s really gonna happen. The end result was as they leave, Se Joo poses for the cameras, trying to show affection for Yoo Jin but she ends up heading home in the car alone. I suppose the tears falling down her face were to make us feel sorry for her but it didn’t work on me at all. I don’t know what she’s expecting from a man she blackmailed, promising to keep his daughter safe, into continuing this farce of a marriage in order to make him President. I’m fairly certain blackmail is not the way to a mans heart.

This is my problem with Yoo Jin. I would love to feel sympathy for her being in a loveless marriage to a philandering jerk but I need someone to explain to me why she’s putting up with it. WHY is it so important this jerk is President that she’s willing to kill people for it? I need to be given a reason for her actions! I hope it’s not just that she’s power-hungry, that would make her nothing but a cookie-cutter villain and I NEED her to be more than that because Song Yoon Ah is just too good of an actress. So they better give her an enormously important motive. And the idea that they only have to keep Anna hidden until the election is also bullocks. If it comes out after, it makes both Yoo Jin and Se Joo huge liars – the entire nation would turn on them. There’s no good time for this information to come out so … is she planning to kill Anna in the end?

The cutest scene on the planet was the CCTV scene between Je Ha and Anna. After her shower as she makes her way downstairs, he zooms the camera in on her face right at the exact moment that she turns and looks straight at the camera. ROFL! She knows where the cameras are and she knew he was watching. I loved the back/forth as he attempts to figure out what she wants or what she’s hungry for, guiding her telepathically. Anna’s joy at finding the ramen was adorable as was Je Ha’s reaction when she gives up and goes back to her room when she can’t figure out how to turn the stove on. I loved this small interaction between Je Ha and Anna and hope we get to see much more of them in the coming episodes. I find it fascinating that although the ratings for episode 4 were down, the highest point for ratings was that very CCTV scene. I think the majority of the audience are hungry for more of this OTP. When he finally goes out to smoke, he notices a light outside Anna’s bedroom window. Who is that dark figure on the roof?

We’ll have to wait until next week to find out!


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  • B4l01 says:

    My eyeballs popped out during that fighting scene in the bathroom. lol Never in my more than a decade of watching kdrama I have seen such grand display of men in their naked glory. Too bad they made it hazy. lol

    Watching this gives me Shooter, Bourne, Rambo and even Die Hard vibes. But now, I’m having a Park Bong Soo feels during Je Ha’s proposal to Naniya and while his talking to himself while watching Anna in CCTV. He’s adorable. But the character which intrigues me most is Yoo Jin. I don’t know but I feel that behind her wickedness, she’s a lonely broken soul deeply hurt by people around her and circumstances. Between her and her assistant, I’m more convinced that the assistant is the real evil. I was shocked the way she ordered the bodyguard to kill the motorists without batting an eyelash. It seems it’s just an ordinary thing to do for her.

  • Emmanuelle says:

    The proposal and the CCTV scenes were too cute. I really love Ji Chang Wook acting. I never thought of him as a flower boy. I remember liking him first in Warrior Baek Dong Soo and hating him SO much in Five Fingers to then totally love him in Empress Ki and Healer. He is really talented (and hot, I didn’t want to mention it but couldn’t help it hahaha).

    Yoona is doing a really great job. In the first and second episode, she didn’t have that much lines but conveyed so much with her acting, I am really looking forward to see how her character evolves. I would love her not to stay in that damsel in distress role like how they in Yong Pal. I mean it’s good for the main guy to shine but I really feel in k-drama, they enjoy making the girls powerless with the guy doing all the job. It could be great if Anna evolved as a strong woman able to fight back.

    This secretary of Yoo Jin is CRAZY. I am more worried about her than Yoo Jin. As for Yoo Jin, I don’t know what to think about her yet. I don’t feel any empathy for her but I am curious to what is her motive to stay in such a shitty marriage.

    Se Joon is some rotten dude, but I am still curious to know about him.

    While waiting patiently for the next ep, I’ll stopping here from time to time to see if you have some news about that drama ;).

    Always thankful for the great recaps! Sometimes I am not watching a drama because life and reading them helps me setting my list of drama to watch^^.


  • Feli says:

    What action? I love the action dramas, and this one has also some good fighting scenes but some of the them are really fake, especially in the 1st episode. In the xext episodes were better…. I love this kind of dramas, but I think City Hunter, Fugitive Plan B and Two Weeks are the best. The scene with the ramen and Ji Chang-wook watching her through cameras it was for me the most useless scene of the drama. Without a meaning! He was talking by himself and she was dancing because she found ramen in Korea!!!

  • momo says:

    Reading your recap reminded me of all my complains while watching the episodes. I had similar thoughts.
    And you pretty much nailed the biggest problem of the drama. What is Yoo Jin motivation? Because that is something we should know to sympathy with her or the opposite, hate her with passion. 🙂 But we don’t know, because the drama didn’t develop this part yet. I believe too much action scenes (e.g. elevator scene wasn’t necessary) and too long scenes are the problem here. Don’t get me wrong, I love action genre. But after 4 episodes, I don’t feel much connection with either of the characters. It feels like the action scenes were filmed first and then somehow connected together.
    Someone on dramabeans wrote that he/she hates the writer and director more and more after watching every new episode, but still comes back for more. (just paraphrasing) This sums up my feelings too.

    But I don’t want to only criticize the drama. It really has great fighting scenes, fantastic actors and I like the background music. It is definitely exciting and makes you curious what will happen. But this excitement may sizzle out, if it is not filled with satisfying progress.

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